• Excellent Support
  • Upper Tier Shock Absorption
  • Smooth but Responsive
  • Great Freedom Of Movement


  • Limited Adjustability
  • Some Can't Get Used To Shadowtech


The Salomon Hologram has limited adjustability but has a unique heel loop design that gives you freedom of movement and response.

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Riding Level Intermediate - Expert
Quick Release No
Manufactured in China
Canted Footbed Yes
Burton Channel Compatible Yes
Mini disc No
Approx. Weight Feels Normal


Boot Support


Turn Initiation




Binding Adjustability Good
Stance Adjustability Good
Comfort Great
Ratchet System Great
Shock Absorption Great

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A Detailed Breakdown of How the Salomon Hologram Rides Review by The Good Ride

Salomon Hologram Written Review

2025 Update: The 2024 and 2025 is pretty similar to the last time we reviewed it but the high back was updated and has a design similar to the one we tested when it first came out. It’s just a little more refined. 

2020 Update: The Hologram had a bit of an overhaul for 2019 that we all liked.
More Shock Absorption In The Heel Pad
The heel loop is stiffer even though it is still flexible
A New Lighter Highback

How This Salomon Hologram Review Happened:  We borrowed this for an extended demo and then returned it.

Salomon Hologram Snowboard Binding Review
Salomon Hologram Binding

Days: 15+ on the 2019 and 2020 models
RidersJames, Peter, Zobel & Jimbo and others
Boots: Adidas Tactical ADVBurton ImperialAdidas Response
InsolesSandsole Custom InsolesFootprint Insole Technology GamechangersFootprint Insole Technology Gamechangers LiteFootprint Insole Technology Gameghangers Low Profile
BoardsJones Mind Expander Gentemstick Mantaray 156Yes Pick Your LineKorua OttoLib Tech Terrain Wrecker, Capita MercuryYes Greats, Salomon Assasin, Salomon Assin Pro and many more.

Ethics Statement: This review has zero brand oversight. This is our best effort at an honest, objective review to help you, the consumer.

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About Shadow Tech

It’s a soft heel loop with kevlar ropes that wrap around it and attach to the middle of the base plate. It seems sketchy until you ride it, and it makes sense. This is exclusive to Salomon.

Highback Flex

There is an easy twist, and even though a large part of the highback has been cut out, it still has a medium to medium/stiff flex when you pull straight back.

Binding to Boot Adjustability

So this is a weak point for Salomon Hologram. The strap adjustability is super easy and super fast to adjust on the fly. There is an adjustable gas pedal so you can get the toe of your boot in the responsive area. It doesn’t center the boot easily in the binding, though, and you have to rely on the disc to center the boot/binding on the board. There is no highback rotation because what looks like that is actually the forward lean. You can do some rotation but it seems to add forward lean at the same time.

For people like me who get calf bite on a forward lean, this is really frustrating. If you don’t have even featured or big calves, then this might not be a problem. The one saving grace for me is the soft Shadow Tech heel loop that allows the high back to flex, and combined with the easy twisting high back, it wasn’t much of an issue.

Stance Width Adjustability

If you can get your boot centered in the binding then you can turn the discs sideways and get some decent movement between the inserts. You have to me more in the middle of the suggested size range to center most boots though.


Even though you can’t adjust the highbacks much, the Salomon Hologram and the entire binding were very comfortable.

Boot Support

You would think this soft heel loop would not support you, but after riding this in all conditions, it’s just as supportive as a solid heel loop with the same ankle strap. while still giving you a lot of freedom to lean over hard towards the tip/tail. The toe strap also does a really good job of spreading around the toe and pulling it into the heel cup. Ankle straps are pretty supportive, too.

Turn Initiation/Response

The Salomon Hologram has a pretty medium-to-medium-fast response and a lot more than we thought we would get when we first looked at this binding years ago. It can power most boards out there well edge to edge, especially after we compared it to some of our favorites like the Genesis X and Atlas. It has a semi-sharp initiation to the turn that is a little sharper/quicker compared to the Genesis X but is a little smoother compared to the Atlas.

