Salomon Hologram 2014 - 2013 Review by The Good Ride

The Salomon Hologram is one of our favorite bindings of the 2013 season. It seems weird and strange, but it’s a huge improvement over the now discontinued Relay Series. The Salomon Hologram is so frankly weird that you think you won’t be supported and it won’t work but it really does. After a run you completely forget that your ankle is surrounded by rubber with a Kevlar rope and start having a lot of fun. The 2013 and 2014 Salomon Hologram bindings aren’t that differen’t.  Aside from some complaints about the fit of the ankle strap we still really enjoyed these bindings.

The Salomon Hologram is a continuation from the Relay series is a unique and welcome progression.  The Relay was liked by some, but others were luke warm to cold on them.  The new Hologram was liked by everyone at The Good Ride and most people we have spoken don’t have much bad to say about them.  So this gives you freedom of movement while still giving you some decent support.   We rode these with soft to aggressive freestyle to all mountain freestyle boards and they all worked very well and even with mostly camber boards.  We’d say the sweet spot is more in the soft to medium flexing, easier turning freestyle to all moutnain freestyle boards.

It’s easier to grab the outer parts of your board, easier to lean into a butter and counter intuitively makes you feel more confident. The shock absorption is better than we expected and we had a lot of fun playing around on these bindings. This is a Good Ride Favorite and a binding we like to use on aggressive to soft flexing boards. On top of that, the binding is canted so most feel it’s easier on your hips, knees and ankles.

Flex- The Hologram is very flexy and soft in the heel loop but the high back is more on the soft side of medium. It has a medium/soft torsional flex that does a good job letting you move a little more naturally with the board.

Adjustability: Salomon took a queue from Flux and built the new Hologram with a tool-less system that makes for easy adjustment.  The only thing you need is a screw for screwing the base plate into the board. You can also perfectly dial in the high back angle to the edge of the board just like you can with Burton bindings.

Comfort: The whole design of this binding is very comfortable from the way the heel loop conforms to the boot to the way the over sized ankle strap wraps around the foot.  We are big fans of the over-sized ankle strap and really like it as it’s very easy on the feet.

Response- Now you would think with the soft high back and the incredibly soft base plate would make this a nightmare for response.  To our surprise this has very good edge to edge response.  You forget you have a heel loop that is rubber and Kevlar   The binding allows the board to flex very well under foot thanks to Salomon removing all parts except the disc that obstruct the flex. It’s a great feel.

Weight- It’s very light.  It’s not the top of the light world but it felt like it was lighter than most.

Lateral Movement-  You would think with that much longitudinal flexing that the binding wouldn’t work well for a butter or press because there is no leverage but we were really wrong here.  It might even have more leverage than your standard binding.  The Highback’s flex is similar to your typical mid range soft binding.

Dampening- It’s not the kind of binding we would want to put on the Burner but it’s going to work perfect with a board similar to the Sabotage that handles speed well but not excellent.

Shock Absorption- The Hologram has tons of EVA padding throughout the binding and can handle a bad landing with the best of them.

All in all, this is one of those bindings where the designer took a big risk with this new tech and against all conventional binding odds it won.


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Price US $269

Approx. Weight

Feels Normal

Board Type

Semi-Challenging - Easy Turning

Riding Level

Intermediate - Expert

Quick Release


Manufactured in

Canted Footbed


Reduced Dead Spot


Burton Channel Compatible








Heel-Toe Response


Tip-Tail Response


Boot Support


Ratchet System


Shock Absorption


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