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Salomon Quantum 2014-2020 Snowboard Binding Review
Riding Level Intermediate - Expert
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Canted Footbed Yes
Burton Channel Compatible Yes
Mini disc No
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Boot Support


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Binding Adjustability Average
Stance Adjustability Good
Comfort Great
Ratchet System Great
Shock Absorption Great

Salomon Quantum 2020 - 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Salomon Quantum is a binding we have tried at the demo for years now but this year we had it for a good while and compared it to many bindings we know well. It isn’t the call for those like me that need a lot of adjustability but for those that like a semi plug and play ride with a shit ton of response this could work.

The 2020 Salomon Quantum got a new footbed similar to the Hologram that has more shock absorption and the highback has a different compound making it more durable and maybe even stiffer/meaner than before.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

How This Review Happened:  We borrowed this for an extended demo and then returned it.

Days: 10+
Riders:  James (Size 9, 5’10” 185-195lbs), Peter (Size 8, 5’11” 185lbs),Grant (Size 11 6’ 160lbs),  Nick (Size 10, 160lbs, 5’8”) 
Boots: Adidas Tactical 
InsolesSandsole Custom InsolesFootprint Insole Technology Gameghangers Low Profile
BoardsGentemstick Mantaray 156Korua DartKorua PencilYes OptimisticKorua Otto, Salomon Taka,

Similar (but not the same) Bindings we compared it to- Union AtlasUnion StrataUnion FalcorSalomon HighlanderBurton Genesis XSalomon Hologram,

About Salomon Shadow Tech we’ll be referencing throughout this written review: So this is a soft heel loop that has some kevlar ropes that start from the center of the base plate to give you a lot of edge to edge response. It’s the only soft heel loop we know of in the industry and it’s been around for a while now. It freaked us out before we tried it but after one turn all concerns went out the door. Now I often forget to mention it like in the review above.

Highback Flex: Soo stiff. I couldn’t twist it or pull it back at all. This is not really my type of highback but many in our crew loved it. The one saving grace for me was it didn’t bite much or at all into my calves. Also, the soft heel loop in the Shadow Tech has flex so even though the highback doesn’t twist or flex the heel loop does a little so maybe that’s why it didn’t bite.

Binding to Boot Adjustability: So because of this Shadow Tech forward lean and highback rotation share the same adjustment area on the Salomon Quantum. The strap adjustability is top-notch and there is an adjustable gas pedal so you can get your toes lined up correctly on it so you can get the response you should. Having an adjustable gas pedal is good but it doesn’t help you center the boot on a binding as an adjustable heel loop does. You will have to rely on the disc for that.

Stance Width Adjustability: If you can center the binding/boot on board there is decent stance width adjustability. Not the best but middle to upper-middle on the adjustability spectrum. What is cool about the Salomon discs is the little plastic attachment that keeps the screws on the binding. It’s really great unless you want to mount these on an EST board. Then it takes a lot of extra work to get the screws out. Overall it’s a plus though for those that have traditional inserts.

Comfort: Usually super-stiff highbacks with no rotation like the Salomon Quantum has are a deal-breaker for me. It wasn’t a season maker either but I didn’t come home with a sore calf from it biting into me either so that was a good surprise. The straps and the overall binding is comfortable for most.

Boot Support: You would think the soft heel loop with Shadow tech would leave your ankle exposed to things our bodies aren’t made for but I don’t know how or why but they felt just as supported on the Salomon Quantums as they did with normal heel loops. The ankle strap isn’t super big and pretty similar to the Highlanders and we thought it would be bigger/more supportive for this model. It gives good support but also lets you move. Also, the ability to lean easy tip to tail with the soft heel loop is a really cool thing and that doesn’t happen with super responsive bindings like this. So for most having this response and freedom of movement combined together could really work but for those that want to be really locked in, might not like this feel.

Turn Initiation/Response: Comparing the Salomon Quantum to my Union Falcor really showed what it could do. It really powered all the different boards well and was right on par response wise with some of the most responsive bindings I’ve tried. I don’t think it’s a good match for an easier turning board. It likes boards that take some work to turn.

