The Rossignol One LF is a very recommendable hard condition ride for those that need a one board quiver and often see hard to icy snow.  It has a stable and predictable ride in conditions that many boards don't. The One LF is the continuation of the One Mag and the same board as the One Mag that had the Light Frame technology in it.

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Riding Style All Mountain
Riding Level Beginner - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 8-10, 10-12, > 12
Manufactured in Taiwan or China
Shape Directional Twin
Camber Profile Hybrid Camber
Stance Setback -12.5mm
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Split No
Powder Average
Base Glide Good
Carving Good
Speed Great
Uneven Terrain Great
Switch Good
Jumps Good
Jibbing Average
Pipe Great
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns






Edge Hold

Icy Snow

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Rossignol One LF Snowboard Video and Written Review Review by The Good Ride

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

Size: 156, 159 and 161w from multiple seasons
Days:  25+
Conditions: Everything from some leftover powder to perfect groomers to really hard west coast snow.
Riders: James (Size 9, 5’10” 185-195lbs), Jimbo (Size 11, 5’11” 160lbs), Peter (Size 8, 5’11” 185lbs), Zobel (Size 11.5, 6’ 180lbs),
Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV, Burton SLX, Burton Rover, Burton AMB, Burton Almighty, Burton Imperial, Salomon F3.0, Burton Fiend LTD,
Insoles: Sandsole Custom Insoles,  Footprint Insole Technology Gameghangers Low Profile
Bindings: Union AtlasUnion StrataSalomon HologramBurton Cartel, Burton Genesis, Burton DiodeUnion Contact,
Set Up: 
Centered to set all the way back.  22″, 22.5 to 23″ 15 front -15 back to 18 front -6 back

Approximate Weight: Feels normal bordering on light.

Sizing: The 159, for me James (see specs above) is a great fit as a one board quiver but I do like the 156 for making faster turns, buttering and riding pipe. The 159 is more fun to turn on groomers, pick up speed and float in powder though.

Flex: Good middle ground flex and it is super easy to butter thanks to the rocker in the tip/tail.  The One LF comes across as a board that wouldn’t be easy to butter but it really is easy. The 156 is a little easier but both are very doable for my specs and buttering strength which isn’t much.  Same with our crew.

On Snow Feel: The Rossi One LF has a mellow camber feel underfoot but still has a catch-free feel due to the rocker in the tip and tail.  If you size this up right it’s going to be a forgiving ride that can work for a developing rider who skids their turns but also work almost equally well for an accomplished rider that turns correctly and even likes a carve or two. Very easy to one foot and flat base.

Powder: The Rossignol One LF size 159 with a 22.5″ stance width can set all the way back you can get about 3.5″ back on board which is pretty good for an all mountain/one board quiver like this. That combined with the rocker in the nose makes for pretty good float in powder.  I think the 156 One LF is about the same but I’m not 100%.  The more mellow MTX makes the board grab a lot less when in the powder or soft snow and it’s a great upgrade for those that see more than just hard to icy snow.  I like the float of this and last years model better when it comes to floating too and it’s a good board for setting it back and surfing a little powder. I’d personally like to see the same set back as the Templar of -20 mm because it’s also easier to center the board as well as maybe have a slightly longer nose than tail to give a little extra directional float.

Turn Initiation: For my specs, the 156 turned quick and easy edge to edge.  It makes medium to wide radius turns well.  The 159 is not as quick for me but still med/fast and that’s the board that best fits my specs.  That’s why I personally own a 156 and like it better than the 159 for all around riding. That being said the 159 is faster and more fun for bigger carving turns so it’s more about personal preference.

Turning Experience: Fun to turn but nothing amazing.  The Rossi One LF has a smooth feel underfoot that makes all kind of turns moderately fun.  It doesn’t have the pop that some boards with more camber have but its a decent balance between being forgiving but also not feeling dead when it comes to turning.

Skidded Turns: It’s pretty easy to skid turns with this and not a hard board for a beginner to intermediate riders to get better on. Or if you are a more advanced rider it still can help you recover with a skid or two if you get off your game.

Carving: The One Magtek has had the same 40% camber profile for a while now and we’d love to see them bump it up to 60%  as they have with the Jibsaw and XV to give a little more spring out of the turn. Still, it carves pretty well for what it is and doesn’t wash on the turn as long as you keep the pressure more between the feet.

Speed: So the main upgrade for the 16 Rossignol One Magtek is the light wave tech that is basically a strip of rubber running throughout the board. Upon doing a comparison between 2015 156 vs 2016 156 all of us felt the 16 was damper at speed and had a better overall feel.

