• Fun Turning Experience
  • Great Grip
  • Not a Beginner/Intermediate Ride Like some say
  • Fast Base For The Price
  • Great Float for an All Mtn Booard


  • Spoon Nose/Tail Can Wash On a Butter


The Jones Frontier is a very well rounded ersatile All-Mountain board for those that see everything from hard snow to powder. This year in same day tests against the Jones Mountain Twin, Ultra Mountain Twin and Stratos the Frontier would be the board I would add to my quiver just because it handled uneven snow much better than the Stratos, had better float in pow than the Mtn Twins and a more fun turning experience as well.

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Riding Style All Mountain
Riding Level Beginner - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 8-10, 10-12
Manufactured in Dubai by SWS
Shape Directional
Camber Profile Hybrid Camber
Stance Setback over 20mm
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Split Comes in split
Powder Good
Base Glide Great
Carving Good
Speed Great
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Good
Jumps Good
Jibbing Average
Pipe Good
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns






Edge Hold

Hard Snow

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Jones Frontier 2024 Snowboard Written Review Review by The Good Ride

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews and this is our unfiltered opinion. We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

A Breakdown Of How It Rides And Who Its For

Jones Frontier Review - The Good Ride

How This Jones Frontier Review Happened:

Borrowed this for an extended demo and sent it back but I wouldn’t mind owning this.
Size: 159
Days: 4
Conditions: Some decent pow, good groomers and a couple days with varied conditions.
 James (Size 9, 5’10” 185-190lbs)
Boots: Ride Torrent, Ride Fuse, Ride Deadbolt
Insoles: F.I.T. Gamechangers
Bindings: Union Atlas
Redunancy: Strapins in case boots or bindings break.
Jacket: Jones Mtn Surf Anorak, Jones Shralpinist Stretch Jacket
Pant: Jones Mountain Surf Bib, Jones Shralpinist Stretch Bib
Helmet: Smith Maze
Goggle: Smith 4D Mag
Gloves: Burton AK Clutch Mitt, Burton AK Tech Leather Glove, Drop Tahoma Mitt,

Similar Boards (but not the same): Korua Otto, Jones Mountain Twin, K2 Manifest, Jones Frontier, Ride Algorythm, Ride Wild Life, Yes Basic Uninc, Cardiff Lynx,

James’s Set Up: 21.5” Wide. Sance Angles +18/-3, +18/-9. Close to Reference on groomers and Set all the way back in powder.

How It Was Tested

Since I already know this board very well over the years I just used it to compare to other boards like the Jones Mtn Twin, Jones Ultra Mountain Twin, Jones Stratos, Burton Power Wagon, Burton Gril Master and a few others.

Approximate Weight

The Jones Frontier is pretty normal in weight for this size and surface area but maybe a touch more on the heavy side of normal. (We don’t put in the exact weight because with wood cores there is no consistency in a boards weight)


The 159 Jones Frontier fits me really well. It’s a decent match for my boot size so I can turn it but it also handles my 185lbs no problem. Good for my 5’10” frame as well.

Here are some ideal US boot sizes for the Jones Frontier. I keep it conservative but you can of course go bigger or smaller depending on your riding style and boot’s footprint. These suggestions just work best for not turning the board slower than it should be and not having the dreaded Toe & Heel Drag.
* Remember there are bumps on each side of the middle of the board so subtract 2-3 mm from the waist width*
152: 7-8
156: 8-9
159: 8.5-9.5
162: 9-10
165: 10-11
158w: 10-11
161w: 10.5-11.5
164w: 11-12
167w: 11.5-12.5

For weight I would stay close to Jones’ recommended weight ranges when it comes to the Frontier. If it comes down to boot size or weight, I would make sure it fits your boot first and then your weight a close second.


The Jones Frontier is pretty directional but it’s far from being a tapered directional ride. It defintitely sits in between the Jones Mountain Twin and Stratos.

Camber/On Snow Feel/Ability Level

The camber on the Jones Frontier is mellow but goes a little past the inserts. It then transitions into rocker in the tip/tail with a little spoon nose and tail. You can feel the spoon come into the edges a little bit on hard snow but less than almost every other Jones board I’ve tried…and I’ve tried them all. All you need is a little more weight between the feet and the board holds fine. It almost always feels stable one footing and flat basing.