Feel Under Foot/Buttering: Usually, a binding like this isn’t a good butter binding. It was just a touch behind the Falcor but that’s debatable depending on the rider and a little bit behind softer foam mini-disc Union bindings and Burton Re:Flex but way way closer than I initially thought it would be before straight-up comparing them ont he same board with the same boots and bindings. I think it’s because of the minimal contact the binding has with the board thanks to all the milled out areas with EVA foam in it but my theory is it’s mainly because of the soft heel-loop allows you to lean much more tip to tail and give you more leverage than the average binding. The boards didn’t feel softer or stiffer underfoot either so the overall board’s personality wasn’t altered much by putting the Salomon Quantum’s on.

Ratchet System: Pretty smooth and easy. They never brought any attention to us in a bad way and that’s all you want from ratchets/straps.  They seem reliable and should last a long time. They were easy to slap off at the end of a run too.

Shock Absorption: These aren’t like NOW bindings which to us are at the top of the industry but they were near the top. The heels have a good bit of damp EVA foam and so does the toe. It can handle uneven terrain very well and the canted footbed aligns most joints better to reduce fatigue/stress on em. The new footbed has more EVA foam so it’s better than past year models.

I personally felt the Highlander would be all I ever need response wise and I don’t need a high back this stiff without highback rotation. That being said, some of our crew was super into this binding when they rode it…..even though they all weren’t around when I reviewed the binding. Apparently they need to earn a living or something like that instead of fuck around every day with me.

Salomon Quantum Past Reviews

The Salomon Quantum snowboard binding takes up the flex and response way past the Hologram. Aside from some adjustability issues and a somewhat dead feel underfoot the Salomon Quantum offers up a pretty strong ride for those that like a responsive binding to pair up with a demanding board when it comes to turning.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  No one is perfect and we do make money from the “Where To Buy” links below, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  No one is perfect and we do make money from the “Where To Buy” links below, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective. 
How This Review Happened:  
We had a couple of laps at a frantic manic demo day but had a few days on it over the years.

Days: 4
RidersJames and Stephen
BootsBurton FiendBurton Imperial,
Boards: Salomon Assasin, Moss and a couple others.

2015 Salomon Quantum Review

The 2015 Salomon Quantum’s base plate and High Back are pretty much the same but they changed up the heel looloop toke it more rigid.  It changed up the ride a little bit but the biggest thing for us was it seemed like the binding has more forward lean than before.  For those (like me) that don’t like forward lean this is pretty annoying and it took the magic out of the ride for all of us.  Hopefully this was just a problem with the demo model we had and the production model doesn’t have so much forward lean even when it’s set all the way upright.

Days:  2
Size: Medium
RidersJames, Peter
BootsBurton Imperial, Thirty Two Crab Grab
BoardsSalomon Sick Stick

Flex: Stiff high back for sure but the heel loop, although much stiffer than the Hologram and even a little stiffer than the Defender, still flexes a bit giving you a little more tweak in your grab without effecting edge to edge response.  So It’s an interesting flex that allows mobility

Adjustability: We were having serious issues with the forward lean and couldn’t seem to adjust the binding to get it upright.  It has the same high back adjustability as the District, Hologram and Defender that we had no problems with but for some reason we couldn’t get the forward lean out of it and it bit hard into my medium to large size calves

Comfort: Again we couldn’t get the forward lean out so they bit hard into my calves and made me cramp up after 1 run.

Turn Initiation: Very quick edge to edge and easy to get just about any board to turn.  The kevlar cable does a great job with this newer stiffer heel loop and I think response is a touch more than last year.  Yeah more forward lean can give you more response but I think the added response was more from the heel loop but who knows for sure.

Buttering: I think I prefer the Hologram more for buttering and even the Defender a little better but you can get some decent butter leverage with the 2015 Quantum.

Boot Support: There is a lot of support for how soft the heel loop is compared to most stiff aggressive bindings in the Quantum’s peer group. It’s a really unique balance between tweakability in your grabs and firm support around the boot.  It’s hard to explain.  It’s one of those bindings you would have to ride to understand but here is an attempt at it.  You feel really supported around the ankle and the boot feels locked in but you can lean your boots towards the tip and tail where most bindings wont let you do that unless the ankle strap is minimal or not cranked down.

Ratchet System: Nothing that really called out to us either way.  We didn’t go hey that was super amazing but also didn’t have any problems.

