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The Big Agnes Camp Robber Bed Roll 40×72 is a great integraded sleeping bag system for indoors sleeping or warm weather camping.

Turn Ons: Very light, comfortable breathable blanket. Pad sleeve is super helpful.
Turn Offs: Zippers catch a lot on sleeping bag material. Barely fits a 5’10” Person. Not for those that run cold.

Days: 6+ 2-3 Day camping sessions. (did a few more after I filmed the review)

Weather: 35 F to 75 F at night.

Sizing: I would not recommend this bag for anyone over 5’8″. It was pretty tight for me at 5’10”. Other Big Agnes bags overhang over the pad by the feet. This doesn’t. So if you are over 5’8 go with the 50×78 bag. I also have the 25×78 and it fits my 5’10” frame much better. It is much more like other Big Agnes regular sized bags with what they call a “Free Range Footbox”.

Warmth: I like this blanket and feel it is plenty warm for warm weather sleeping. I run warm though and my wife thinks I’m crazy for saying this. She has never been warm in this and always had to use an extra blanket to stay warm except for when it was in the low 70’s to high 60’s one night. We tested this with the 40×72 Q-Core SLX with an R-Valve rating of 3.3 and 2 20×72 Q-Core Deluxe pads with an R-Valve Rating of 4.3.

I think it would have been better with a warmer pad. Big Agnes doesn’t really go past a 5 R-Valve rating but if you can find a warmer pad with another brand It will for sure warm up the bag. Without insulation on the bottom of the pad you are very dependent on your pad for warmth.

I would personally love some sort of insulation on the bottom. Maybe something not like the top but some sort of heat reflecting material integrated with the pad holder. This would be ideal with warmer bags but it wouldn’t hurt with this warm weather bag either.

Construction: My only complaint is the zipper catches more than many other bags I have tried. The rest of the bag is well designed and I can’t stress how much I like the integrated pad system. Not sliding off your pad, even with a 40×72 size, really makes a difference.


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Big Agnes Camp Robber Bed Roll Review
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