Uneven Terrain: The LF versions are a little better in uneven snow than 2015.  The Light Frame (LF) tech makes for a more damp ride and it is easier to hammer over uneven snow or deal with micro bumps that can cause a board to send up this cranky chatter that can really make the joints hurt.

Edge Hold: It can handle ice without much issue. The 14 and below models were better in ice but the newer models still grip really well in hard snow but grab less in softer snow.  This makes for a much better all conditions ride.

Switch: When centered or very close to centered this board rides switch very well. It almost feels like a true twin

Jibbing: Not as bad as we thought it would be and it jibs pretty well for an all mountain board. Still not an every day jibber but it could for sure work if you spend a little time in there and size down as I did with the 156.

Pipe: What a great pipe board for those that like to lap the pipe.  I think more technical accomplished pipe riders would appreciate a little more camber here too but it’s still the kind of board that will grip well, be forgiving and drives from wall to wall well.

Jumps: We’d like to see a little more pop out of the One Magtek and not only would more camber help carving it would also help the board spring a little more on an ollie. Again time to give it the 60% camber.

So when you have ridden and liked a board like the Rossignol One LF as we have for so many years it’s only natural to want more from it and to see it evolve.  We liked the new dampening tech but would like to see more camber and a set back of -20mm with maybe a slightly longer nose.  Still, regardless it’s a very good board for hard snow and not many can provide the consistency underfoot in all conditions like this can.

Rossignol One LF Past Reviews

2018 Rossignol One LF, 2016 & 2017 Rossignol One Magtek Review

The 2016-2018 Rossignol One Magtek has added rubber throughout the whole ride making it damper.  In 2018 Rossignol changed the name to bring more attention to the Light Frame tech but it’s still the same ride.

2015 Rossignol One Magtek Review

The Rossignol One Magtek is a board that in the past we found to be one of our favorite hard to icy condition all mountain boards. With the changes in 2015 it’s become more than that.

So the 2015 Rossignol Magtek has a few changes that I’ll briefly highlight.

1. They mellowed out the Magnetraction in the tip and tail area so it doesn’t grab in the softer snow like it use to.

2. The Tip/Tail are blunted.

Size: 159 and 156
Days: 6+ and more coming as I own this board
Conditions: Mainly just good snow with the ocassional afternoon spring conditions.
Riders: James, Peter, Jimbo, Mike,
Boots: Burton Imperial, Burton Hail, Burton Ion, Burton SLX, Nike Lunarendor,
Bindings: Burton Cartel, Burton Genesis, Burton Diode, Union Force, Salomon Defender, Union Travis Rice

Set Up: 22.5-23″ wide, Centered, 15 front -15 back, set back a bit 15 front-6 back

Approximate Weight: 6.6 lbs

On Snow Feel: Same great stable feeling under foot that makes for an easy ride in the flats, one footing off a chair or having to get across a really long flat cat track. It still feels like the One Magtek except the biggest thing is you don’t feel the Magnetraction as much in softer snow which is outstanding. Now its much more of a consistent all condition ride.

Turn Initiation: The 159 felt a little slower edge to edge but it was still fun. The 156 felt snappy and quick for all of us and super fast edge to edge. It’s a really fun board to turn. The 156 felt like the better fit for peter and I (size 8.5 & 9) where Mike and Jimbo (Size 10 & 10.5) liked the 159 better. That puts this board kind of in between Moderate and easy for turn initiation. For Jimbo and Mike the 159 could turn quick but it didn’t dart edge to edge like the 156 did for Peter and I. I think it was because the 156 fit our feet really well and we weigh more than Mike and Jimbo. So if you don’t skid your turns then you can get this to snap quickly edge to edge and it can be very nimble.

Flex: Nice firm flex between the feet but the tip and tail allow you to butter well even though the tail is stiffer. It gives you speed but the ability to slow down and butter when you want.

Edge Hold: Ok so this is the big change. They really mellowed out the MTX as it gets closer to the tip/tail. It’s almost un-noticeable when it reaches the bindings and can really only be seen by looking down the line of the side cut. There is still a pretty pronounced bump in the center. This is still going to handle Ice well but it won’t be as bottomless as it use to be when it had a more pronounced MTX side cut. I actually like it better the way it is now because it can still handle icy conditions and it provides a stable ride there where many hybrid rocker boards become loose but now it is fun to ride in softer conditions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve recommended this board for people who ride in hard conditions but travel to good places. Now it will be even better when you travel..

Powder: Ok no powder here but we did have some soft to slushy days which give you an idea of how a board will handle in powder. So the slightly blunted nose doesn’t do too much more in powder but it seems to make it better. The biggest thing is the edges don’t get grabby and feel sluggish like they use to. There is a much better improvement here in the ride and all around feel in powder. I’d still like to see a -20 mm set back instead of -15 mm because it would give it just a little more easy surfy directional float.

