The Decathlon Dreamscape Endzone has poor traction but everything else is really well done. Especially adjustability, heel hold and boot longevity.

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Riding Level Beginner - Expert
Lacing Type Mixed Lacing
Manufactured in
Flex Retention Good
Shock Absorption Great
Traction Poor
On & Off Ease Good
Warmth Good
Flex Medium
Turn Initiation Medium
Sizing 1 Size Large
Boot Width Medium/Wide
Comfort Excellent
Heel Hold Great
Adjustability Excellent
Reduced Footprint Great

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Decathlon Dreamscape Endzone 2022 Review by The Good Ride

Turn Ons/Swipe Right: Excellent Flex Retention, Adjustability, heel hold and comfort for a boot this price.

Turn Offs/Swipe Left: Poor traction with no rubber on the sole.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

Decathlon Dreamscape Endzone Snowboard Boot Review: How It Rides And Who It Is For

Decathlon Dreamscape Boot Review

How This Review Happened:  We borrowed this for an extended demo and then returned it.

Days: 4 and more coming
Size Tried: Size 9 for Nick and Size 8 for James
Riders: James (Size 9, 5’10” 185-190lbs), Nick (Size 10, 160lbs, 5’8”),
Insoles: Footprint Insole Technology Gamechangers,
Bindings: Union Atlas
Boards: Ride TwinPig, YES Greats, Decathlon Born To Ride Dreamscape Endzone snowboard.
Jacket: Burton AK Gore-Tex Pro 3L Tusk Jacket, Volcom TDF Infuse 3L Gore-Tex Jacket
Pant: Burton AK Gore-Tex Pro 3L Hover Pant, Burton AK Gore-Tex 2L Swash Pant, Burton Gore-Tex Ballast Pant
Helmet: Smith Maze, Smith Vantage
Goggle: Smith IO Mag, Smith 4D Mag
Gloves: Burton AK Clutch Mitt, Burton AK Clutch Glove, Burton AK Tech Leather Glove, Burton AK Tech Glove

Similar (but not the same) Boots: Vans Aura, Burton Ruler, Ride Anthem

James’ Foot Specs
Foot Size:
9 US
Foot Width:
Arch Length:
Right 9.5 and Left 9
Calf Circumference:
Top of boot 17” & Bottom of boot 12”


I would go 1 full US size smaller than the actual size with the Decathlon Dreamscape Endzone. For example I’m a true size 9 and the size 8 US fit’s me perfectly. It fits just like a size 9 US Burton boot. If you run on the wider side like I do at an E width this will be comfortable. No need to heat mold to make room on the sides like I have to do with many boots.

Construction/Flex/Flex Retention

There is really good construction happening here and I love the large amount of neoprene at the ankle to allow this to naturally flex. It also retains the flex longer. I am a little worried about all that Neoprene allowing water to soak in but I didn’t experience any issues walking in wet slushy snow.

Adjustability/Heel Hold

I love the lace tightener in the middle and the BOA for extra ankle/heel hold. The Decathlon Dreamscape Endzone laces seem to be pretty durable and I like the smaller but thicker lace.

Response/Turn Initiation

Pretty good mediumish turn initiation that seems like it can do more response wise than just being a park boot.


This is the one part I wish Decathlon would fix. No one likes EVA only soles. It is fine in softer snow but a nightmare in harder snow. This is a deal breaker for me and might also be a deal breaker for many others as well. I would really like to see them add rubber to the sole.

Shock Absorption/Board Feel

It might not have traction but it sure has good shock absorption. Definitely upper tier shock absorption and it’s really good at off landings slow speed which is my specialty ?

Footprint vs. Warmth

So in a size 8 US that fits exactly like my size 9 the Decathlon Dreamscape Endzone has a very reduced footprint. It is very close to my Vans Baldface, Vans Infuse & Burton Kendo in a size 9. All boots fit my foot about the same when it comes to foot length.


Pretty easy on and off. The BOA system is a little different. It doesn’t pop in or out like most BOA. It is righty tighty/lefty loosey. Twist it right to tighten and twist a little left to release the BOA. I had no issues with this.


So if the Decathlon Dreamscape Endzone Boot had some rubber on the sole it would be a very recommendable boot. If you can get past the poor traction everything else about this boot is really well done.

Decathlon Dreamscape Endzone Specs

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