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Burton Custom X 2010-2017 Snowboard Review
Overall Rating Liked it!
Riding Style All Mountain
Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 8-10, 10-12
Manufactured in China
Shape Directional
Camber Profile Traditional Camber
Stance Setback over 20mm
Approx. Weight Feels Light
Powder Average
Turning Experience Excellent
Carving Excellent
Speed Great
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Average
Jumps Good
Jibbing Average
Pipe Good
On Snow Feel

Locked In

Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns






Edge Hold

Hard Snow

Burton Custom X 2017 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton Custom X is one of the few remaining Aggressive All Mountian camber boards. If you are willing to sacrifice easy float and catch free edges the reward is exceptional carving and pop. It’s a tough call.  It’s not the all condition board that it use to be before the hybrid shapes arrived but it’s still got a very uniquely aggressive personality and it’s a great camber ride.

2017-2014 Burton Custom X Snowboard Review

The 2017 to 2014 Burton Custom X are all very similar. There have been little tweaks here and there but overall the ride is the same.

Size: 160 & 158

Days: 8+
Conditons: Good Sierra Groomer days
Bindings: Burton Diode ESTBurton Cartel ESTFlux SF45
BootsBurton IonBurton SLXBurton ImperialNike Kaiju
Riders: James, Peter, Jimbo and a few others.
Set Up: Generally set back usually 23″ wide 15 to 18 front and -9 to -6 back

Almost every year Burton adds something to the evolution of the Burton Custom X to make it better or different.  Year to year there is a small change but if you compare a Custom X now to a Custom X 3 years ago there will be some noticeable changes and most for the better. Since the addition of Squeeze Box the board has had continual refinements from year to year but the general ride remains the same. What we would really like to see is PurePop Camber.

On Snow Feel:  You can immediately feel the aggressiveness of the ride and it really appeals to those that understand how to always keep a thin lined carve. It’s no board for intermediate riders that like to skid their turns or even occasionally skid your turns. It’s for a technical rider that knows how to stay on his game.  If you are one of those riders you will love this locked in carving joy.

Powder: Very good for camber but the hybrid rocker world of snowboards has made this a little obsolete in terms of easy float. The shape and set back help the board float well for camber but camber points the nose down so you will have to work harder to keep the nose up.  Back in the days before the rocker/hybrid revolution I would of been fine on a deep day with the Custom X but these days It’s just not a board I’d like to be out on when it’s deep. Now with the addition of the Custom X Flying V there is a better powder option but it would be great to see some sort of hybrid camber mod to the Custom X Camber.  Maybe something like a mellow camber to flat to rocker profile like PurePop or maybe something even better like camber to rocker because the smaller nose of the Burton Custom X doesn’t have the float of boards like the Flight Attendant.

Turn Initiation: Here is where the Custom X from all years shines. It’s always at the top of it’s class but the addition of squeeze box and other minor refinements from 2012-2017 have improved the ride. Burton understands really well how to create a strong pop out of the turn that sets you up for the next one. It’s not just about carving but all correct turns are rewarded with a springy pop that is truly fun.  It snaps quick on short radius turns and makes medium to wide radius turns dynamic and engaging.  If you love to turn then it’s got a unique spring from edge to edge that’s one of the best in the business.

Skidded Turns: However if you make skidded turns and aren’t always on your game then get a different board because it likes to stay on a perfect rail from edge to edge. It’s also one of those boards that likes it if you de-tune the edges because if you aren’t on your game it catches an edge easily compared to most hybrid shapes these days.

Carving: If you know how to ride the Custom X can create one of the most memorable carves for a board of this type.  If you like to carve the Custom X is a great choice. Especially if you have something else for powder. I think I first rode this board in like 2006 and it blew my mind when it comes to laying out a carve.

Speed:  There are boards that are faster out there but when you get into this level of speed you are just splitting hairs.  The Burton Custom X bombs almost as well as it carves.

