Snowboarding Tips

Here are some Snowboarding Tips (Just the Tip and no other BS Marketing) that could be helpful.


Just fucking wear em! It’s so important to do so. This is not a slow speed impact free sport so a helmet can mean the difference between having brain dammage or just a head ache. Also It’s really important with most helmets to get a new helmet after you have a moderate to hard fall onto it. Most helmets are not designed to handle impact in the same place a second time so make sure you change out your helmet after a fall.


How To Strap In Your Bindings

There is nothing worse than sitting down on the snow to put your bindings on. You have to sit your but down in the cold snow, it’s a pain in the ass (literally) to get up and you find that weird muscles get sore in your arms from getting up and down all day. So most snowboarders said fuck this a long time ago and now do it standing up.

This is pretty easy but the only thing to remember is not to chop your board into the snow at too much of an angle. You want to chop just a little bit into the snow so it’s almost lying flat.

The only reason I’m posting this is because I still see a lot of people doing it. It might take a day or two to get use to it but after you do you will hardly ever sit down again. I only sit down these days if I’ve hiked to a precarious peak and there isn’t really a good place to stand when strapping in. It’s so much faster than sitting down and it makes the day a hell of a lot better.

Don’t Crank Down Your Snowboard Boots and Snowboard Bindings

If you have discomfort in your boots or pressure points in your bindings it could be that you are cranking them down too tight.  Some people freak out over a few mm of heel lift and others just feel that they want the most response they can get.  Often times you can fix this by just getting a more supportive binding, a more supportive boot or some find that cranking them down less doesn’t detract performance.  The goal of snowboarding is to have fun and to not be in pain so don’t freak out over the need to crank it.