Feel Under Foot/Buttering

So, with this flexy Shadow tech of the Salomon Hologram, you can really lean towards the tip or tail and really use a lot of leverage to butter a snowboard. There is a lot of the base plate that is milled out and replaced with EVA foam, so it doesn’t alter the boards’ personality underfoot as much as many bindings out there. It wasn’t quite as easy underfoot as Burton’s Re:Flex, but it was close and about the same or even a little better than my Atlas.

Ratchet System

It’s pretty smooth and easy.

Shock Absorption

The new base plate improved the shock absorption over the old one and does a really good job. The cant works well too for most and keeps the joints aligned.

So, all in all, the Salomon Holograms do a great job of integrating well with a lot of board types and riding styles.


Salomon Hologram Past Reviews

Older and less detailed 2019-2020 Salomon Hologram Reviews

2018 Salomon Hologram Review

The Salomon Hologram is a huge improvement over the now discontinued Relay Series. The Salomon Holograms design is so weird that you think you won’t be supported and you are going to have a bad time. After a run, you completely forget that your ankle is surrounded by rubber with a Kevlar rope and start having a lot of fun.

Weight: Size Medium 4.2 lbs with discs and screws

Days: 30+
Riders: James, Jimbo, Stephen, Peter, Kyle and many others. I owned a pair, Stephen owns a pair and we’d always like to have this in our quiver.
Boards: Jones Mountain Twin, Yes Greats, Rossignol One Magtek, Lib Tech Burtner Box Scratcher, Never Summer ProtoGnu Space Case, Yes Jackpot, Salomon Sabotage, Salomon Time Machine, many other Salomon boards and I’m sure I’m missing a lot more.
BootsBurton Ion, Burton SLX, Burton Imperial, Nike Kaiju, DC JudgeNike Zoom Ites, Nike Lunarendore, Burton Ambush, Burton Hail and a few others.

The Salomon Hologram is a continuation from the Relay series is a unique and welcome progression. The Relay was liked by some, but others were lukewarm to cold on them. The new Hologram was liked by everyone at The Good Ride and most people we have spoken don’t have much bad to say about them.  So this gives you freedom of movement while still giving you some decent support.  We’d say the sweet spot is more in the soft to medium flexing, easier turning freestyle to all mountain freestyle boards. It’s also got a mellow cant to help alleviate stress on your joints.

Flex- The Hologram is very flexy and soft in the heel loop but the high back is more on the soft side of medium. It has a medium/soft torsional flex that does a good job letting you move a little more naturally with the board.

Adjustability: Salomon built the new Hologram with a tool-less system that makes for very easy adjustment.  Even better a lot of the Salomon binding uses slide adjustment so all you have to do is loosen the screws and slide.  It’s much easier than taking the screw all the way out and putting it back in a hole on the mountain.  It drastically reduces the chance of you losing some key piece of your binding. The only thing you need a tool for is a screw for screwing the base plate into the board. You can also perfectly dial in the high back rotation angle to the edge of the board just like you can with Burton bindings because it has a slide adjustment instead of 2 or 3 holes. The only catch is the High Back rotation is also the forward lean. Most of us at The Good Ride (especially me the editor) isn’t really into forward lean so this isn’t an issue.  However, if you are into forward lean then their won’t be as much high back rotation.

Comfort: The whole design of this binding is very comfortable from the way the heel loop conforms to the boot to the way the oversized ankle strap wraps around the foot.  We are big fans of the over-sized ankle strap and really like it as it’s very easy on the feet. The only thing we noticed is the new ankle straps need a little time to break in before they are super comfortable.  The demo models are usually broken in and comfortable when we ride them but the production models we own take about a week of riding to break them in.

Heel to Toe Response– Now you would think with the softish high back and the incredibly soft base plate would make this a nightmare for response.  To our surprise, this has a very good edge to edge response.  That Kevlar Heel loop does a good job getting the board to turn from edge to edge.

Tip to Tail Response: The binding allows the board to flex well underfoot for a butter.  I’m not sure how exactly the tech works that makes this binding flex the board well tip to tail but it does.  It seems that a soft heel loop would make it harder but it doesn’t.  Maybe it even counter-intuitively creates more leverage because you have more lateral movement than a standard binding.  I’m not sure but all I know is it does a good job.