Carving: Same carver as before that’s not perfect but really fun to lay into a hard carve. There is a nice balance of edge hold and camber to grip the snow and also really spring out of the turn

Speed: Nice and fast for bigger mountains like Mammoth that have long wide open runs (well on weekdays) that can expose a boards weaknesses at speed easily. The base seemed to have a good glide to it as well.

Uneven Terrain: I wouldn’t really like to ride the 159 in end of the day snow but on the 156 I’d be happy to take on a run that is steep and full of moguls. It’s a really good fit for my foot size and I can just snap that so quick edge to edge that it’s great from first chair to last. Also the board isn’t super stiff so it’s not unforgiving.

Switch: Centered up this is easy to ride switch and to me it feels like a directional twin. This isn’t perfect riding switch but it’s something that offers up very easy riding for those that want to learn to ride switch or for those like me that ride centered on a board like this on groomer days but love to set it back on powder days.

Jumps: The One Magtek isn’t among the ultra poppy class but it’s got pretty good spring off the tip and tail. I’d like to see the camber extended to more like 50% or see it rise up a little higher to give a little more spring.

Jibbing: Not an ideal jibber but I’d have no problem taking it through a beginner jib park. Just not much more than that.

Pipe: Outstanding pipe board and I often love taking the 156 out when I plan to ride pipe that day. It’s stable in the flats, forgiving with the rocker in the tip/tail, climbs pipe walls easily and grips very well. It’s the kind of board that make riders of all levels happy. I’d say that probably only the most technical accomplished riders would prefer something with more camber but I think most would like it here.

So all in all the Rossignol One Magtek made some nice improvements to the ride while also keeping all the good qualities it had before.

2014 to 2011 Rossignol One Magtek Review


Sizes- 156 and 159
: 50+ This is a board we often own or ride a lot.
Conditions: Almost everything.  Powder, Ice and everything in between.
Riders: James, Peter, Eli, Lee, Mary, Kyle and many more.
Boots: Boots: Burton IonBurton SLXBurton ImperialNike KaijuDC Judge, Nike Zoom ItesBurton AmbushSalomon Synapse and many others.
Bindings: Burton Cartel, Burton Cartel Limited,  Burton Malavita, Burton Diode, Union ForceFlux DMCCFlux SF45Burton GenesisUnion SLUnion Contact Pro and many more

Stance Widths- 21″-23.5″ and probably a few others.  Centered and Set Back.
Stance Angles: 15 front -15 back, 12 front-12 back 18 front -9 back and many more.  We have ridden her every way you want to.

The Rossignol One Magtek is one of those boards that should probably get more recognition that it does. We found this to be fun for all that rode it. It’s one of those boards that can act aggressive but at the same time not punish you for it. It’s hard to be aggressive and forgiving at the same time so this is a compliment for sure.  For me the editor it was one of my favorite boards when the conditions are harder and from intermediate to expert rider can appreciate this type of feel.

On Snow Feel: If you live to ride groomers then the Rossignol One Magtek is just about the same flat basing and one footing/skating as a camber board but without the camber catch.  It’s got the kind of ride that makes for an excellent mountain board. The One Magtek is an amazing pipe board too.

Powder: This is a directional twin with a little bit of a set back so it’s not going to blow your powder mind but the pretty solid rocker after the bindings makes for a good float for a board of this shape. In under a foot the One Mag will perform fine and especially so if it’s light in fluffy.  If you ride in light airy pow places like Utah and Colorado this is fine in even really deep powder.   When in thick deep pow over a foot the One Magtek starts to become a little more work. Almost all of us would rather be on the Rossignol Taipan in these conditions because of the slightly different shape, lack of magnetraction and the slightly extra set back make it a much easier float/ride in deep pow.

Turn Initiation and Carving– The One Magtek seems to be a pretty stiff board flexing edge to edge. It’s not difficult to turn but it does take a slight bit of work. We still found it very easy to make quick tight turns and even more fun to make bigger wide turns. When it comes to carving the One Magtek had the ability to carve on snow that you would normally wash out on. The camber holds without washing out. There are better carving boards but not many can lay into a carve in almost every condition so it gets a higher rating than it should.

Speed: Very Stable and Damp and borderline excellent when it comes to speed. The more we ride this board the more we could say it’s excellent. The base isn’t super high end tech and it’s not as fast as many of the bases we have experienced but it is right up there with the average board out there. If this had a faster base this might have an excellent rating.

Uneven Terrain: Not the best but it’s ok when dealing with slowing down to handle poor choppy conditions or negotiating bumpy snow.

Approximate Weight– Pretty light but not a feather weight. Still its well built and not much to feel on your foot when riding the chair.

