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The Anon Mig Goggle is rather unique. The goggle itself isn’t anything special but  It’s got an integrated bandanna that attaches magnetically.  It’s one of those things that after it’s invented everyone goes yeah that makes total sense but then you think why hasn’t anyone done this before.

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It creates the perfect amount of separation between your face so you can breath normal when you are going up a chair or waiting in line. When you’re going down the hill it the wind from high-speed riding presses up against your mouth like a normal bandanna but the rest is good.

About the actual goggle
The Anon Mig goggle is no slouch either. Anon has always made good goggles and this is no exception.

It’s got a good field of view and has a pretty decent peripheral vision. The triple foam seems to be mandatory these days and it’s got a comfortable fit around the face.  Also, there is a bevy of lens options coming as well so you have the right lens for almost any preference and light condition.  Right now there aren’t many lenses in stock to try but there will be. Peter and I both fog up pretty easy and so far we had no issues with fogging which I thought would happen because often times a bandanna goggle combo can make them fog easier.

So all in all this is a pretty nice system that is a good idea.


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Anon Mig Goggle Review and Buying Advice SKU UPC Model

Looks great, neat novelty factor let down by poor manufacturing defects

Jan 26, 2015 by Phil Jones
Ability Level: Intermediate • 
Riding Style: All mountain • 
Days You Ride A Year: 14 

These goggles have some great features. Unfortunately let down by less than great quality control.
The main draw of these goggles is the magnetic face mask. It works well and looks good but isn't perfect. If you like to pop it on and off between rides it will get wet and if you're in sub zero conditions can freeze making it tricky to get back in place with gloves.
The lenses are 90mm high which I would say makes them vertically narrow with width being between a small to medium fit.
The MIG comes with two lenses which is great at this price range. The lense colours are what they are. Nothing special there.
For clarity I wasn't wowed. They don't seem great against a pair of Oakley's. And here begins my concerns. A replacement oakley lens will set you back around £60-80. These are £30-38. I get they are cheaper overall and some of Oakley is in the name, but to a degree you get what you pay for. And herein is my second concern. My first day out was a powder white-out full day. I worked hard and got sweaty. Whilst Initially the goggles cleared while moving they couldn't cope with the lift /run, lift run mix eventually causing condensation on the inside. I tried to clear it by 'dabbing' but it was too much. I came a cropper at the top of the 1921m Reichkendlkopf. It was a whiteout and at least -6 deg C. The goggles were wet through on the inside. No matter of dabbing was clearing it. And now there was water on the inside of the double lens construction and it was too fogged to use. I took them off to get to the rest of our group that had gone ahead. The wind blowing snow in my eyes made it hard to keep them open. As I went to clear my goggles again I saw the internal condensation was now frozen. It was a no hoper. I was stuck in a white out with no one to help I couldn't see where I was going and I had no goggles. I had two choices. Both of them involved walking. Board off I walked through the blizzard to my group one of whom had some spare oakleys. They worked wonders for the next four hours.
Once home there was water inside the lens construction. The seal around the inner lens was unstuck in parts. It had clear patches where it was no longer attached to the gasket. Whilst a press restuck it it shouldn't have delaminated. I checked my red solex that hadn't been used and it had the same clear patches.
The goggles have some neat touches but I'm struggling to justify the £140. Both lenses have the same gasket issue. And lead to a hard time on the slope. The ventalation isn't great but the manufacturing is worse. They look good, but the money you spend is clearly not going into the lenses. Two lenses is £68. The goggles are £140. The rubber case clearly isn't worth £72 and the face mask probably cost a fiver at best. I don't know where my money is going with these goggles, but I'd rather have lenses that work than a face mask gimmick

3.0 3.0 1 1 These goggles have some great features. Unfortunately let down by less than great quality control.The main draw of these goggles is the magnetic face mask. It works well and look Anon Mig Goggle Review and Buying Advice

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Anon Mig Goggle Review and Buying Advice
Manufactured in China
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