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Decathlon All Road 500 2020 Snowboard Review

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Riding Style Freeride
Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 10-12
Manufactured in
Shape Tapered Directional
Camber Profile Mostly Camber
Stance Setback over 20mm
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Split No
Powder Good
Base Glide
Carving Good
Speed Good
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Good
Jumps Good
Jibbing Average
Pipe Good
On Snow Feel

Semi-Locked In

Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns






Edge Hold

Medium Snow

Decathlon All Road 500 2020 Review by The Good Ride

The Decathlon All Road 500 is not for those that want a fast base but it is a fast turning fun mid/wide ride that comes at a good price point for advanced to expert riders. Funny enough this mid-wide was one of the most fun rides they sent us and we have regular sized boots. That being said I still wouldn’t buy this if you were a 10 US boot or higher.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

How This Review Happened: We borrowed this for an extended demo and sent it back.
Size: 163w
Days: 6+
Conditions: Mainly good snow but some hard areas.
Riders: James (Size 9, 5’10” 185-190lbs), Peter (Size 8, 5’11” 185lbs)
Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV
Insoles: Sandsole Custom Insoles,  Footprint Insole Technology Gameghangers Low Profile
Bindings: Union Atlas, Union Strata

Similar Boards (but not the same): Korua Otto, Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker, Capita Mercury, Endeavor Pioneer

Set-Up: 21.5”- 22” Wide. 21 front -6 back. Close to Reference

Approximate Weight:

Ideal Sizing:
163w: 10-12 boots
160w: 10-12 boots
157w: 10-11 boots

Decathlon All Road 500 Specs

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