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Ride Contraband 2011 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

Ride says you don’t need a full toe strap and here is their attempt at this.  You will either love these or hate them.  I didn’t like these at all but I have met some who did. The one strap adjustment is what K2, Flow and Gnu are all doing with their bindings but none of us at the good ride feel it takes that much longer or the quick strap world is necessary.  Another problem is the toe strap can not be adjusted when the binding is on the board.  So if it is off and it needs adjustment you have to take off your bindings and that sucks when on the hill.  Another thing is the rubber on the toe strap seems like it wont’ last a long time.   The Contraband is also quite a pain in the ass to set up.  Look at the video and see how many tools you need and then compare that to the toolless adjustment that Flux offers.  All in all the performance is liked by some and hated by others as well.  Some feel the toe strap is not enough and others don’t know the difference. If you are up for trying the contraband binding this is a slightly watered down version of the Ride Nitrate Contraband that has a different foot bed (still canted though), different high back and a less fancy strap.  The performance is still very similar but the edge definitely goes to the Nitrane over the plain old Contraband.  These bindings aren’t for everyone but they can do a good job for those who are patient and love to have the fastest set up.

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