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Vans Infuse BOA 2016 - 2013 Review by The Good Ride

The Vans Infuse BOA Boot is very interesting and offers a lot of stiffening tech to vary the flex of the boot from Med to Med/Stiff out of the box.  We like the way they used BOA and traditional lace.

Rider: Jimbo

Size- 11

Flex:  With all the tech in it starts out as a medium stiff boot. Without using all the stiffening tech it’s a medium boot out of the box. 

Comfort:   It’s also comfortable for most on day one.

Heel Hold:  Van’s has been making boots for a long time and this mixed lacing boot does a great job wrapping around your ankle and giving you great support.

Adjustability:  You can really dial out this boot to fit around your foot. The combo of lace and BOA works well.

Flex Retention:  Our only problem with many Van’s boots we have owned is what makes them comfortable for most day one also makes them break down quicker than some high end boots.  It’s great for a rider  So what starts out stiff can become a mid flexing boot pretty quick into a 100 day a year rider’s season. What starts out stiff can noodle out pretty quick for those who ride a lot.  If you don’t ride a lot and want comfort day one then this isn’t a bad sacrafice.

Response:  With the additional tech to stiffen the boot it gives you a little more response than we are normally use to with Van’s boots and especially so with all the tech in making it a stiffer boot than we rate it but as it stands on it’s own it’s medium but with the extra tech it’s Med/Stiff to Stiff.

Traction:  Great traction and we are glad to see Van’s has a nice rubber sole under foot.

Shock Absorption:  Nice balance between giving you some shock absorption but still giving you good response too.

Footprint: It’s a bigger boot on the outside and a size 11 is more like an 11.  For me Van’s boots fit about 1/4 size bigger so a size 9 is a little too big and a size 8.5 is a little too small.

On & Off Ease: The lacing is slow on and off but it’s not that slow compared to Speed Lace and BOA. It’s a good trade off for someone who knows how to tie a few knots.

All in all this isn’t bad if you want a higher end boot with lot’s of ankle wrap/support. We’d like to see a boot that has more longevity and has more of a reduced footprint but if it fit’s you well then go with it.  It’s nice to see Van’s back this year because feet are different so the more boots the merrier.

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Why does TGR say this is a soft boot

Jan 23, 2016 by Kaz
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: All-mountain • 
Days You Ride A Year: 30 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): Sz 9 

With the inserts in, these feel plenty stiff. About a 7. Without the inserts, they feel like a 4-5. TGR description of this being noodly to mid stiff is way off....not sure what they're talking about? It gets noodly if the inserts are off and the x-thing in the back of the heel is taken completely off.

Anyways, great boot with all the bells and whistles. Wonder if anyone at the TGR even rode this boot other than the dude in the video? Awesome adjustability too.

4.0 4.0 1 1 With the inserts in, these feel plenty stiff. About a 7. Without the inserts, they feel like a 4-5. TGR description of this being noodly to mid stiff is way off....not sure what Vans Infuse BOA Review And Buying Advice

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