About The Good Ride Favorites Snowboard Gear

The Good Ride Favorites are what we liked the best and tend to recommend the most out of what we tested. There is a lot of great gear out there and a lot of different preferences so don’t think you only have to buy gear we marked as a favorite. There isn’t really a rank of #1 or “The Best Snowboards”.  It’s just about what we, as your average riders, preferred.
We also have Low Cost Favorites in some categories for people just getting started or that are on a budget.

Favorite Snowboards– There are many many types of snowboards out there in different’ price points and they all excel in different types of snow.  Instead of marking a few boards as favorites these are the ones we most often suggest to readers when they email in for advice.   The more I do this the more I’m thinking of adding categories new categories like boards to ride with Peter while he’s on a bender, boards for making oneliners with Jimbo with and boards for cloudy days.

Favorite Bindings– Like boards there are a lot of factors that come into play.  They don’t have to rate excellent in every category but stand out in some while not being terrible in others. Also, we like a binding that can fit a wide variety of boards.

Favorite Boots– There are many factors with boots as well. To us comfort is king but that’s more of a foot to foot kind of thing.  So what makes a favorite to us, of course, is comfort but also ease of use, reduced footprint and longevity are major factors.

Favorite Jackets and Pants– It’s mainly all about fit and functionality but we also factor into the best of our ability how it will perform in varying weather.

Favorite Goggles– For us, it’s all about how goggles fit the face, what the vision is like through the lenses and how fog resistant they are.

Favorite Helmets– We aren’t experts at rating protection so we leave that to others. For us, it’s all about how do they fit, how they fight the dreaded bubble head look, vent your head, vent your goggles and how light they are.

There are Favorite Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Snowboard Bindings, Snowboard Jackets, Snowboard Pants and Snowboard Accessories. If something makes our favorite list we like to have it in our line up for 2 reasons.

1. To use it when trying new gear. For example we like to take out a “good ride favorite” boot and binding to review a new board because that way we can focus 100% on the board. Same goes for Boot reviews and binding reviews as well.

2. To use it as a standard to compare similar gear we are reviewing. For example if we are reviewing an All Mountain Board It helps to compare it to some of our favorites.

When something makes The Good Ride Favorites list we often ask the manufacturers for it. If they don’t give it to us it doesn’t change the “Favorite” rating.