Uneven Terrain:A lot better than you would think. The addition of squeeze box tech makes the board handle uneven terrain very well. It’s not perfect but better than most boards with this kind of flex.

Edge Hold: The Custom X has always had great edge hold but the Burton Custom X 2017-2012 has a little better edge hold thanks to the changes to the core profile and such. Frost Bite edges have been with the Custom X for a long time but back in the day they were called Pressure Distribution Edges. They help a bit with the Custom X but its more the flex and sharp edges that make the real difference.

Approximate Weight: Very light for it’s size and it’s very easy on the foot.

Flex:  Very aggressive flex that isn’t really a board to butter or press unless you are one of the few strong power butterers out there.

Switch: You know it’s not that bad.  Yes its directional and set back but it’s still very doable when you get use to the directional side cut and different nose/tail shapes.

Pipe: If you are into directional pipe riding or like a directional board the Custom X will drive very well wall to wall and hold a good edge.  It’s not very forgiving but the right rider could love this in the pipe.

Jibbing- Nope not a jibber.

Jumps: There is solid pop when it comes to an Ollie but it requires a little more strength than boards like the Custom. If you aren’t really about landing or launching switch you might call this excellent.

All in all the Custom X will never disappoint the rider that lives to carve and loves camber. It’s not quite the one quiver ride it use to be but if you have a good powder board and can afford an expensive quiver this could work.

Burton Custom X Past Reviews


The 2013 Burton Custom X is a little stiffer but it’s still close to the 2012 in terms of all around ride but to us it wasn’t noticeable enough to expand on.

The 2012 and 2013 Burton Custom X added “Squeeze Box” tech to the 2012 which helps improve the flex between the feet.  This helps EST bindings flex even better under foot.  We felt a bit of a difference on some other Burton boards but for some reason it seemed almost the same with the Burton Custom X. Maybe it’s because of the stiffer flex.

The Burton Custom X 2011-2010 is a stiff directional old school camber board for carving and bombing the mountain and it’s one of our favorite boards for carving. While many companies have experimented with hybrid shapes the Custom has remained camber since it’s creation. They chose to work on improving the same design instead of change the camber. It’s not for everyone but the ones its for will love it. Mary and I have been riding this board since the early 2000’s.  We only have specs/ect since 2010 but it’s 

Boards Used-164 & 156

75+ days ridden
Conditons: Everything
Bindings:  Burton Cartel, Burton Co2, Burton C60
BootsBurton IonBurton SLXSalomon Synapse
Riders: James, Mary, Jimbo and a few others on the site
Set Up- Centered, Set all the Way back and many set ups in between.  There were many stance widths. Some riders like Mary went with a 20-21″ width where the rest of us were between 22-23.5″.  The angles were many two but some major ones were 15-18 front and -9 to 0 in the back.

The Burton Custom X is their flagship old school aggressive all mountain board that is great for carving and bombing. This is not for beginners or intermediate riders who skid their turns.  This is for advanced riders who want to push themselves to expert level and expert riders who want an aggressive carving board. We see many riders out on the hill who shouldn’t be on this board and aren’t having as much fun as they could be. So ask yourself if you want to improve your ego or your actual riding before picking out this board.

On Snow Feel: The Burton Custom X is locked in and definitely for the technical advanced to expert rider.  It’s easy for a less experienced rider to catch an edge.  If you like high speed wide open carving runs on morning Groomers then you will be quite pleased with the Custom X when perfect corduroy is calling.  It’s incredibly fun to make any kind of turn and really fun to straight line.

Powder: The Burton Custom X does rather well in the powder for a cambered board. It has a decent set back and good sized front nose. It doesn’t have that easy float like hybrid or rocker boards but it’s really good for a camber board.

Speed: Very Fast! The Burton Custom X responds very well to a straight line or nice high speed turns. The base is fast and the board is damp so it does very well at high speed. This board is made to go big and it won’t disappoint.  Just make sure your health insurance has a low max out of pocket.

