When it comes to Snowboarding Outerwear Reviews or all outerwear for that matter it’s difficult to do an apples to apples test on waterproofing and breathability for these reasons.

  1. There isn’t a certification to get the ratings you see so 15k Waterproofing/15k Breathability from one company might not be the same as 15k/15k from another.
  2. It takes a long time to real world test a Snowboard Jacket and Pant. You can’t just spray it with a hose or put it in a hot room.  It takes a good amount of time with lot’s of varied weather to see how it really works.  That makes it hard to punch through the smoke and mirrors that is the industries waterproofing and breathability ratings.

So until the industry has a standardized certification we are going to focus on the fit and functionality of the pants and jackets we review.  We’ll touch on the tech and give our experience with it but it’s really hard to do an apples to apples test on a larger scale like we can with hard goods.