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We have ridden over 800 different men’s and women’s snowboards but we are far from being pro’s. The Good Ride represents the voice of the average rider and we do our best to present honest and objective reviews. After extensive testing in lots of conditions these are the boards we call our favorites and want to have in our personal quiver. Here’s a look at our favorite women’s all mountain boards for the Winter 2021 season.

Ethics Statement: We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective. We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews. We get these boards under the condition we are allowed to express our unaltered opinion.

Women’s Best All Mountain Boards For Winter 2021


What Is An All Mountain Snowboard?

Other than “Shred”, “All Mountain” is probably one of the most abused words in the industry. Most boards here are directional twins or twinish boards that have a set back stance. They are really good for centering up the board on groomers to get more of an all mountain freestyle feel and then when it dumps you can set it back to get a more freeride feel for better directional float in powder. We found most do well just about anywhere except for the jib park but generally aren’t amazing at anything. It’s a nice overall compromise for those looking for a one board quiver.
Size- Usually in the middle of the sizing chart.
Flex- Usually but not always Med to Med/Stiff

Jones Dream Catcher

The Jones Dream Catcher is a very versatile and fun ride for almost any riding condition. It has good edge hold on ice, is directional with a nice medium flex. This board is care free and fun to ride just about everywhere. It is great for novice riders and advanced riders alike. The Dream Catcher floats great in powder with minimal effort, and likes to cruise down groomers, turn through the trees, and even play around on natural hits all over the mountain.

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Nitro Drop

The Nitro Drop was an instant favorite. It is so smooth right off the bat. The Nitro Drop is mellow but stable for higher speeds or bumpy riding. It is directional so it has an added ability in powder, and likes to carve too! This board is connected to the snow without feeling too catchy and can be ridden by low intermediate to advanced riders alike. The Nitro Drop is just out to have a good time and go wherever you’d like.

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Rossignol Frenemy

The Frenemy from Rossignol is a great choice for the beginner to intermediate all mountain riders out there. This board is especially recommendable for those who see a lot of ice but still want a forgiving and playful ride. It has a positive camber section between the feet and reverse camber under/outside of the feet. This board is slightly directional and can float pretty well in powder too for being an all mountain board. It is a playful and forgiving all mountain ride that is simple enough for a beginner and stable enough for an intermediate rider.

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Yes Hel Yes

The Yes Hel Yes is a hard charging all mountain board with all mountain-freestyle tendencies. The Hel Yes rides great centered up, and is slightly directional. But it comes with slam backs this season that gives you ample directional float in powder when you move your bindings all the way back. The Hel Yes can handle all conditions from icy to steep to bumpy. It maneuvers well and can ride hard, without feeling too mean. The only downside to the Hel Yes, is it isn’t offered in many small sizing options.

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Salomon Wonder

The Salomon Wonder is a great all mountain choice at a very reasonable price. This hybrid camber board is slightly directional, and is very quick to turn with nice control for all mountain riding. It is somewhat more locked compared to some other hybrid camber boards, so it has a slight traditional camber personality without being too demanding. This board likes to ride all mountain, turn through bumps, and even play in the park and pipe from time to time.

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