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Ride Bandita Contraband 2012 - 2011 Review by The Good Ride

You will either love these or hate them.  What we have seen lately is many of these contraband bindings are the only ones left in the shop at the end of the season. The one strap adjustment is what K2, These are a serious pain in the ass to adjust and also can feel a little off and less supportive than others. Flow and Gnu are all doing with their bindings are supposed to be easier to strap on but none of us at the good ride really care about getting in and out quick from a binding.  Another problem is the toe strap can not be adjusted when the binding is on the board.  So if the fit needs adjustment you have to take off your bindings and spend some time to do so.  Another thing is the rubber on the toe strap seems like it wont’ last a long time and doesn’t have the same hold as a traditional toe strap.  We aren’t sure on that but feel it’s worth mentioning.  The positive side is the padding is good in the base plate and the contact with the snowboard is minimal.  This makes for good shock absorption and turn initiation.  Another thing to mention is the Contraband line takes a lot of effort to dial out and a lot of tools. The instructional video is really elaborate and detailed which could be frustrating.  If it doesn’t work right on the hill you have to take the bindings all the way off to adjust the toe strap. For 2012 Ride changed the high back and we like the newer high back over the old because it has a better range of movement. All in all this not for everyone but if you have the patience it might work

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