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Jones Storm Chaser 2016-2020 Snowboard Review

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Overall Rating Liked it!
Riding Style Powder
Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 8-10
Manufactured in Dubai by SWS
Shape Tapered Directional
Camber Profile Flat to Rocker
Stance Setback -12.5mm
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Powder Excellent
Turning Experience Average
Carving Average
Speed Good
Uneven Terrain Average
Switch Poor
Jumps Average
Jibbing Poor
Pipe Average
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns






Edge Hold

Medium Snow

Jones Storm Chaser 2020 - 2016 Review by The Good Ride

The Jones Storm Chaser is one of their first surf rocker boards in the line.  We were lucky enough to get it in some powder and make some turns.  It wasn’t a groomer board compared to Jones’ hybrid camber rides like the Hovercraft or Flagship but it was better than we thought for that kind of super off the tail ride. To us, the Mind Expander just had our number but the Jones Storm Chaser floats incredibly well for its size and could have yours.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

The Carbon fiber strip in the 2019-2020 Jones Storm Chaser improves the long-term flex as well as adds a little extra pop but overall it’s very similar to the 2017 and 2018 models.

Size: 147 and 152
Days:  5
Conditions: With the 147 we had about 1′-2′ of thick Sierra Powder and a few feet of lightish PNW Powder
Riders: James (Size 9, 5’10” 185-195lbs), Jimbo (Size 11, 5’11” 160lbs), Peter (Size 8, 5’11” 185lbs)
Boots: Adidas Tactical ADVBurton SLX, Salomon F3.0, Burton Fiend LTD
Bindings: Union AtlasUnion SuperproBurton Genesis X, Now IPO
Set Up: Set way back 23″ wide 15 front 0 back. 22.5” Centered to set all the way back 18 front -3 to -6 back

Approximate Weight: Felt pretty light but also not like a featherweight.

Flex: Pretty medium to medium stiff.

Sizing: On our first time with the little 147 it had more than enough volume going to handle all of us.  It’s hard to wrap your head around it if you are about to retire a 180cm something board from the early 2000s and get a new powder board but when you try it you will get what this little thing can do. The board likes to be ridden much shorter and wider than your average freeride board. For us, the 152 felt about right and we liked that size better. You can fit into this board with bigger boots but it’s better to ride this much wider than you normally would.

On Snow Feel: It’s not quite stable like the hybrid camber jones boards but it’s also more stable than most continuous rocker boards we tried.  It seems like there is just a little flat between the feet to keep this from becoming an auto buttery mess.  It can one foot off the chair and flat base pretty well.

Edge Hold: Same great Jones mellow mag grip that doesn’t own it on ice but gives you grip for most conditions you will see.  I could drop in on a hard patch at a peak on the way to powder knowing that the edge will hold till I get to the good stuff.  Glad it’s there.

Turn Initiation:  Even though the Jones Storm Chaser is a short fatty with a massive waist size it’s quick and easy to weave in and out of the trees. I personally liked the Mind Expander a little better but this is very good.

Turning Experience:  In the little bit of groomed snow, I had near the chair, I didn’t feel it was that great of a turner.  It’s great for how much rocker it has and does way better than you would think but it’s far from the first board I would want to bring out when the powder is gone.

Carving: Seeing Jeremy carve up groomers with this is pretty amazing but we would much rather be out on the Hovercraft instead. The Jones Storm Chaser wasn’t bad though even though it hurried you through a carve it didn’t wash out and you could definitely carve on it.  So while this shines on powder you could for sure have fun with this on groomers when the powder is gone.

Skidded Turns: So easy to skid turns and it’s super forgiving if you get off your game.

Speed: The Jones Storm Chaser has a very fast base that just keeps its speed and glides really well. However, it is a short ride that has a lot of rocker and rides very far back on the tail so its a bit of a wash.

Uneven Terrain: I’d rather be on the Mind Expander when it comes to weaving in and out of bumps and messy piles of snow but the Storm Chaser can work if you slow it down. What we felt with both sizes we tried is the Storm Chasers can tend to be a little bucky and bounce you around in messy powder where the Mind Expander powered through it better.

