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Liquid Image Ego 2013 Review by The Good Ride

The Liquid Image Ego is a very good camera for mono pod users. It’s not well known but we had a pretty good time with it. Jimbo and I had a few days with this and found wouldn’t have any issues using this as a full time camera for monopod use.

Here are some video samples.  For some reason they don’t look as good on Vimeo as they do on my PC.  The video quality is much better at home on the SD card, the PC or TV.

1080p 30fps Sample Video


720p 60fps Sample Video

We like the Ego for these reasons:
1. It doesn’t require a tripod/monopod mount accessory like many cameras do.  Instead it has a threaded hole already in there so just screw it in and off you go (insert joke somewhere).
2. The camera is very small and with a good retractable monopod it can fit in a jacket pocket no problem.
3. You can snowboard with it without the waterproof casing but it comes with a little plastic lens protector so you don’t have to worry about breaking the lens.
4. Very bright sharp clear video that looks great on a 1080p TV
5. Very easy to use and to set up. Some cameras aren’t when it comes to this.
Some things we didn’t like:
1. It could use a little more battery life. We ran out half way through the day of filming on every run we took. The size doesn’t have to be so tiny.  Increase the size by 15% and use all of that for the battery and you would have a great camera.  The battery felt a little similar to the Go Pro Hero Silver

So if you could deal with the battery life this could be a good choice for those that want a compact mono pod only camera to film yourself and others.

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