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Burton Barracuda 2012-2016 Snowboard Review

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Riding Style Alternative Freeride
Riding Level Intermediate - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 8-10, 10-12
Manufactured in China
Shape Tapered Directional
Camber Profile Hybrid Camber
Stance Setback over 20mm
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Split No
Powder Great
Base Glide Great
Carving Good
Speed Good
Uneven Terrain Great
Switch Poor
Jumps Average
Jibbing Poor
Pipe Average
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns






Edge Hold

Medium Snow

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Burton Barracuda 2016 - 2012 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton Barracuda is a great choice for anyone who lives for surfy slashy directional powder riding and also surfing good soft morning groomers after the powder stoke is gone. For 2017 it’s RIP so look to boards like the Burton Landlord or Branch Manager if you want a Burton board for Powder.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

2016-2015 Burton Barracuda Snowboard Review

The 2016 Burton Barracuda has a different name for its hybrid camber/s-rocker and now it’s called Directional Flying V.  It’s actually not any different from past S-Rocker models but the new name is a more appropriate description of the camber profile as there were a lot of different types of S-Rocker.   It’s basically Rocker on the front half and camber on the rear half.  Other than a few very minor tweaks the 2016 model is the same as 2015.

The 2015 Burton Barracuda added squeeze box core profiling which means it’s thinner in some places and thicker in others to give the board a more natural flex when the bindings are on.  So squeeze box tech isn’t as noticeable with a Powder/Freeride board like it is with the Barracuda as it is with a board like the Burton Process Flying V. So it does have a better flex and a little better ride but it’s still pretty similar to the 2014 Barracuda and the same review still stands.

Size: 157, 161 & 165


Conditions- Shin to Knee High Pow, Packed Pow, hard pack with a little loose snow.

Riders: James, Peter, Jimbo, Mary and a few people not on the site.

Boots: Burton SLX, Salomon F3.0, Burton Fiend LTD, Burton IonSalomon Synapse

Bindings: Burton Cartel, Burton Genesis, Burton Diode, Flux DS Burton GenesisBurton Cartel EST, Burton Diode EST

Stance Width: 21″,23″ and 23.5

Stance Angles:  Mary- 18 front and 6 back.  James and the other riders 18 front  and -3 back

Approximate Weight: 157 weighed in a 6.4lbs

The Burton Barracuda is a nice combo of the Burton Supermodel and Burton Malolo. We felt the Supermodel needed a hybrid camber upgrade to make powder riding a little more effortless but if it did it would be very similar to the Malolo. So we liked that Burton brought these two boards into one and created many sizing options. It really offers the best of both worlds. It’s surfy without being too washy and makes for a perfect powder 1st Groomer 2nd board. It’s for those that like to get surfy but don’t want to be super surfy/off the tail like you do with the Burton Fish.  It also has more groomer appeal for those that can’t always ride powder but take a surfy style approach to ride at all times and conditions.

On Snow Feel: The Burton Barracuda is stable between the feet and stable when it’s set all the way back.  It’s got camber in the tail but it’s not catchy. The design is made to excel in powder but still, do a pretty good job when it comes to directional groomer riding. It’s very easy to one foot off the chair and flat bases very well across a long cat track. It’s definitely a surfy ride even on a groomer day.  There is a pronounced bit of camber over the back foot that then transitions rather quickly to a mild rocker before front binding. As it gets closer to the nose the rocker becomes more pronounced. It gives you a nice traditional camber feel of pop off the tail while also giving you the same kind of easy float that rocker boards do without feeling loose between the feet or better yet catchy. Here is a pick of the camber profile to get an idea of how much rocker there is and how back seat the camber is.


Powder: In my humble opinion this is about one of the best directional rides you can get in powder.  It’s surfy but not so off the tail surfy that it feels awkward.  It’s hard to explain but here is an attempt.  It feels like a surfy snowboard where some super set back powder boards feel surfy like surfboards.  When it’s too surfboard it can be a little awkward steering from the tail when there isn’t powder or on your way to powder. The set back on board (157) with the reference stance is 5.5″ and with my stance width of almost 22.75″ set all the way back I can get -7.5″ back on the board but never have that awkward turning feel. The Burton Barracuda can handle just about any depth of snow and it’s got a quick turning easy float.  From between the bindings to the Nose it’s all rocker and from between the bindings to the tail, it’s a medium camber so there is pop off the tail. This has more rocker than the Notch and many other S-Rocker type boards which makes for an effortless rear leg burn free directional ride in powder. It also has nice pop off the tail when it comes time to ollie off natural terrain.  If you get the right size it is the kind of board that increases your confidence in tight tree runs, steep chutes, and wide open faces.  It’s one of my favorite boards to ride when it gets deep.

Turn Initiation: The tapered shape makes it ride very different from a board that has the same nose and tail width. That, combined with a substantial setback gives you a surfier feeling that’s off the back foot, and it’s a lot easier to turn compared to boards that aren’t tapered with the same specs.  If you like a surfy kind of turn initiation then this might be a great call. It makes it a whole lot easier to slash through and negotiate trees. It’s got all you need to slash up the mountain and the turn initiation is very quick.  I’ve never felt like I couldn’t get the board where I need it in tight spots.  Medium to wide radius turns are fun too and you get a little spring out of that tail on all turns.  If you know how to turn well then this could be your board.

Speed: The Burton Barracuda isn’t a bomber board but it’s far from slow. It rides comfortably and confidently at most speeds, but if you’re into bombing everything then there are better boards out there.  Bombing through a few tracks isn’t a problem and you will feel a little bit but it’s not bomb proof like the Burton Landlord or Flight Attendant.

