Burton AK Guide Glove 2020 - 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton AK Guide Glove is one of the best one glove solutions I have come across. It has warmth, room for a layer underneath, excellent waterproofing and great durability. It’s a glove I get year over year and spend most of the colder days with this on. It dries quickly for leather as well and it’s always ready for the next day.

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Size Tried: Medium
James’ Specs
Width Across The Knuckles: 3.5”
Middle Finger to Wrist 7.5”
Widest Part of the Hand 4.5”

Used With: Burtron AK Gore-Tex 3L Stretch Hover Jacket and Burton AK Gore-Tex Pro 3L Hover Pant

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2014 and Below AK Guide Glove Review

The fit is a little on the longer and slightly more narrow side. , only has a zipper and it’s not that hard to get on and off but I generally prefer a velcro strap around the cuff. It runs pretty long up the wrist so it can keep out some snow. All in all it’s a very nice technical piece of outerwear that could make a lot of serious riders happy.  I’m personally much more into the AK Clutch glovearebut that’s not to say you wouldn’t be into this one.

The liner and the glove are very well connected so when you pull your hand out it’s super easy to put it back in again. Not many companies put this much time in their liners.

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Burton AK Guide Glove 2014-2020 Review SKU UPC Model

Burton [ak] Guide Glove Review

Dec 08, 2017 by Craig
Ability Level: Advanced, Goofy • 
Riding Style: Freeride/Powder • 
Days You Ride A Year: 25 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 191cm, 90kg, US14 

I've always wanted to get a pair of Burton [ak] Yeti's but they are no longer in existence. So I decided to grab a pair of '18 XL Burton [ak] Guide Gloves (TB) the other day. These are a step up from my existing '14 Gondy Gore (TB) full leather gloves. The Gondy Gores are awesome and I've had absolutely no problems with them. They are still going strong, thoroughly waterproof, toasty warm, with no degradation or problems and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone as a premium level glove. But I just liked the look of the [ak] Guides and they do not disappoint. It might be that zippered back which pulls them in tight around the wrist to fit perfectly under sleeve. They feel fantastic on and fit absolutely perfect, if not, I'd say snug as, but they will mould into my hand shape perfectly after a few hours of use. They are mega warm and will be just right for those -20 degree days in Japan. I love an entire leather glove as they are much stronger to handle daily uses on the mountain. These gloves are on the top end of pricing but you can grab them on special $$$ if you look around. So I give the [ak] Guide a 5 star rating.

5.0 5.0 1 1 I've always wanted to get a pair of Burton [ak] Yeti's but they are no longer in existence. So I decided to grab a pair of '18 XL Burton [ak] Guide Gloves (TB) the other day. These Burton AK Guide Glove 2014-2020 Review

List Price US $120
Burton AK Guide Glove 2014-2020 Review
Manufactured in China

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