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Rome Katana 2016 - 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The Rome Katana Snowboard Binding is a new and kinda fun looking binding in Rome’s line.  I’m pretty familiar with D30 for body armor and it’s a great idea and this is the first time I have seen it on a binding.

Days: 1
RidersJames, Peter
Boots: Burton Imperial, Nike Kaiju,
Boards: Dupraz

Flex: Interesting flex that’s softer than you would think for the response.

Adjustability: Takes a bit of work but you can dial out this binding to fit most boots out there.

Comfort: One potential issue could be the toe strap for some is because it never locks down over your toe. It just keeps stretching over your toe and that was bothersome.  It also pinched the sides of our boots and we weren’t into that feeling.

Turn Initiation: It feels a touch less responsive than the Targas but in that same general area which is pretty unique because they are not as stiff as the Targas so it makes it a much more well rounded binding without having to add/remove the inserts in the Targa’s ankle straps.

Buttering: The Dupraz board we were riding the Katana’s on wasn’t really butter boards so we didn’t really get to understand how it can allow a more normal flexing board to bend in a butter.

Boot Support: Loved how the ankle strap wrapped around our boots and felt like there was decent support.  It’s not a tight wrap but it for sure wraps.

Ratchet System: Felt pretty smooth but nothing exceptional.

Shock Absorption: It was hard to tell if the D30 putty on the base plate was working or not.  I know for a fact it works on body armor and it’s saved my ass (litterally) a few times. D30 looks like a doughy rubbery substance and acts like it until it’s hit and then it instantly forms an exoskeleton.  So it’s a great idea for the bottom of a binding.  Seems like it would make the ride more damp but I’d like to go out and do some A B testing to know for sure.  Regardless of weather D30 works like it does for body armor the binding was damp.

So all in all other than the toe strap we liked the Rome Katana and found it to be an interesting binding.  The D30 is a cool idea for a dampening system and we’d like to ride this binding more. The only other thing I’d mention is Rome bindings generally run on the heavy side.  This doesn’t feel as heavy as the Targa but it still feels heavier than many bindings we tried.

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Rome Katana Snowboard Binding Review and Buying Advice SKU UPC Model

I Actually Love the Toe Straps

Mar 12, 2017 by TheBrambster
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: Agressive All-Mountain • 
Days You Ride A Year: 30-40 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 5'11 180lbs 11.5 boot, 157 board 

Great responsive, yet not too stiff, all around binding. I have the 2017 model.

Let me clear the air on the toe straps. They are great, you just don't use them like you use other toe straps. They do stretch, no doubt, but you don't have to keep cranking them. They don't come off, and they hold your toes down from the top and your bood in from the front. At first I would re-check the crank every so often, and I learned that I don't need to actually crank them unless by chance they are actually lose. It's that simple. Resist the urge to re-crank or over-crank. It's that simple.

The toe straps are very friendly to your boots and they are probably least likely to create pressure points or crush your toe box of any of the bindings I have used. Rome is generally good about this with their various designs. Thumbs up. It's an improvement.

I do worry about the longevity of the toe straps, but mine have held up for 25 days of hard riding without any signs of failure. I figure at one point the really flexy stuff will start to become more brittle and tear on the lower edge. I don't know if that will take another month or 3 years of hard riding, but I expect it to happen at some point. Then again, how long do some ratchets last?

The ankle strap is OK, but not great. It is a little stiff and presses a little bit on the lower edge in the middle. The ankle strap adjustments are awesome however. There are three positions for how high up or down your ankle you want the strap to be. Higher for a stiffer and more responsive ride, lower for less response, or wherever to suit your comfort. I ride mine high. I wear Burton AMBs with 50 days on them, so they have plenty of ankle flex, but the high position of the ankle strap really helps provide the support that the boot is lacking.

The footbeds are just right between cushy and hard, and they are responsive. I've ridden Burton Genesis before and found them to be way too soft and less responsive. The 2.5 degree cant is something that I look for as this helped resolve some thigh pain, but people get used to whatever they ride I'm sure. It's not really noticeable between no cant and the 2.5 degree except for my thigh strain. It's just more anatomical. I ride a 23 inch duck stance.

The only real flaw in the binding is the channel just beyond the ratchet that holds the strap closer in. Most let the plastic straps just stick out, and these help keep them tight to the straps. The flaw is that you can miss that channel on occasion, and it binds the plastic strap in such a way that you need a flat piece of metal to free up the ratchet and get it off. This has happened to me twice. So here's the pro tip, bend the tip of the strap in a bit in order to put a curve on it so that it isn't as likely to miss that channel. I managed to get it off once without a tool after playing with it for a couple minutes, the other time required a flathead screwdriver from the liftie.

Overall, great lightweight and responsive binding that can probably match most any riding style or conditions.

2016 Katana FTW

Dec 06, 2015 by Max Nguyen
Ability Level: Strong intermediate • 
Riding Style: All mountain freestyle • 
Days You Ride A Year: 60 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 5'8", 165lbs, 9.5 boot 

I love these bindings! I read that Rome decided to look at all the bindings out there and make a super binding. It really feels this way. You can adjust everything! Which for a tinkerer like me is perfect! I found them to be more comfortable than any bindings I've tried before (2016 now pilot, 2016 atlas, 2015 burton genesis/malivita, 2016flux sf).

And they are super cushy under my feet and VERY responsive.

Love them!

Great bindings from Rome

Feb 17, 2015 by Danny
Ability Level: Intermediate • 
Riding Style: All-mountaine freestyle • 
Days You Ride A Year: 20-30 

It is my first bindings from Rome, but I always watched closely to their products and I really think that these bindings are huge improvements in their line.
First of all, they are really user-friendly in terms of customizing. It is ridiculously easy and except for highback and "PivotMount strap tech" rotation, everything is tool-less! Finally :)
Next long-awaited thing that I like is a mini-disk. They call it "minimalist disk", which is 8.5 cm in diameter against their standard 11 cm disk (link to the photo of comparison: I really noticed the difference in presses against my old SP slr duo bindings, which had a huge disk.
I like their "autostrap" tech. And it seems that katana got better ratchets. Can't really compare against other Rome bindings, but I had no issues with them, and strapping in and out really quick.
Also liked their highback with that asymmetrical flex. It is tweakable in the upper part, but solid and responsive closer to the bottom. I think it fits my riding style really well.
Last but not least - straps. At first, their toe strap was kinda weird for me. But after few runs I found an optimal set-up. With katanas, I do not fell toe strap at all, however, turn initiation is quite fast and your boot is locked securely. And their ankle strap fits my Flow Rival boot really well. I have no pressure points at all. And thanks to the PivotMount tech, ankle strap can be really supportive and lock your boot, but also quite comfortable in the park. I know one guy that even jibs in them :)

All in all, I think these are great bindings. Excellent adjustability and shock absorption. Great comfort and ratchets. I am thankful to the folks from TheGoodRide, but I think they need to pay more attention to these bindings :)

5.0 5.0 3 3 Great responsive, yet not too stiff, all around binding. I have the 2017 model.Let me clear the air on the toe straps. They are great, you just don't use them like you use ot Rome Katana Snowboard Binding Review and Buying Advice

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