Flex Personality

Jones Frontier Flex

The Jones Frontier is medium stiff but you can get the tip/tail to flex on a butter with a little effort. The only thing is the spoon nose/tail can feel a little washy and it doesn’t hold into a press as easy as some boards. It does pop pretty well even though it’s not an ultra poppy ride.

Uneven Terrain

The Jones Frontier does very well in soft uneven snow but not as well in hard micro bumpy snow. Still, its manageable and a very good board for all day resort riding.

Edge Hold

I love this disruption in the sidecut that the Jones Frontier has great grip in hard snow without being grabby in soft snow.

Speed/Base Glide

The Jones Frontier has a really fast base vs. many competitors at this price point but there are faster bases in Jones’ line.

Turning Experience/Carving

Jones Frontier Carving

The turn intitiation is medium fast. Once you commit to an edge there is a pretty turny feel for a Jones board. Overall I would say it’s balanced but I really like it over the Jones Mountain Twin which doesn’t like to turn as much. There is good spring out of the turn as well. It’s not mind blowing but very competent and satisfying.


Jones Frontier In Pow

So I’ve had this same shape/model in a decent amount of powder over the years. It’s not up to par with freeride boards like the Flagship or Stratos but it sure floats better than the Jones Mountain Twin. You can feel the spoon nose give you a better turning experience in pow as well.

Man I would love to see set back inserts on this as well but as it stands you can get 2.375” back from center of board at a 22.75” stance width. That is much better than 1.75” on the Jones Mountain Twin.


Jones Frontier Switch

Very doable switch. It tracks well into a jump and rides pipe very well. Not a great jibber though.


Overall, I really like the Jones Mountain Twin but I seem to be recommending the Jones Frontier a lot more lately. I also really enjoy the turning experience and directional float more out of the Jones Frontier than the Mountian Twin as well.

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Jones Frontier Past Reviews

2020-2023 Jones Frontier Review

Jones Frontier 2020-2023 Snowboard Video and Written Review

Here we have the Jones Frontier the Snowboard Review from an average but objective perspective.

Update: The Jones Frontier has not changed from 2020-2023 so this review still stands and is still current. 

The Jones Frontier continues on where the Explorer left off and it is very similar to that ride. Like it’s predecessor, it is very recommendable for those that want an all-mountain/one board quiver ride that leans a little more on the directional freeride side of the spectrum.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

How The Jones Frontier Review Happened:  We borrowed this for an extended demo and then returned it.
Size: 162
Days: 3
Conditions:  Some really good groomers after a storm, some pretty wet/thick powder and an early morning slackountry time with Drift Boards in some pretty decent powder.
Riders: James (Size 9, 5’10” 185-195lbs), Peter (Size 8, 5’11” 185lbs)
Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV
Insoles: Sandsole Custom Insoles,  Footprint Insole Technology Gameghangers Low Profile
Bindings: Union Atlas, Union StrataNow Drive

Similar Boards (but not the same) That We Compared This To:
Jones FlagshipJones Mountain Twin

Set-Up: 22” Wide. 18 front -9 back and close to reference. Set as far back as we could with a 22” wide stance 21 front -3 back.

Jones Frontier Snowboard Review

Approximate Weight

Feels pretty normal. Not heavy or light.


The 162 felt a little big but doable. The 159 would have been great for my specs and my size 9 boots would have turned it a little faster. Still, the Jones Frontier can match up well with boot sizes 8-10 in the regular range and do pretty well with 10 to 12 in the wides.


The flex definitely feels like a bump up from the Jones Mountain Twin but a little softer than the Flagship. It’s got good pop in relation to the hybrid camber that ends just past the bindings. So it’s not a super lively board but not dead by any means either.

On Snow Feel/Ability Level/Skidded Turns

The Jones Frontier, and it’s predecessor the Explorer, is its ability to be forgiving but consistent underfoot in all conditions you want to ride. The camber between the feet going to rocker after makes for a very stable ride to one foot off a chair lift or flat base down a long flat run very well. You can skid turns very easy with this ride and it works with riders of any ability level without being boring if you are an advanced to expert rider on a budget.

Edge Hold

This mellow mag is pretty mellow but the Jones Frontier still grips well in hard to even borderline icy snow and doesn’t grab in soft snow.

Turn Initiation

Faster than the Jones Mountain Twin for sure and you can get this board to react pretty quickly to initiate a turn and it responds quickly in tight spots. Once you are on edge the Jones Frontier doesn’t make super tight circle carves but it seems like it’s there for you with any kind of radius turn you want to make.

