Sand Sole Custom Orthotic 2018 - 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The Sand Sole Custom Insole costs a lot but in my opinion, it’s really worth the price. It took me a while to really get into these.  The biggest issue was the sticky surface made it hard to get your feet in your boots but after a few months, it started getting easier. I also started to like how they gripped my feet so as my boots broke in a bit I didn’t feel my foot do those little micro slides.  The best part about having a custom insole like this how it’s like making the boot fit the bottom of your foot perfectly.  In comparing these to factory insoles and then other lower cost heat moldable orthotics I noticed that these insoles actually improved the response over the others. I also didn’t feel the need to tighten my boot as much because the insole was doing so much more work.  So if you can swing the cost give it a go.

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List Price US $300
Sand Sole Custom Orthotic Review
Manufactured in USA In a Mercedes Sprinter
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