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Review by The Good Ride

The Soul Girl Powder Womens snowboard has a fun, energetic, surfy feel. The personality of the board comes out strong when you ride it and I felt inspired to take lines out of the ordinary for my riding. It is a tapered, very directional ride with a slight swallow tail. Although it has a somewhat aggressive appearance, it is very easy to ride if you have a good intermediate to advanced background in snowboarding. It felt very nimble under foot and was fun to turn anywhere, but when you want to get serious it can charge down the mountain as well.

The Soul Girl Powder Womens snowboard has a medium to soft flex that allows you to twist the board quickly underfoot, I think that’s why it feels so nimble as you ride. The set back camber makes it feel stable to drive all the way though turns, and adds a good amount of effortless pop when you load the board for ollies and jumps. And speaking of jumps, the tail of the Girl Powder has more kick in the reverse camber that raises it off the ground so it isn’t catchy if you want to ride or land switch on groomed snow. I found it difficult in soft snow because it would still grab a little but on a groomer you can play around with switch as well as land switch if you want.

Size: 149cm

Days: 4

Conditions: Powder, Packed Powder, Groomer

Riders: Steph

Boots: Vans Ferra

Bindings: Union Milan

Set Up: 19 inches wide, +19 front  0 back

Approximate Weight: Felt normal, but also felt light for having such a big nose on it.

Flex/Buttering: The Girl Powder has a med-soft flex (3/10 on the Soul scale) I felt the softness more in the torsional flex than the tip to tail flex, which allowed the board to twist and turn very quickly.

Sizing: 149cm

On Snow Feel: The Girl Powder felt semi-locked in to me. Locked in, because of the amount of camber it has but it also felt loose on the tail sometimes (allows for better slashing) and the nose has a good amount of rocker in it so it didn’t feel catchy at all.

Edge Hold: The edge hold was great in what hard snow I could find, there is ample amounts of camber under your feet and the contact points are a little outside of the bindings so you are able to hold pretty well. It’s not going to be as much edge hold on ice as a board with some sort of traction tech or disrupted edge but it holds like a traditional camber snowboard.

Turn Initiation: Turning on this board was super fast, it took me by surprise on my first run. It is quick edge to edge and easy to twist so you can get it there even faster if you want to.

Turning Experience: I had a lot of fun turning this board just about everywhere. It’s quick and nimble for such a directional board and is super fun to slash around and get creative with. It does well turning quick in trees, but sometimes the long nose was hard to plan for in really tight spots (but that’s something I’m not used to riding with so once you learn the snowboard it isn’t a problem.)

Carving: Very fun to carve and surprisingly easy to carve. I love that the Girl Powder responds to front foot carving as well as back foot slashy carving.

Speed: It is easy to go fast on this board, it also comes with a Sintered PE base that should stay nice and fast if waxed frequently.

Uneven Terrain: It’s pretty stable charging over bumps, you get a little bounce back because of the soft flex I think but it is so maneuverable that you can just turn around any bumps if you want as well.

Powder: The Girl Powder charges in powder. No problem staying on top of the snow and it was easy to power though wind drifts or snow that had a thick layer on the top.

Switch: I love that Soul gave the Girl Powder a little extra kick up on the tail so it wouldn’t catch when riding switch. On groomers or harder snow I found it fun to switch around and ride the other way but when it was softer the split tail gets a little catchy. Either way, not many boards out there that are shaped like this one that you can successfully ride switch on so that’s cool.

Jumps: I love the way the camber loads through the board and pops just outside the back binding. I could feel the energy transfer all the way through the Girl Powder when I ollied it. It was pretty stable on landings, but you have to get used to not having a tail there to catch you if your calculations are a little off.

Jibbing: I don’t think I could pull off jibbing this board, not what it was made for but if you are into that sort of thing all the more Girl Powder to ya!

Pipe: Would be fun to slash around and wall carve down a pipe, we didn’t have any open to do this when I had to board, but you could probably have a good time in a slushy spring pipe with the Girl Powder.

Overall the Soul Girl Powder Womens snowboard is a very different very fun board that thrives in powder but also is inspiring and fun to explore with all over the mountain. If you are looking for a directional ride that can hang wherever on the mountain, make nice carves, slash around but can also charge in powder this could be a good option.




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