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The Economy Burrow Top Quilt from Hammock Gear is fully a customizable insulation option for hammock sleepers and ground sleepers alike. It comes with RDS certified, 800 fill down that is DWR treated. You can choose from a lot of different customizable options. You can choose the outer and inner colors, a closed or zippered foot box, temp rating, extra insulation fill, width, length, and ground pad attachments.

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How This Review Happened:  We were sent this for and extended demo.

Testers: Steph

Weight: 40 Degree – 17.57 oz  /  30 Degree – 20.55 oz  /  20 Degree – 23.85 oz  / 10 Degree –  27.11 oz  /  0 Degree – 30.13 oz

Packability: The 20 Degree Burrow Top Quilt packs down quite easily into a 8.5 L stuff sack that you can compress even smaller to save on space. Depending on the temp rating and fill rating you purchase will depend on the stuff sack size.

Durability: The Top Quilt is made from 20 denier nylon taffeta fabric. This fabric is made to be tear resistant and weather resistant. It is also treated with DWR to keep it protected if it happens to get wet. There aren’t a lot of things that could malfunction with the Burrow Top Quilt. The down insulation is also has a DWR coating. This helps protect the down and insulation integrity if you get caught in a storm. It has a simple design and should hold up through many adventures. The Top Quilt also comes with an oversized cotton storage bag to store the Quilt in when you aren’t using it. This way the down maintains its loft for longer.

Functionality: The Burrow Top Quilt is fully customizable, you can order it to fit your exact needs.

Inner and outer shell color / temperature rating (0 degree through 40 degrees) / length (standard, short, or long) / width (standard or wide) / foot-box style (zippered or sewn) / overfill insulation options / ground pad attachment kit

The Top Quilt has vertical baffles on the top part of the quilt. And horizontal baffles around the foot box. This helps keep the down in place where you need it. I felt like the Quilt had really nice loft and kept its “loftiness” throughout the night.

You get to choose if you want a draw string on the foot box or have it sewn up to feel more like a sleeping bag. If you choose the open foot box option you can use it like a quilt, or zipper the foot box together and pull the drawstring tight so it mimics a sleeping bag too.

There is a drawstring at the top as well so you can close the top of the quilt, and a snap closure too.

I found the Burrow Top Quilt to be very comfortable. It kept me warm in a hammock when used with the under quilt.

It works great mixed with the Economy Incubator Under Quilt.

Overall: I found the Burrow Top Quilt from Hammock Gear to be very comfortable and warm. The 20 degree quilt kept me cozy and was super comfortable. It is a great price if you compare it to purchasing down sleeping bags at the same temp rating. And I feel like it is made with nice quality materials too. It is lightweight and easily pack-able and would work well with a hammock sleep system as well as a ground sleep system.

It is also the featured insulation in the Wanderlust Kit from Hammock Gear. You can check out that review here: Full Review

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Hammock Gear Economy Burrow Top Quilt 2020 Review
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