Powder: This is why you buy the Jones Storm Chaser. It’s a champ in the powder and really makes you feel like you are surfing snow. It’s soo far back on the tail, has a decent amount of taper, is pretty wide, and has soo much rocker that it makes for such an easy floating ride in untracked powder. As it gets tracked up and messy the Storm Chaser can’t drive through it as well as some boards can like the Mind Expander but we haven’t seen many boards with this kind of design do much better. If you surf and like to have your foot near the tail like you do in the water this is a great way to ride powder. With a 22.75″ stance width set all the way back you can get 14.5″ difference between nose/tail and 7.25″ back on board and from the center of the swallowtail, it’s 19″ difference from nose to tail, or 9.5″ back on board. That’s massively far back.

Buttering: Much easier to butter than you would think for the flex but that is because of the rocker.

Switch: Scary to even think about doing it.

Jumps: There is good pop here and I’m not sure why but it can Ollie rather well. Being this far on the tail isn’t great though for big air for the average rider like us.

Jibbing: Nofuckingway but I’m sure some ripper could.

Pipe: Here is the weird thing.  I didn’t try this in the pipe but thinking about it doesn’t make me feel scared to do so.  There is enough edge hold to make it happen and it seems like it would drive wall to wall better than you would think just like it did on a carve.

So overall I don’t feel the Jones Storm Chaser is a super fun powder board and a better groomer board than you would think for its camber profile. Even with a surfing background from a lot of our crew we all personally have a thing for the Mind Expander but if that board dumped us we could pick up the shattered pieces and make a beautiful life with the Storm Chaser.

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Jones Storm Chaser 2016-2020 Snowboard Review SKU UPC Model


Feb 15, 2019 by Cody
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: Freeride/pow/carving/backcountry • 
Days You Ride A Year: 20+ • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 6'2, 200lbs, size 11 

After 5 full days on the 2019 Storm Chaser 152 I feel like I'm starting to get an idea of what this board is really capable of. Of course it's amazing in the powder, the big nose gives it float for days and you don't even have to think about leaning back. I've found it to be incredibly fun in the trees too-that combination of rocker and a short tail makes it really fun and nimble and you can weave through tight, steep trees with almost no effort.
I think this board is actually a lot more versatile than it would seem, once you get used to its turn radius it can really carve and lay a trench. It's a really particular style of carving, very off the back foot, but it has really solid edge hold in most kinds of snow. It's also really fun pop a 180 and see how long you can hold a butter off the nose. Speaking of pop, it has way more than you would expect but landing with that almost nonexistent tail takes some getting used to! All in all I've found it to be a ridiculously fun board, like James has said it's kind of the snowboard equivalent of riding a fish if you know what that means!

Stormchaser 2017 SIA Preview

Feb 13, 2016 by Ren Volpi
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: Carver/ Big Mountain • 
Days You Ride A Year: 20-30 

When it comes to riding powder, the Jones Stormchaser is a great choice. I’ve ridden the 147, and god this was fun. It has the best float in the deep and no need to lean back at all! Actually I would advise those who take this one out, to actually ride it without putting a lot of pressure on your back foot since that should bring you a little more stability and will allow you to take more aggressive lines without washing out.
Considering its shape, it was expected of the Stormchaser to excel in powder, but the main reason why I would like to write a review about it, it's because of how well it did on the groomers. Obviously, you are not supposed to use this one looking to break speed records, but if you are looking for a fun, surfy ride, this one is hard to beat. The mellow magna-traction (signature edge design from Jones) gives you plenty of edge hold for those who like to lay on a carve. If you want to surf the mountain, this is probably one of your best choices in the market.

5.0 5.0 2 2 After 5 full days on the 2019 Storm Chaser 152 I feel like I'm starting to get an idea of what this board is really capable of. Of course it's amazing in the powder, the big nose Jones Storm Chaser 2016-2020 Snowboard Review

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