Uneven Terrain: Usually a board with this kind of aggressive flex and speedy ride wouldn’t be good in rough terrain but the Burton Custom X isn’t bad.  In just about any uneven terrain we have experienced it does much better than you would think. It’s just a little bit above average but that is a huge accomplishment.  Burton knows how to make a board flex pretty well underfoot and it absorbs shock at slower speeds well even though it’s pretty stiff.

Approximate Weight- The Burton Custom X is a very light board. Every year it seems to get lighter. You might not notice this on your front foot when riding up a chair.  It doesn’t hurt when you are riding either. It makes everything you try to do a little easier.

Turn Initiation and Carving- The Burton Custom X is a pretty stiff technical camber board and it takes some work to initiate a turn but if you know what you are doing it makes any type of turn incredibly fun and springy.  If you are a rider that skids your turns often but is strong you can hang with this board but you just aren’t enjoying it’s true potential.  This is for people who look back up the hill they rode down to see one long razor blade narrow s pattern.  If you compare it to camber boards of similar flex you will find the Custom X easy, springy and quick.  The Custom X has a pretty narrow waist with a deep side cut so for it’s size and stiffness this is pretty easy to make quick tight turns in trees or steeps.  When making wider turns it’s stable and has a great return at the end of the turn.  Carving might be the Burton Custom X’s best feature and one of the major reasons why this board is so popular. The old school camber shape is still the best when it comes to carving out a turn. It feels like at the end of a serious turn or carve that the Custom X is springing you out of the turn  which many boards do but what is really special is it feels like it’s helping you set up for the next turn like it’s programmed or something.  Not many boards have the ability to do that and that is what makes the Custom X special.

Edge Hold: The Burton Custom X has allot of camber that drives the nose and tail’s edge into the snow giving decent grip.  It also has stainless steel edges. Burton also extends their board out by 1/2 of a millimeter right near each of the binding mounts and you can see it if you look down the edges.  This helps edge hold in most firm or icy conditions. It’s a great idea and the custom x still has that traditional board feel with a little extra grip.

Flex: This is a stiff flex that is closer to the Medium side of stiff and a definitely a step up from the custom.  Every year Burton figures out how to keep this board chatter free at high speed and reduce the stiffness.

Switch: Even though the Custom X is more on the directional side it still can ride switch. It does feel a lot different than riding regular. You will get use to it but it’s nowhere near as fun as a twin. There aren’t many Twins that have this flex and carving ability so if you want to ride switch a lot it’s probably best to just get use to it.

Pipe: The Burton Custom X does very well in the pipe. Good edge hold and gets you from one transition to the next. It’s perfect if you aren’t really hitting or landing fakie that much.  If you do you’ll want to look for a different board.

Jibbing- I wouldn’t bother. It’s not a disaster with small easy jibs but If you have such an expensive board with such nice sharp edges you can probably afford a more rail friendly board and save your edges for a park mood swing.

Jumps: It springs off of any size jump and has enough stiffness to land just about anything.  Don’t worry about this board…….worry about your ability.  Because the Burton Custom X is pretty directional it’s not the best if you spend a lot of time taking off or landing switch.  If you want something better suited for that look at a stiffer twin or directional twin. There is great pop and with the Burton Diode EST bindings with “hinge tech” we felt like this combo made you Ollie better than your ability.

All in all we were thoroughly impressed by the Burton Custom X.  It use to suck having only EST options for this board but with the addition of hinge tech on many of the higher end Burton bindings it’s hard to recommend other bindings. We have heard rumors from pro’s and really higher level athletes that the earlier EST bindings would come loose but we haven’t experienced that.  The newer bindings have a tighter lock and I’d just crank them down a little extra hard.

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Burton Custom X 2010-2017 Snowboard Review SKU UPC Model

Race Car

Dec 05, 2015 by Sándor
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: Freeride • 
Days You Ride A Year: 60+ • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 182cm, 70kg, 43 boot size 

The Burton Custom X is a tempting ride for many, but a good match for few. It is a very stiff, classic camber board, similar to a race car: high tech, looks good, can go very fast, but it is a nightmare to drive in a busy city.

