• Super Light
  • Warm and Pretty Breathable
  • Great Audio Compatibility


  • No Brim Can Let Snow In


The Smith Method has no overhang over the goggles, which can let snow in, but it's light and feels great on the head. It's very similar to the former Maze but with a more reduced profile.

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A Breakdown Of How The Smith Method It Rides And Who It Is For Review by The Good Ride

A Breakdown Of How The Smith Method It Rides And Who It Is For

Smith Method Helmet Review - The Good Ride
A detailed review of the Smith Method

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How This Review Happened:

I liked it so much I asked to keep it (only do this with favorites).

How The Smith Method Was Tested
Size: Medium
Days: Many and many more to come.
Conditions: Snow, Rain, Sun and a lot of conditions inbound and an early morning slackountry time with Drift Boards & Union Rovers
Riders: James (Size 9, 5’10” 185-190lbs)
Jacket: Jones Mtn Surf Anorak, Skyline Fuse Jacket, Jones Shralpinist Stretch Jacket
Pant: Jones Mountain Surf Bib, Jones Shralpinist Stretch Bib,  Burton AK Gore-Tex Pro 3L Hover Pant
Goggle: Smith 4D Mag
Gloves: Burton AK Clutch Mitt, Burton AK Tech Leather Glove, Drop Tahoma Mitt,


It weighs 0.8 lbs without earbuds, which is very light compared to most Smith Helmets that weigh 1.2 lbs and more.

Fit & Goggle Compatability


I’m a normal medium with a pretty normal-shaped head, and the medium size fits me really well. I like BOA adjusters better but this lighter weight elastic auto-adjuster works well enough. There is also a very reduced profile so you don’t have that bubble head.

I used the Smith Method with several goggles, which all integrated well as long as they fit my face. You don’t have to worry about only pairing these with Smith Goggles. I do wish there was a very small brim to do a better job of keeping snow out, like the Vantage or Scout. Snow gets inside my goggles easier with the Method vs. those two helmets that I also extensively tested.


Interior Venting Channels

The Smith Method is on the warm side, but it is also not hard to wear on a hot late spring day. It’s cooler when you are moving and pushing air through those vents, but it’s not bad in the lift line, either. You could get warmer with the Scout and Cooler with the Vantage, but this is a nice middle ground with a minimalist look.

Front Vents

Rear Vents

Audio Compatability

My trusty Audio Tech ODT CHIPs fit really well in the ear pads, and I prefer these over Smith/Alek earbuds.

Ear Pads

Removable Ear Pads

With the Smith Method, removing the earbuds is pretty easy. The adjuster and forehead pad inside are the same, and it still works well if you want to wear a beanie underneath.

Chin Strap

Chin Strap

It works. Nothing special, but nothing challenging in the cold either.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoy the Smith Method, and it’s my daily driver. The super lightweight, easy-to-wear feel on your head really outshines the no-brim issue. Let’s face it, wearing a helmet sucks, but it sure beats the alternative. There are so many snowboarders I know with CTE or are on the verge of having CTE, and it’s not a pretty site. I don’t want to feel depressed, angry, or suicidal and lose all these great memories in my brain just to have a more comfortable time on the hill. It’s just a shitty way to live. So wear a helmet and replace it if you fall on it. It won’t protect that area anymore.

Smith Method Specs

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