• Unsinkable, Unique, Easy Deep Pow Float
  • Incredible Turning Experience in pow


  • Incredibly washy in anything but deep pow
  • Super Loose/Auto Spiny On Groomers
  • Hard to find the edges on groomers


The Korua Uberegg is pretty much for deep pow to soft groomers but man does it shine in deep pow. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

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Riding Style Powder
Riding Level Intermediate - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 8-10, 10-12
Manufactured in China
Shape Tapered Directional
Camber Profile Continuous Rocker
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Powder Excellent
Base Glide Great
Carving Poor
Speed Good
Uneven Terrain Poor
Switch Average
Jumps Average
Jibbing Poor
Pipe Poor
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns






Edge Hold

Soft Snow

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Korua Uberegg Powder Snowboard - A Breakdown Of How It Rides And Who It Is For Review by The Good Ride

Welcome to the Korua Uberegg Powder Snowboard Review from an average rider with extensive but objective board knowledge.

Korua Uberegg Powder Snowboard Review - The Good Ride

Ethics Statement: This review has zero brand oversight. This is our best effort at an honest, objective review to help you, the consumer. If this review helped, we’d appreciate it if you:

How This Review Happened:

I borrowed this for an extended demo and sent it back.
Size: 157
Days: 2
Conditions: Two really great early morning cone laps in 1 foot to 2+ feet of snow with Drift Board bindings & Union Rovers
Riders: James (Size 9, 5’10”, 185-190lbs)
Boots: Nidecker Rift Lace, Burton Tourist
Insoles: F.I.T. Gamechangers
Bindings: Union Atlas
Redundancy: Strapins in case boots or bindings break.
Jacket: Jones Mtn Surf Anorak, Jones Shralpinist Stretch Jacket,
Pant: Jones Mountain Surf Bib, Jones Shralpinist Stretch Bib
Helmet: Smith Maze
Goggle: Smith 4D Mag
Gloves: Burton AK Clutch Mitt, Drop Tahoma Mitt,

Similar Boards We Like (but not the same):
Capita Spring Break Powder Glider, Burton 3D Fish, Soul Blower,

James’s Set Up: 21.5” Wide. Stance Angles. +24/+6, +27/+9 back. Set most the way and then all the way back.

How It Was Tested

I rode this same day against the Capita Spring Break Pow Glider.

Approximate Weight

The Korua Uberegg felt pretty light. (We don’t put in the exact weight because, with wood cores, there is no consistency in a board’s weight)


Korua Uberegg Sizing

The Korua Uberegg worked well for my size despite it being massively wide in the nose and waist. I knew when I saw all that taper in the tail (6.6mm!!!!!), and it was primarily for deep pow, it would be more than fine.

Sizing is all about balancing what fits your boot size and your weight for how you like to ride. If your boot is too wide, you can’t turn it; if it’s too narrow, you get the dreaded Toe & Heel Drag. Your weight is a close second to boot size because it determines how the board will feel under your foot.  Height comes in a distant 3rd. Some prefer control, so matching the boot size is the priority. Others prefer dampness over control and like to size up.

Here are some ideal US boot sizes for these boards.
157- 8-11

I would stay close to the brand’s recommended weight ranges for weight. I wouldn’t go too far over the max of 95kg, and I’d suggest staying under it.


Korua Uberegg Shape

Very tapered and very directional. 6.6mm of taper is massive! I thought 3.1cm that is on a lot of Korua boards was very tapered but this is on another level.

Camber/On Snow Feel/Ability Level

Korua Uberegg Camber

You have a lot of bends happening on the Korua Uberegg to make it very boat-like. There is a continuous rocker from tip to tail.

Korua Uberegg Spoon Side View

Then, there’s a bend from the center going from edge to edge throughout the board. So it’s like there is a spoon nose, but it never stops throughout the entire length of the board. What that does is it makes you feel like you are in a boat and on water. I’ve never felt this kind of personality underfoot. It’s incredibly loose and spinny. It makes me only ride this in deep pow.

Flex Personality

Korua Uberegg Flex

You have a medium/stiff flex that is a little softer/easier to access vs. most Korua boards. It feels thinner, too. Pow butters are super easy, but it’s very washy if you want to wheelie up on the tail or nose butter on groomers.

Uneven Snow

Korua Uberegg Uneven Snow

There is a little more buck/bounce happening with the Korua Uberegg vs most of the Classic Korua boards. It’s manageable, but I did not like bottoming out with this. It would instantly wash out on you, and I felt like if I wasn’t super careful, I would slide right into a tree and be unable to stop.

Edge Hold

There are steel edges, but getting that edge to work is hard because it’s lifted so far off the snow.


In deep pow, I felt really comfortable picking up speed. I thought I wouldn’t be so set back and tapered, but it jammed. In everything else, I wasn’t comfortable.

Base Glide

Pretty good, like all classic boards.

Turning Experience/Carving

After watching Nicholas ride the Korua Uberegg on groomers, I regretted not trying this on a soft, perfect groomer day. But then again, I’m pretty fucking far from being Nicholas and every time I got on groomers with only a few inches of pow I didn’t like the super loose feeling like only ¼ of the base was in contact with the snow when flat basing. I think with some time, I could have gotten used to it.


Korua Uberegg In Deep Pow

This is pretty much the main reason to buy the Korua Uberegg. This thing has the float of a boat but is such a fun, easy-turning experience. The deeper, the better with this thing. If you ride lots of deep, untracked snow, this might be worth adding to your quiver.

Korua Uberegg Pow Set Back

With a 21.25” stance width set all the way back, you can get -7 inches back from the center of the board. That is pretty massive. Then, you factor in 6.6 cm of taper, the continuous rocker, and then the lifted tech throughout the board. You have one of the easiest floaters I have tried. It has this effortless glide, and the whole board sits atop the snow. The tail sinks a little but never too far down, even when set all the way back.

Final Thoughts

I think this isn’t for light quivers, but if you have a deep one, the Korua Uberegg might be a great addition if you see deep, untracked snow a lot.

Korua Uberegg Specs

Korua Uberegg Images

We try to get as many images of the Korua Uberegg, but forgive us if they're not all there.


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