Approximate Weight- It feels pretty light but not in that very light category.

Boot Support: I think we were all surprised at how much support the Hologram provided while still providing a lot of freedom of movement. The shadow tech allows you to do have a much higher freedom of movement to support ratio than almost any other binding.  Some don’t care too much about this but for those who do you will be stoked.

Ratchet System: Very good ratchet system and we all have had no issues. We wouldn’t say it’s the best out there but it’s up there in the best

Shock Absorption– The Hologram has tons of EVA padding throughout the binding and can handle a bad landing with the best of them.

All in all, this is one of those bindings where the designer took a big risk with this new tech and against all conventional binding odds it won. This is a binding we always reach for at the Demos and a binding we’d like to have in our quiver as well.


Salomon Hologram Specs

Salomon Hologram Images

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Salomon Hologram User Reviews

Salomon Hologram Snowboard Binding Review SKU UPC Model

Love the bindings!

Nov 26, 2019 by Vito
Ability Level: Intermediate • 
Riding Style: All Mountain • 
Days You Ride A Year: 30 

Fantastic bindings really comfortable and great for powder runs. Haven’t had any issues with the bindings but the customer service from the Salomon website was horrible! Sent me the wrong color two different times even after confirming with me they were the correct color the second time. Also Salomon didn’t provide UPS with my apartment number which I gave them, so I had to go to the UPS main office (30min drive) and pick them up. I should have just purchased them from a store to begin with and saved myself a lot of trouble. I’m never ordering again from the Salomon website.

Good but bad after sale in Europe

Nov 04, 2019 by Dan
Ability Level: Intermediate • 
Riding Style: All Mountain • 
Days You Ride A Year: 20 

I had the first holograms that they ve released .
Nice comfortable binding, smooth ratchets.
But last year I wanted to change my ankle strap that was totaled with the new one. So I contacted Salomon, my bindings didn’t have warranty anymore so I told that I want to buy them.
They told me that the spare parts are about the bindings that are still in warranty and that I should wait until the end of the season just in case there are any left.. I had another pair of bindings so I didn’t really care, at the end of the season I contacted Salomon again and they told me that I should contact with their retailers in Europe and see if anyone has spare parts.. I sensed a few emails but only one answered and didn’t have.
So you buy a pair of Salomon and if anything happens after the warranty you have something for the garbage.


Dec 04, 2018 by wasa
Ability Level: Advnanced • 
Riding Style: Aggressive • 
Days You Ride A Year: 40 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 180x220x27x165ish 

Got my first set of these err 6-7 yrs ago and havnt bought another brand since, get the new model each year. I ride in malamute boots so the set up feels 100% perfect.
(UNTIL........... I rode the QUANTUMS..)
I thought id never change a binding again. but the difference is huge so now I ride both. these are wonderful for powder. I don't mean hacking off 200000000 meter cliffs, and landing in throat deep stuff , I just I mean riding IN the powder NOT flying over over it. they are super comfy. and this Is where they are a bit of a ..well not let down, bec they are not at all but there are better options . if u like putting the board on edge and stretching as far as the arc wil go, these bindings don't " help" much. they are not as ive discovcered , that quick to and from the turns and don't help lay a long deep edge. BUT that's not what I got them for. in Powder ....these are fabulous .so simple to get in, toe strap is great. foot strap is quite taught not a lot of slip, highback is soft and there is no pain. zilch. just a really nice free ride binding that look awesome and you feel bolted in nicely but wont be winning any euro carve comps in . these are easy styling super comfy but they have enough grunt to get into turns but not to maximize them but ohh so nice nicely in pow.
Harped on about the lack of drive on piste but they actually do ok, they are just not really stiff. and that suits me 75% of the time..will keep getting the new mods each 2nd year.

3.6 4.0 5 5 Fantastic bindings really comfortable and great for powder runs. Haven’t had any issues with the bindings but the customer service from the Salomon website was horrible! Sent me Salomon Hologram Snowboard Binding Review

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