Capita Black Snowboard of Death 2014 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

The Capita Black Snowboard of Death aka Capita BSOD was a great aggressive all mountain ride but the 2014 went way to Freeride side. Both years have a lot of snap are fun to carve and great aggressive boards.  The 2014 is a tapered directional ride. It’s less fun to ride switch but better for directional riding in powder.

FYI This is not a Mid/Wide board. The extension of the side cut at the waist makes the specs look like a mid wide but its really a regular board. 

Size 162

Days: 2
Conditions: Hard pack with some light soft snow pushed around. Petty good snow that got messy at the end of the day
Riders: James and Eli
Boots: Burton IonBurton Imperial
Bindings: Union Charger, Flux SF
Set Up: Eli- 22.5 wide Goofy 18 front and 0 back. James- 23″ wide 18 front -6 back

The Capita Black Snowboard of Death has changed a lot but it’s but still great board.  It’s a tapered directional shape with the much larger nose and a new hybrid camber profile. It doesn’t have reverse camber in the back seat but instead has a flat section to the tail. So now it goes rocker in the big ass nose, camber between the bindings and then a flat section. It really makes the BSOD much more of a freeride board compared to the 2013 aggressive all mountain shape and it really only wants to ride in one direction now. The Capita TFA has taken over for the BSOD in the aggressive all mountain category and they were pretty close to each other before the BSOD changed up. The BSOD now it’s much more in the old school freeride world of directional riding with a new school float in powder.

On Snow Feel: On the first few turns it still feels like the light snappy Capita Black Snowboard of Death. The more you ride it though the more you start to feel the directionalness of the ride.  The flat in the back, big ass nose and slightly tapered tail really transform this into a kinky sex child of the Charlie Slasher mated with the Old Black snowboard of Death. It’s all about speed, pow, stiff but lively pop and locked in hard carving. It’s got a true camber feel combined with rocker like float.

Powder:  We had no pow but just by the look of it combined with our pow experience with the Charlie Slasher and the old BSOD you can just tell this board will float very very well.

Turn Initiation and Carving:  Still a really lively snappy edge to edge kind of ride.  It’s very quick edge to edge if you know what you are doing.  If you don’t know how to turn correctly this could be very challenging and unforgiving.  It requires you to be mostly on your game. I think I had more fun leaning into a hard carve with the New BSOD over the old BSOD.  It’s probably the flat in the tail that makes it hold even better on a surfy laid back carve. Also the new taper doesn’t feel washy. Despite it’s unique hybrid shape the BSOD really gives you that really fun old school springy camber feel to the carve.

Speed: The BSOD has always bombed and this year it’s no exception. Very fast and Very stable.

Uneven Terrain:  Not the best here but the quick edge to edge nature of this board can get you around bumps.

Edge Hold: Same great edge hold.  That little bump between the feet makes a big difference as well as the flat in the back and shorter camber in the front. It’s not an icy board specialist but it sure has good grip without being grabby in soft snow.

Flex: Same great snappy lively flex that doesn’t like to butter and even more so this year. The older models could butter to the extent of the rocker but this year with the flat in the back seat its even less than before.

Switch:  The 2013 and below models weren’t perfect Switch but it was very doable.  The 2014 is not that doable and it feels very different.

Jibbing:  No Black Snowboad of Deathing way! Didn’t even think twice about heading through the jib park.

Pipe:  This use to be an excellent technical riders pipe dream but now it’s much more directional tapered shape isn’t quite the pipe boad it use to be.  It still holds an edge well and climbs the pipe wall well.  It just doesn’t feel the same.

Jumps:   Even more pop off the tail than before and it’s a very snappy one direction high speed ollie or bomb off a natural feature kind of board.  Not really one for the jump park if you like to spin and land switch.


2013 and Below Black Snowboard of Death Review

Size 159

Days: 15+
Conditions: Hard pack to 1.5 feet of powder.
Riders: James, Peter and a few friends not on the site.
Bindings: Union Force SL’s, Union Atlas, Burton Cartel Limited

The BSOD has a small camber between the feet and then slowly kicks up like rocker after the bindings. This makes for a great all conditions ride and provides better float in powder than the old camber board.  Also the turn initiation will be a bit easier than the camber version but it’s still not easy.  Just because the 2011 Black Death is now a hybrid shape it doesn’t mean that it’s now a super jib friendly snowboard. This is still a very aggressive board for carving, doing things big and hitting runs at a high speeds.  For 2012 the BSOD is still the same design and ride except it’s a bit lighter.  The 2013 Capita BSOD is the same ride as the 2012.

The Capita BSOD was a board both riders really enjoyed.  It is a very fast aggressive board that isn’t for everyone but will be amazing for others. The BSOD ia inbetween the Yes Big City and the Rome Anthem in terms of stiffness and all mountain performance and design.  The BSOD has more camber than the Big City and more rocker than the Rome Anthem.  If you are looking for a camber like performance on groomers but want better float in powder the BSOD will do a great job as your one aggressive all mountain snowboard.  This was one of my (the editor’s) favorite boards of the year. Just to reiterate this is not a mid/wide board even thought he waist is pretty wide. The “death grip” side cut has an extension in the middle of the waist but the rest of the board is narrow.  Just look at the 2010 camber snowboard specs to get an idea.