Turning Experience/Carving

There isn’t a ton of camber in comparison to many rides out there these days but it’s almost always a trade-off between having a fun turning/carving experience and a forgiving ride. You can layout hard carving turns in most conditions though and it does a good job for what it is.


The Jones Frontier is one of the better all-mountain boards out there. It is a little bit better than the Jones Mountain Twin for directional float but a bit behind the Flagship.that has a good bit of taper for 2020 and set’s further back on board as well. Still, at a 22.75″ stance width the Jones Frontier has a difference between nose/tail of 4.5″ and a set back from the center of the board of 2.25″ which is pretty good for an all-mountain board.

There is more surface area in the nose than the tail as well. If you haven’t heard enough about powder already here is more as well as Peter’s take after multiple drinks on the last night he was with me for the season. Can’t wait to have that lad back next season.


The base of the Jones Frontier, although not as high end as some in the Jones line, glides really well. It keeps its speed better than most in this price range as well as many above it. It is also stiffer and damper than the Jones Mountain Twin so it can do well for those who like to bomb.

Uneven Terrain

Powers over uneven snow well and weaves around bumps pretty well too. Great for all-day crowded resort riding.


The Jones Mountain Twin is better for riding switch and this has a pretty directional feel to it. Still, the Jones Frontier is fine for anyone who wants to ride switch and after a little time, you can get used to it.


Same thing with the Mountain Twin here if you plan to take off and land switch/fakie. The Jones Frontier is no slouch though and the stiffer flex can help you go a little bigger than the mountain twin if you have a health insurance policy to match.


Not a great jibber. Pretty stiff.


The Jones Frontier can ride pipe pretty well thanks to the edge hold, quickish turn initiation and I have had fun riding the pipe on this and the older model Explorer.


The Jones Frontier sits nicely in between the Jones Mountain Twin and Flagship. I wouldn’t consider this as a beginner/intermediate board. I would consider it as a more damp more directional version of the Mountain twin for riders of all levels.

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Jones Frontier Specs

Jones Frontier Images

We try to get as many images of the Jones Frontier, but forgive us if they're not all there.



Jones Frontier User Reviews

Jones Frontier 2020-2024 Snowboard Review SKU UPC Model

Great 1st Board

Mar 18, 2020 by Kitari
Ability Level: Intermediate • 
Riding Style: Freeride • 
Days You Ride A Year: 10 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 178cm, 110kg, 9.5US 

Picked up a 165 Jones Frontier as my first snowboard (I've done a few trips with rental gear before), and I love it.
We just got back from a week in Japan, seeing all kinds of snow from Ice to 40cm powder, and it's a great all-rounder to deal with everything.
I moved from skidding turns to finally learning to carve on this thing (only board I've ever carved on, so no other context to this) - I'd definitely agree with the review that it's fairly mellow when carving turns on the groomers - there's not a huge amount of pop and it doesn't really want to turn super-hard, but it's super forgiving, and you really feel that you did something very wrong when you stack it on this.
We had a couple of decent powder days, and I tried setting it back as far as I could - it floated okay, I guess but didn't really feel that it was gliding on top (to be fair, I'm a pretty heavy guy, so I sink fast).
Likewise, a couple of days had really choppy icy slopes, and this just powered through, dampened the shock and saved the knees nicely.
Swapping boards around with other on the trip, everyone agreed that this board wants to go fast compared to everything else we tried - it really does pick up speed quick, and was great fun for bombing.
Overall, a great board for an intermediate freeride wannabe to pick up and learn to carve on.


Jan 02, 2020 by Oleg
Ability Level: Intermediate • 
Riding Style: SHRED, NO SKID • 
Days You Ride A Year: 20-40 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 182 cm, 77-80 kg, 9.5 US 

Dear James! Many thanks for you brilliant advise to replace my old camber Lib TRS to Jones Frontier. Now I can shred at any speed and control board 100% even slowly. Now I can ride in the same manner but nearly effortless. Board do not push me to accelerate more and more to be on carve as used to be with pure camber. There is less edge hold on ice but still reasonable. The only I have not tried is to push it to maximum speed yet. But for this reason I have my 10 y.o. old school Lib TRS. Many thank and Happy New Year!

5.0 5.0 2 2 Picked up a 165 Jones Frontier as my first snowboard (I've done a few trips with rental gear before), and I love it. We just got back from a week in Japan, seeing all kinds of sno Jones Frontier 2020-2024 Snowboard Review

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