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Riding Level Intermediate - Expert
Quick Release No
Manufactured in China
Canted Footbed No
Burton Channel Compatible Yes
Mini disc No
Approx. Weight Feels Normal


Boot Support


Turn Initiation




Binding Adjustability Average
Stance Adjustability Average
Comfort Good
Ratchet System Great
Shock Absorption Excellent

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NOW Select Pro 22/23
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NOW Select 2019 - 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Now Select is a binding I’ve ridden over the years and it offers up a very damp super shock absorbent smooth turning ride.  My only issue is the adjustability and I can get pressure along the part of the foot before the toes start with softer sole boots. But it’s cool to have the high back diversity and the ability to change out the stoppers to alter the response/butter ability a bit. It has that very unique love it or hate it, ride to it so it really comes down to if it appeals to what you want out of a binding.

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Days: 2 in some pretty foggy/overcast weather.
RidersJames (Size 9, 5’10” 185-195lbs)
Boots: Adidas Tactical ADV, Burton SLX, Burton Rover, Burton AMB, Burton Almighty, Burton Imperial, Burton Ion, DC Judge, Burton AmbushBurton HailBurton RulerBurton Driver X, Adidas Acerra, Vans Implant, Vans Aura, Vans Sequel
Insoles: Sandsole Custom Insoles
Boards:  Yes Greats, Yes Basic Decade

NOW Select Past Reviews

The NOW Select feels like the evolution of the NOW IPO and feels like the IPO with flavors of the Now Pilot in it.  It feels like it offers a little more no-back friendliness and also provides a little bit of extra lateral support with the slightly larger high back.  We found the Drive to be unique to the NOW line but the Select to be more of a variation of the IPO. Is that bad? No not at all. It offers a little more support on the back and front end without a high back and makes for a slightly more supportive IPO with the high back.

Flex- The high back is a smallish medium of flex.

Adjustability– You can dial out the Select rather well so there isn’t much of a problem here.  We like the tooless adjustability.

Comfort– So the larger ankle straps and soft foot bed are super comfortable. The only problem is at the end of the heel loop can be a bit tight on the sides of your boot and cause a little pressure.  In order to have the bindings work without a high back the heel loops has to be tight.  It fit most of our boots but there is a little pressure where the heel loop merges in the middle with the binding next to the king pin tech.

Heel-Toe Response– So some of us felt that the edge to edge response had a bit of a delay and they didn’t really like that feel.  I personally liked the mellow edge to edge response and thought of it as smoothly responsive.  It handled more aggressive boards than you would think.

Tip-Tail Response– So there is a reduced dead spot going on here but it doesn’t feel as easy to butter and press as other bindings with reduced dead spots.  With the softer bushings it’s a little easier to butter but with the stiffer bushings it’s more work. It’s more about reducing chatter than easier flex under foot. Still it’s better than most bindings without a reduced dead spot.

Boot Support– There is a very locked in feel here and it feels like even with the smaller ankle strap there isn’t much room to move which some love and some don’t. I think it’s all in the heel loop here that offers a lot of lateral as well as longitudinal support.

Ratchet System- The toe and ankle straps are well thought out and pretty smooth.  Almost as smooth as Burton here and they are soo good you never think about them because they hardly ever stick. NOW thought this out well.

The select has a very old school feel but keeps up with the new school tech and this could be a good binding for the right rider.  Our favorite part about this binding is the ability to reduce fatigue and eliminate shock from even boards that can’t handle uneven terrain very well.

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NOW Select User Reviews

NOW Select 2014-2019 Snowboard Binding Review SKU UPC Model

2014-2015 NOW Select

Oct 08, 2019 by Keli Kaaekuahiwi
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: All Mountain Freestyle • 
Days You Ride A Year: 15+ • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 72”, 200 lbs, Size 11 

I purchased the NOW Select to replace my Flux TT that I had for about 6 seasons. They were recommended to me by a friend that had a pair and thought the Skate Tech made them super fun. They were definitely fun! Had a real surfy feel to them, but could still power through turns. After riding 3 days in deep snow at Snowbird I started to get a killer pain in the ball of my foot. Turns out my soft sole boots (32 Chris Grenier) allowed the baseplate to dig right into my foot on toe side turns or toe side traverses. I bought a pair of Burton Super Ruler boots that had a rubber sole, and that helped to alleviate the problem. I continued to ride the bindings in every type of terrain and snow, from deep pow in Niseko, Japan, to hard pack in Colorado and slush in California, these things are a blast, but the pressure on the bottom of your feet can be unbearable at times if you have a softer soled boot.

NOW Select 13-14

Apr 17, 2016 by Justin
Ability Level: Intermediate/Advanced • 
Riding Style: All Mountain • 
Days You Ride A Year: 30+ • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 6'2", 175 lbs, size 13 

I LOVE these bindings! I bought them when I was riding a Forum Destroyer DoubleDog, and the flexibility of that board mixed with the heelcup(no back) on this binding was such a freeing feeling on powder days. Last season I got the NeverSummer Ripsaw and quickly realized you can't ride no-backs on a stiffer board, but that these bindings are just as amazing with the highback attached. One downside I've had is after over 100 days of riding these bindings I finally had a toe buckle snap a week ago. The plus is that NOW seems to already know about this issue and came out with a much more solid version of the buckles(2.0).

NOW Select bindings 14/15 (size medium)

Mar 09, 2016 by Wren
Ability Level: Strong Intermediate/Fresh advance • 
Riding Style: Aggressive All Mountain toying with freestyle • 
Days You Ride A Year: 10 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 5'9" 145lbs, Size 9 Ride Lasso boots, Medium NOW Pilot bindings, Size 156 YES Standard board 

Coming from two sets of Cartels with and without hinge-tech I was tired of heel lift and was thinking of how much my knees bothered me after a long day snow boarding. I grabbed a pair of Selects on sale and was blown away by how they worked. They have a good 6 flex to them with really comfortable straps and the ratchets worked well. I had no knee pain as the bindings are ultra damp. I had zero heel lift in these bindings and could easily turn a stiff board with the way they locked on the boot. They had so much control that I usually ran my straps loose and it didn't matter. My only issue was going over moguls and side hits felt a bit awkward because there was not enough lateral play. I ended up picking up a pair of NOW Pilots which let me move laterally better in rough terrain and sold the Selects. I had the Selects on a stiff board and perhaps if they were on a softer park board the locked in feel would mesh better.

4.3 5.0 4 4 I purchased the NOW Select to replace my Flux TT that I had for about 6 seasons. They were recommended to me by a friend that had a pair and thought the Skate Tech made them super NOW Select 2014-2019 Snowboard Binding Review

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NOW Select Pro 22/23
€ 369.95Buy it

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