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Burton Bootlegger 2014 - 2013 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton Bootlegger is a softer CobraShark without the winged high back and a weird toe strap. Like the 2013 Cobrashark the Bootlegger has a base plate similar to the Cartel but it’s made of much softer material. This is great for those that like a super soft mellow binding for jibbing and general park play. Not much has changed for 2014.

Days: 1
Riders: James
Boots: Burton Hail
Boards: Lib Tech Box Scratcher

The Burton Bootlegger is a street to jib board and hops on the super soft high back bandwagon but of course gives it their own twist. Burton calls it gumbo and I don’t know the exact material but it feels very similar to Urethane. This is in the high back as well as the base plate. It’s closer to the soft side of noodle but it feels more responsive than you would think for it’s flex.

So the semi-quick release toe strap isn’t a bad idea but it’s not ideal compared to the regular toe straps.  If you like to crank down your toe strap then you will not like these bindings.  If you like Burton bindings but want a taste of quick release then these could work.

The Re:Flex tech is one of the closest I have felt to the est when it comes to feel underfoot. It’s probably because the gumbo tech allows the re:flex to be even more re;flexy. It really enhances the natural flex of a soft to noodle board. It has one minor issue that should be addressed.  Most 4 hole Discs can be aligned tip to tail or heel to toe but the Re:Flex Disc can only be aligned heel to toe. This isn’t a big deal because most align heel to toe but some like to turn their discs side ways to reduce or increase their stance width to a size that the binding holes won’t allow. If you do this make sure your board has the stance width you desire.

Some will prefer the butter/press power of bindings like the Malavitas or Cobra Sharks but others will appreciate the freedom of movement that you get with the Bootlegger. The bottom line is it’s a typical well made Burton bindings that could appeal to the right rider who owns a soft to noodle board.

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