Edge Hold: The One Magtek is one of our favorite hard to icy condition rides out there and this is why it almost always is a favorite every year. The only time complaints can be made on the One Magtek is when the snow is very soft and thick like it gets in the west coast of the US with it’s wet/thick/deep coastal snow. It’s a common problem with many aggressive magnetraction side cuts. They can be a little too grippy but not catchy. It’s like it doesn’t want to let go of the edge it’s on so it’s harder to transition to the other edge. This is mainly a problem in thick deep powder but not as much on mellow groomers. The One Magtek is an absolute dream on firmer to icy snow so the steak knife edge doesn’t come with out a price.

Flex: Pretty stiff between the feet but the tip and tail don’t feel as stiff which is probably because of the rocker. You can still butter a bit but it’s not like the Taipan when it comes to flex at the tip and tail. The torsional stiffness is up there and great at holding an edge.

Switch: We found this to be easy switch but it does have a slightly different feel than regular. This directional twin shape is more on the directional side.

Jibbing– Not the best jib board for most of us here. We didn’t hit any rails or jibs but the stiffness of the one mag is too much to enjoy the jib park fully. If you filed down the edges you could slide around but it’s not for big technical jibs.

Pipe: The Onemagtek just screams pipe. One day we had this out on the hill it was really hard pack and the pipe was not easy to ride in. The Onemagtek was the only board out of all three we were riding that could easily climb the pipe wall. It just felt like a confidence booster with all three of us who tried it.

Jumps: It’s has some pop but it’s not at the top of the pop class. You can still generate a lot of air from this board. Launching off of kickers of small to pretty damn big will work with this board as well. It’s pretty forgiving when it comes to landing too. It’s not the kind of find your own air kind of board but it can give you a little extra snap on a larger feature.

All in all I find myself recommending this as one of the top choices for hard to icy conditions riders and it’s also a great all mountain board.

Rossignol One LF Specs

Rossignol One LF Images

We try to get as many images of the Rossignol One LF, but forgive us if they're not all there.











Rossignol One LF User Reviews

Rossignol One LF 2010-2019 Snowboard Review SKU UPC Model


Jun 19, 2020 by Frank
Ability Level: Intermediate • 
Riding Style: Surfy playful • 
Days You Ride A Year: 20 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 160 5.6 156cm 

This board is really fast. Too fast to try any ground tricks on. Good for cruising big resorts, but like Shredstick says once you get flying unless the snow is decent, it is scary to speed check: No bite on the rear foot. At first I thought it was my skill level, now I think I should have got the 153cm and sized down. The edge hold is not better than a old school camber board in ice. It's good point is that is non catchy. Hard to control speed prior to small jumps. Maybe my edges need sharpen. I want to try fun stuff, so I want to try something else.

Corolla of Boards

Mar 22, 2020 by Cliff aka Chip
Ability Level: Intermediate/Advanced • 
Riding Style: All Mountain Charger • 
Days You Ride A Year: 15 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 6', 165lb, 11 

This is a great all around board. It really helped me progress and is forgiving with decent performance. However, it is a bit vanilla. It is a bit unexciting, especially on carves. I rarely pick this board out of my quiver as other boards are better at this or that. However none of them are as good at everything. Still it just doesn't elicit an emotional response. It's reliable, well constructed, and a good value: like a Toyota Corolla.

Good! Not what others are saying though

Feb 29, 2020 by Shredstix
Ability Level: Expert • 
Riding Style: Setback surfy • 
Days You Ride A Year: 70 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 5''6 / 180lbs 

I own the 2019 version. There are some things that make me think I got a dud. Camber on the left rail is barley there, camber on the right side is more pronounced. Setback my stance 1.5" and it is very washy off the tail. When I carve this board it washes when I have any weight on my back foot. If I put pressure over both feet I am better with a euro carve. Honest the edge hold is not as great as other reviews mention. There is a disruption in the middle, but if your not over hard on edge its not Noticeable. I am happy with this board as its a bomber, it flys down the hill with no chatter or vibrations. I have to be careful because you don't feel like your flying until you speed check. Stopping this at high speed sucks as its washy from the tail. For a slightly directional board it spins and goes switch amazing. I also find the flex is a 3 out of 10. Rossi rates it a 5 or 6 but thats crap, its a noodle with tons pop. Great on jumps though.
I really like this board and my rating is 3 stars instead of 5. This is because the reasons I bought this was a board that could edge hold. on ice. Bullcrap!!. A board that wasn't surfy like my others. Its just a bomber that can handle jumps and switch.

4.6 5.0 19 19 This board is really fast. Too fast to try any ground tricks on. Good for cruising big resorts, but like Shredstick says once you get flying unless the snow is decent, it is scary Rossignol One LF 2010-2019 Snowboard Review

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