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Capita Indoor Survival Review And Buying Advice

Capita Indoor Survival 2017 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

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The Capita Indoor Survival FK has evolved from a camber board in 2010 to a flat/rocker board in 2011 with the old camber option available as well.  For the last few years it’s been flat between the feet with rocker in the tip/tail.  If you like the flat to rocker profile of the Capita Horrorscope but want a little longer more mountain friendly size similar to the Outerspace Living then this could work.  However to us the Outerspace Living felt like a better board for how we ride and of the two that would be the board we recommend.

2017-2011 Capita Indoor Survival Review

There have been little minor tweaks over the years but the overall personality hasn’t changed much.

Size: 156
: Really good Sierra Snow with only a few hard spots on the mountain.
Riders: James and Jimbo
Boots: Jimbo had the Burton SLX and I had the Burton Ion
Bindings: Union Atlas
Set Up- We both rode the board about 23″ wide, centered, 15 front -15 back.

On Snow Feel: The Indoor Survival felt heavy and sturdy but it also felt kind of tankish.  It’s very stable underfoot and felt aggressive even though it wasn’t catchy. It’s something you can get use to but it’s definitely a weird feel underfoot for a twin.

Powder:No real powder to play around in but from our experience a twin like this with a flat/rocker and centered stance will be better than camber, plane well but doesn’t have that effortless float that some hybrid boards do.

Turn Initiation: The flat/rocker almost flat camber board was more difficult to get from edge to edge than many other boards of this style.  There is even a narrow waist which usually makes for a an easier board to turn. At first Jimbo said it felt like a fat awkward kid but after a run or two you get use to its feel.  If you are into short snappy turns then you might not be into it but if you like a slow but stable profile under foot then it might work.

Skidded Turns: It’s easy to skid turns but it took a little more work than some flat to rocker boards we tried from Capita.

Carving: When laying into a carve there it’s kind of boring and dead.  The side cut and flat to rocker camber profile doesn’t work well.  We definitely preferred the Outerspace Living over this board here for turning and carving. It’s just way more fun. To a lesser extent many of Capita’s other flat to rocker boards were more fun here too but still nothing to write home about.

Speed: The Indoor Survival is damp and has little to no chatter.  We’d say this is a pretty fast board for a lower cost twin.

Uneven Snow– We had pretty decent conditions but it was towards the end of the day and there were places that are chewed up and places that were smooth and pristine due to week day riding.  The Indoor Survival had a very stable tankish kind of feel on the groomed runs and in softer chewed up slushy parts the Indoor plowed through it.  It’s a feeling that some will really like and some won’t.  It’ suppresses some of the rough stuff under foot but certain harder uneven conditions might not be very fun.

Approximate Weight– This isn’t terribly light but that’s what you expect for the price. Kind of medium when it comes to weight.

Edge Hold: Not bad here and we never felt like we needed more.  Ice and snowment might be another thing but in most conditions you should be fine with the Indoor.

Flex: Felt like it was run of the mill medium from tip to tail and it’s got a decent mountain flex.  It’s not terribly easy to butter for flat to rocker but it’s not difficult either.

Switch: Easy either way like a true twin should be.

Jibbing: Not bad but the medium flex is a bit much for our taste.  Still it works well for it’s size and flex.

Pipe: It’s off from being good pipe board.  Didn’t really drive well from wall to wall and didn’t feel right.

Jumps: Flat/Rocker boards are hard to get a snappy feel when it comes to springing up from nothing and the indoor survival isn’t super springy.  It’s not bad when it comes to hitting a kicker or two but it was missing something here.

All in all the indoor survival isn’t for everyone and it didn’t really stand out anywhere to us.

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