Uneven Terrain: As the day goes on and the conditions get a bit choppier, the Burton Barracuda is soft enough to not cause too much trouble when making turns through rutted up or even bumpy snow.  It’s also a quick turner so bumps are pretty easy to deal with. It absorbs shock very well. The bigger board size isn’t ideal for this but if you get a size right for your boots the softer flex and easy turn initiation makes it really good for a board of this type.

Carving: If you’re into carving out a turn this is pretty fun but it’s not all time. Like all tapered boards, the Burton Barracuda can wash out on harder snow if you carve like you would on a board with the same nose and tail width (double ender). However, in better conditions, this can lay out a surfy off the tail carve that is really fun. You just have to lean into the carve a bit differently and let most of the pressure sit on the back foot over that camber.  For us, the Burton Barracuda was really fun when it came to laying into a nipple scratching carve as long as the conditions are good and you treat it more like you are making a hard bottom turn off the bottom of a steep barreling wave.

Edge Hold: The added edge hold from Burton’s Frostbite tech isn’t a game changer but it does add to the edge hold.  This seems more appropriate for boards like the Barracuda and for other camber boards but it doesn’t seem to help much with Flat Top, V Rocker, and Flying V boards.  It doesn’t grab the snow when it’s hard like some of its competitors do in harder snow but that’s not a real problem for this mostly powder board.

Flex: The Burton Barracuda has a flex that is on the softer side of medium and is like a slightly softer flex than the Burton Custom. The 2015 Burton Barracuda has a more natural flex that’s easier to butter.

Jumps: The mini camber in the tail makes for a little more spring off natural terrain and much easier to create your own air. It isn’t for taking off switch in the park but it will be perfect for a method off a rock or cliff drop.

Switch: Not ideal switch. It can be done, but it’s just not that easy.

Pipe: The Burton Barracuda isn’t terrible in the pipe if you are into directional riding there and don’t want to land switch.

Rails and Jibbing: Not the best board for this.

All in all, the Burton Barracuda will make for a good mostly powder freeride board. It’s a fun ride that makes powder riding easier for the advanced to expert rider.  If you live for powder but also like to ride in a surf style when the conditions are good this is one of the better boards out there for that.

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Burton Barracuda User Reviews

Burton Barracuda 2012-2016 Snowboard Review SKU UPC Model

Looks good rides great - pow eater

Feb 06, 2018 by Andrew
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: Freeride • 
Days You Ride A Year: 50+ • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 5'8", 150, mens 8 

I have the 2012 in a 157 and plan on keeping it in my quiver for many years.

It has been on many heli-days, some sled access days, a japow trip to Niseko, Hokkaido and many resort powder days.

I love the PNW indigenous graphics - awesome graphic. On a blower pow day in an open bowl or not too tight trees, i love this board. Super surfy, great float, good turning. I ride this opposite a ConArtist and think this board is preferable unless the trees are super tight or the snow conditions aren't variable. If i had to choose the board to bring back to Japan, i would bring the ConArtist, if i was to pick a board for big alpine powder boards, the Barracuda.

Great board.

Great Powder Board

Apr 24, 2014 by Tim
Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced • 
Riding Style: Mountain • 
Days You Ride A Year: 20-30 

I bought a 2012 Barracuda 161 for a 2012 trip to the BC Interior and have ridden it in different conditions. Great board for powder and well groomed runs, just like the review says. Stable and controllable on icy slopes, but it could use more edge grip for those. Not great on flat, hard cat tracks - I really have to sit on my back leg for those. Pretty good on soft bumps of any size, too big for hard bumps. I really like this board and plan to keep it a long time for riding in softer conditions.

Nov 17, 2013 by Nico
Ability Level: Just a Guy who loves to ride • 
Riding Style: Aggressive • 
Days You Ride A Year: 100+ 

This board simply does it all!
I mean sure its not the best board riot the park with oder jib some rails in the streets, but thats not what its supposed to do anyway.
I live in Innsbruck, Austria and so far i spend two complete seasons having a Barracuda in my quiver. i simply love it!
This board is definitely not meant to be a powder only stick, but it feels like it just is one. Compared to the Burton Fish, its way more freestyle and "every day use" driven. Its a fantastic powder board, but you can still hav a s**t load of fun riding groomers and riding fast.
Thanks to the lil camber the tail feels super stiff and gives you bunch of stability with sacrificing float. I took this baby up to 71mph last winter - it doesn't feel great and its definitely not the board i´d pick to do it again but its absolutely doable if your a good rider. At the same time its not too stable and you still have a lot of rocker to play around in the pow - theres just no other board i enjoyed doin some cornice jibs and slides on than i did with the barracuda.
It might be a little bit narrow for bigger guys but i rode a 161s for the most time and i felt totally ok. Maybe you don´t wanna take it all the way up to icy, steep lines where you want a a lot of grip on your edges or crank your carves too far down but hey: thats not what this board is meant to do!
I mean it does it all pretty good - that´s why it´s one of James favorites - but you better pick a solid camber board like a Custom X or a Salomon Burner to really coarse it up.
Take care and enjoy,

4.0 4.0 3 3 I have the 2012 in a 157 and plan on keeping it in my quiver for many years. It has been on many heli-days, some sled access days, a japow trip to Niseko, Hokkaido and many reso Burton Barracuda 2012-2016 Snowboard Review

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