First, the most common mistake: 90% of the people who buy this board are below the skill level required to ride it. This results in unnecessary suffering, slow down in their progress, and some nasty crashes too. Do yourself a favour: buy this board after you have 200 days under your belt. Yes, that means you have been snowboarding for 28 years if you only ride 7 days a year. Would you be able to come down the slope with this board as a beginner? Sure. Would you enjoy it? Likely not. The board would ride you, not the other way around.

For the experienced riders, here are the pros and cons. In the video you see a size 160 board, I\'m 6\' feet (182cm), 155 pounds (70kg), and ride around 60 days a year.

Carving and edgehold:

The camber combined with stiffness makes it hard to navigate at slow speeds. You will constantly fight the board when getting out of lifts or going through a crowd. After you speed up, this becomes less of an issue, and you start to feel how nicely it holds the carves. Then you reach the speed, where things usually become sketchy, and you feel you will wash out. Except, that with this board, you won\'t. And then you push it into the scary fast territory, where it starts to behave like your regular board at slow speeds: easy to turn and nimble. Then you understand why it has to be so catchy and stiff in the first place.
The board can rail carves where my legs are not strong enough to hold me against the massive force. The only boards that offer better edge hold are the special race carvers like Volkl, but those require hard boots, and are unusable for anything else than carving.


The Custom X used to count as a good powder board five years ago, but today the hybrid camber shapes are much better. The classic camber shape of this board points the nose down, so even with large set-back, you have to fight to keep it floating. Many freeriders still love it, but watch how fast they are riding. With good speed and steep terrain it is much easier to float. If you are after a good powder/freeride board, look for the Burton Flight Attendant, Burton Landlord, or my current favourite, the Rossignol XV.


You have to be really precise and do big kickers to need this board. That means 40\' feet (12 meter) or larger jumps. Anything under that you are better off with a softer, and probably more twin shape board.


It has a very fast sintered base, which needs maintenance to perform at its full potential. Wax it regularly, and it will behave like a flying carpet. The edges are stainless steel, so they don\'t rust, which is a nice feature.


This is a stiff board for bombing steep slopes and huge jumps. Be honest with yourself, and buy it if you have the skills to use it. If not, get a softer board and you will have much more fun.

Burton Custom X

Jan 14, 2015 by Timish
Ability Level: Expert • 
Riding Style: All Mountain Charger • 
Days You Ride A Year: 25-35 

I have 2013, 2014 and 2015 Burton Custom X's for the past 3 seasons, and they've remained one of my favorite boards for charging on a groomer day. Due to it's stiffness and significant traditional camber, the Custom X is able to hold a carve on all but the iciest of snow at nearly any speed. It is a very stable board at all speeds, and it is capable of bombing with the best of them. Turn initiation can be a challenge, particularly if you're used to softer or hybrid camber snowboards, but the flip-side is that the board snaps out of turns with authority. For an old-school rider, this is a very good board.

Unfortunately, the Custom X is only okay in powder. It has gotten better over the years (Burton seems very capable at softening the board without compromising it's core character), but it's still a cambered, stiff board. If you're flying it can float decently, but it will bog down in deep or heavy snow. Additionally, it's very average in the park. It is simply too stiff and directional to be a good jib board or for smaller jumps. It's a little tough to ride switch, but it's doable. Big jumps and the pipe are very decent though- as the board has enough structure to maintain pop and control on massive features.

Overall, it is an excellent all mountain ride for boarders who value carving, stability and speed. It's not the easiest ride, but it is very rewarding when ridden hard.

4.0 4.0 2 2 The Burton Custom X is a tempting ride for many, but a good match for few. It is a very stiff, classic camber board, similar to a race car: high tech, looks good, can go very fast, Burton Custom X 2010-2017 Snowboard Review