Shock Absorption: On the upper end of the shock absorption spectrum and most of the heel has a good amount of shock absorbing foam. The sides have plastic sticking out. a bit and we’d like to see that trimmed in a bit but over all it’s good.

So all in all this was a review I’m not 100% behind because we couldn’t try another pair to confirm that you could fix the forward lean issue we had. It also looks like it has more forward lean in the pics we see online than the other Shadow Tech bindings.  Until I find out what the deal is with the Quantum I’d only recommend it for those that always have forward lean in effect.

2014 Salomon Quantum Review

Days:  2
RidersJames, Peter Jimbo
BootsBurton SLXBurton ImperialNike Kaiju,
BoardsJones Mountain Twin, Salomon Protocol

Flex: The high back is pretty stiff in a torsional flex or just pulling it straight back. Becaue of the Shadow tech and the rubber heel loop you get a different feel flex wise than you would. It’s got a little more torsional rotation/freedom because of this which most will like.

Adjustability:All of Salomons shadow tech bindings have exceptional adjustability.  All is tool free and you only need a screw driver to get the disc on and off.  You can also dial it out very well for your boot.

Comfort: Very comfortable and the binding wraps around your foot really well.  Our only complaint is the Ankle straps with all the Salomon Shadow Tech bindings.  I really liked this larger asymmetrical ankle strap but Peter and Jimbo weren’t 100% into them.

Heel-Toe Response: The response edge to edge for turning is very responsive but in a smooth easy way. It can power a pretty aggressive board no problem.

Tip-Tail Response: I don’t know how it works but it does very well despite the soft heel loop.  It’s got some leverage and it’s not bad to butter with these bindings.

Boot Support: You would think there wouldn’t be much support here but you feel like there is good support as well as a lot of room to move. The ankle strap is bigger than the Hologram and District.

Ratchet System: Nice easy cranking ratchet system that seems pretty reliable.

Shock Absorption: There is a nice bit of EVA foam foot bed that can handle some shock.

So all in all this soft heel loop binding is counter intuitively fun and offers up a nice progressive way to ride your boards.  If you are ok with the ankle strap you could have an amazing time. It’s a nice step up in terms of flex/response from the Hologram and we really like it.

Salomon Quantum Images

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Salomon Quantum 2014-2020 Snowboard Binding Review SKU UPC Model


Nov 22, 2018 by wasa
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: Hard • 
Days You Ride A Year: 40 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 6'0 x 220 x 163-167 x27cm 

I have been on the salomon holograms/ malamute boot combo for years, I ride loads of different boards 159-181cm. and the salomon combo has been a savior , TBH I prob wont ever change.
I ride predominantly in powder and packed powder, I don't really like sunny days so don't like warm spring conds. id rather ski.
i got my self a set of QUANTUMS end of last season and rode last half of feb in these in pretty cold fast super cord groomies and up to thigh deep powder.. really you dont need these in powder , its over kill but I prob wont go back to the holorgrams if I can find another set of these for any day that involves multiple piste sessions....which lets face it is a lot. and . for hiking and bowls/ trees , anywhere where the pow is over binding deep the holograms are perfect. so comfy and easy to ride in for a long time without pain .
Im lucky as I usually take 3-4 boards at a time with holograms on them everything forma nitro nuat for powder fun to ogasaka 173 SW eagle for screaming down groomies , THIS is where the quantums absolutely annihilate the holograms,, I mean its not even close. its like stepping into a turbo charged WRX form a 1992Toyota corolla as far as harder conds go, these don't hurt ur feet or .calves even tho they are very taught and very stirff ,they form around the leg very nicely and allow the rider to really get a way more aggressive edge. If doing the old groin pump flip/ flop side to side edge thingy these are unbleeiveable... truly 5 steps up from the norm
the big question........
are they worth the coin ?
well ,If u have a lot of non pow days or love a big ole arccy carve
ohhhhhhhh yes... they are irreplaceable , I mean chuck away the rest and get these .
If your lucky to ride pow only then these are an expensive luxury but really......... theres nothing not to like/love!!!

im all in this season. from day 1

5.0 5.0 1 1 I have been on the salomon holograms/ malamute boot combo for years, I ride loads of different boards 159-181cm. and the salomon combo has been a savior , TBH I prob wont Salomon Quantum 2014-2020 Snowboard Binding Review

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