• Good Response
  • Very easy In/Out
  • Feels Like A Normal Binding
  • Has A Quiver System


  • No Shock Absorption
  • No Adjustability
  • Base Plate Feels like a binding from 2000
  • Attached High Back/Heel Is Awkward To Walk On


The Clew Freedom 1.0 has an old-school base plate and no adjustability, but it’s pretty easy in/out with a normal binding feel.

Update 2024: The Clew Freedom 1.0 Binding did not change for 2024, so this review still stands

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Riding Level Beginner - Expert
Quick Release Yes
Manufactured in Germany
Canted Footbed No
Burton Channel Compatible Yes
Mini disc No
Approx. Weight Feels Normal


Boot Support


Turn Initiation




Binding Adjustability Average
Stance Adjustability Average
Comfort Good
Ratchet System Average
Shock Absorption Poor

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Clew Freedom 1.0 Written Review Review by The Good Ride

Thanks for checking out my Clew Freedom 1.0 Snowboard Binding Review from an average rider who has ridden more snowboard gear than I have time to count.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average rider’s perspective.

A Breakdown of How it rides and who it is for

Clew Freedom 1.0 Binding Review

How This Review Happened: I borrowed this for an extended demo. They didn’t want the bindings back, so I sold them.
Days: 5+
Conditions: Good spring snow that often felt like mid-winter snow and an early morning slackountry time with Drift Boards
Riders:  James (Size 9, 5’10”, 185-190lbs)
Boots: Burton Kendo
Insoles: Footprint Insole Technology Gamechangers
Boards: Burton Territory Manager, Burton Deep Thinker, Nidecker Mellow, and a few others.
Jacket: Burton AK Gore-Tex Pro 3L Tusk Jacket,
Pant: Burton AK Gore-Tex Pro 3L Hover Pant, Burton AK Gore-Tex 2L Swash Pant
Helmet: Smith Maze
Goggle: Smith 4D Mag
Gloves: Burton AK Clutch Mitt, Burton AK Clutch Glove, Burton AK Tech Leather Glove,

Similar (but not the same) Bindings: Burton Step On, Burton Genesis Step On, Nidecker Supermatic.
Somewhat Similar non-step on bindings:
Union Atlas, Union Force, Salomon Highlander, Salomon Hologram, Nitro Team Pro, Nitro Team, Nitro Phantom Carver, Now Drive, Now Pilot.

How It Was Tested

I tested the Clew Freedom 1.0 on its own but also did same-day tests where I compared them to other bindings like the Burton Step On, Nidecker Supermatic, Flow NX2-TM, and then another regular strap in bindings like the Union Atlas, and Burton Genesis Re:Flex.


The Clew Freedom 1.0 Bindings are 2.4 lbs, which is a little on the heavy side but not too heavy. Most bindings are around 2-2.2 lbs, so it isn’t bad at all. There are some really light bindings at 1.8 lbs, but these are still pretty far below the 2.8 lbs Nidecker Supermatic.

Quiver Feature

The Clew Freedom 1.0s have a unique quiver feature. You can get several base plates similar to what you can do with some NOW bindings. You attach the base plates and can change boards super quickly with the ankle/high back unit attached to your feet.

On and Off

You can get the Clew Freedom 1.0’s on and off pretty easily. I personally don’t like that the release is behind the high back compared to Burton Step On and Nidecker Supermatic’s with a lever in the front.

There is also 2 step point ladder to click into, so if there is snow on the base plate, you can still step in.

Highback Flex

I’m not usually a fan of high backs with a quick release on the back as it stiffens up the overall flex and feel, but the Clew Freedom 1.0 pulls it off. They have a very easy twist on the sides that didn’t bite too much into my calves. I was surprised that I liked it even though there was no highback rotation.

Flex Underfoot

There is no flex underfoot with the Clew Freedom 1.0s. Clew has an all-plastic base plate to minimize parts but there is nothing happening to help the board flex underfoot. It feels like a base plate from the late 90s to early 2000s.

Turn Initiation/Response

The response is pretty middle ground, but that is expected since the Clew Freedom 1.0 is the only binding they make. It isn’t super responsive like the Burton Step On but pretty close to the Supermatics. The Clew did feel like it was a traditional strap binding, and I liked that feel vs. the Step On and Supermatic.

Shock Absorption

There is almost no shock absorption with the Clew Freedom 1.0s. There is only a thin EVA pad on the top that stops before the heel cup. It is pretty far from most modern bindings these days.

Boot Support

The ankle straps of the Clew Freedom 1.0s have great support, and so do the toe straps. It feels just like normal bindings.


The ratchets aren’t great, but you don’t need to use them much. What I like about Clew is if you have to put your bindings on when in steep terrain, you can do it like you would with normal strap-in bindings. With Supermatics and Burton Step On’s it isn’t easy in really steep terrain.


The Clew Freedom 1.0’s are not very adjustable, but that is how all quick-release bindings are. The boot-to-binding adjustability is limited. You only have an adjustable gas pedal. The discs only have 3 holes mainly for sliding the binding from heel to toe. If you are in the middle of the suggested sizing range, then you can center the binding in the boot and turn the discs sideways. Most won’t be able to.


The Clew Freedom 1.0 bindings have their weaknesses, but they do offer something different and unique to the step-on bindings. I do like that easy step-and-go, but I personally can’t live without adjustability and a good feel underfoot. Many can, though, and the quiver option is unique to the step-in/step-on system. So is the traditional strap feel. So, I could see how this could work for some riders.

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Clew Freedom 1.0 Specs

Clew Freedom 1.0 Images

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Clew Freedom 1.0 User Reviews

Clew Freedom 1.0 2023-2024 Snowboard Binding Review SKU UPC Model

great easiness

Nov 08, 2022 by scott
Ability Level: Intermediate • 
Riding Style: Freeride • 
Days You Ride A Year: 25 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 180cm 90kg 44 

I bought clews last season. I was suprised how easy to step in and out,. way easier than burton step ons. Holds boots like a champ. You can use it with any boots you like, you do not need a new boot like burton does. wrok great in pow too!

5.0 5.0 1 1 I bought clews last season. I was suprised how easy to step in and out,. way easier than burton step ons. Holds boots like a champ. You can use it with any boots you like, you do n Clew Freedom 1.0 2023-2024 Snowboard Binding Review

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