On Snow Feel:  There is a very locked in feel here that feels almost just like regular camber that many of us really liked. It’s very stable under foot but there is some consequence if you get off your game. If you spend most of your time riding on groomed runs there aren’t many boards that are it’s equal in this situation if you like high speed turns and a more aggressive approach to riding groomers.  The camber like feel was quite refreshing in this world of rocker boards but it’s a little more forgiving than it’s old camber predecessor.

Powder: If you compare this to the Yes Big Cityit’s not going to be as good but it’s a little less work than the Rome Anthem.  Still the rocker at the tip and tail help alot over a regular camber board.  In addition to the rocker the BSOD has a decent set back and a directional shape that is more twin like than directional which helps keep it afloat as well.

Turn Initiation and Carving: This board takes a little work to get from edge to edge but it’s very easy for it’s stiff flex. Don’t get us wrong this board still requires you to be on your game almost all the time and it could make you pay if you aren’t.   You can make tight quick turns through trees or just fooling around on groomers as well as big high speed carving turns.  The BSOD might be one of the best hybrid camber carving boards we have tried.  It’s right up there with the new Rome Anthem.  It has a nice spring out of every turn that helps you gain momentum and set you up for the next turn.

Speed: This board is very fast.  The flex is stiff, the base is fast (maybe capitas best base) and the board is chatter free.  We didn’t really open it up due to the very hard conditions but found the modest speeds we brought it to chatter free and very comfortable.

Uneven Terrain: The BSOD is a bomber board on good snow and can handle some uneven snow but towards the end of a crowded day or if you deviate off a groomer to a hard bumpy patch it won’t be the easiest in terms of shock absorption.  If you have been on an aggressive camber board for the last 5 years or so and then go to this you will be happy with the progression but if you go from a softer board to this you might feel it a bit rougher.

Approximate Weight- Not a feather weight but pretty light.  Nothing noticeable on the bad side at all.

Edge Hold: The mostly camber shape and the little extension (we are guessing 1/2 cm) at the center of the board makes for amazing edge hold.  We’d say it’s almost there with Magnetraction and very grippy in almost any condition.  Even in the hard conditions we felt very comfortable making turns and never felt like our edge will wash out. It felt like it had limitless edge hold similar to the magnetraction side cuts we have ridden.

Flex: This is a stiff board but it doesn’t act as stiff as it is.  Must be the hybrid camber.

Switch: This is a directional board but it seems a bit on the twinish side.  It wasn’t bad riding switch but you could tell the difference when you did.

Rails/Jibbing: Not that much fun.  It’s too stiff.

Pipe: Many people like a stiff aggressive board in the pipe.  If you don’t size up too much the Capita Black Snowboard of Death will do a great job in the pipe.  The edge hold is great and the BSOD has a good personality for Pipe Riding.  It can be a little unforgiving but for the most part this is a great pipe board.

Jumps: The new hybrid camber tech is still really springy.  It’s does a very good job when it comes to generating your own air.  It’s also very easy to launch of a man made kicker.  Like in the pipe it can be a bit unforgiving but for the most part its very fun lapping a roller coaster or hitting a kicker after a long seep groomer run


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Price US $549

Capita Black Snowboard of Death Review And Buying Advice

Approx. Weight

Feels Light

Riding Style


Riding Level

Advanced - Expert

Available Widths

Regular, Mid/Wide

Manufactured in



Tapered Directional

Camber Profile

Hybrid Camber


Setback -12.5mm

On Snow Feel

Locked In

Turn Initiation




Edge Hold

Hard Snow







Uneven Terrain










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2012 BSOD Review

Jan 15, 2013 by Greg Mow
Ability Level: Expert • 
Riding Style: Backcountry Freestyle/ Freeride • 
Days You Ride A Year: 45 

BSOD 159: Quick background on myself: 5'9", 180 lbs, size 9 burton ion boots and Union Force SL bindings. This board is amazing. Superlight. Super fast. Very stiff. The review by good ride is very accurate. Love the setback, cause it rides switch well and butters nicely. Works well in powder,anything under 1.5' over night for me (mainly due to waist width). If there is more snow I ride my YES Big City. The main issue I have with this board is the waist width. Although nice for quick turns this is a narrow board especially when you look at the deceiving spe'd waist width. I usually like 25.2-25.6 width, for reference. I feel like this is about 24.9 like it was spe'd a few years back. I have ridden this board in conditions from chest deep pow to ice conditions on the east coast. My only regret is not sizing up to get a bit more waist width. Other than that this board is great if you can afford it as it is tough to come by on sale. Happy Riding! Cheers!

5.0 5.0 1 1 BSOD 159: Quick background on myself: 5'9", 180 lbs, size 9 burton ion boots and Union Force SL bindings. This board is amazing. Superlight. Super fast. Very stiff. The review b Capita Black Snowboard of Death Review And Buying Advice

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