This review is from 2018, but not too much has changed with the Nitro Ivy bindings since then besides some material upgrades. They still have the same fit, feel, and personality. So this review is still relevant to the 2023 Nitro Ivy bindings. The Nitro Ivy Women's Bindings are great for those semi-freestyle riders who also want to cruise around the mountain. They are a medium aggressive binding that offers a lot of dampening and tweak-ability but still give you enough support for more aggressive turning. They would also be good beginner bindings because of the comfortable and forgiving ride that they offer.

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Riding Level Beginner - Advanced
Quick Release No
Manufactured in
Canted Footbed Yes
Burton Channel Compatible Yes
Mini disc Yes
Approx. Weight Feels Normal


Boot Support


Turn Initiation




Binding Adjustability Great
Stance Adjustability Great
Comfort Great
Ratchet System Great
Shock Absorption Great

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Nitro Ivy Women's Bindings Video And Written Review Review by The Good Ride

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  No one is perfect and we do make money from the “Where To Buy” links below, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average rider’s perspective.

Days: Multiple runs on various boards during demo days

Riders: Steph

Boots: Vans Ferra

Boards: Nitro Mercy, Nitro Mystique, Nitro Drop

Highback Flex

Medium flex on the highback allowing for side to side movements but still gives you plenty of support.

Boot Adjustability

Easily adjustable for toe and ankle straps, also has the highback rotation option as well as forward lean.

Stance Width Adjustability

Nitro has a specific stance adjuster that locks in your angles so when you adjust your stance width you don’t have to worry about messing up the angles, it is helpful if you like to switch up your stance sometimes.


I found the Ivy bindings to be very comfortable, especially the ankle and toe strap, there is no pinching or squishing of the boot, the toe strap stays firmly in place without having to crank it all the way down, and the ankle strap is nice and soft but gives you support as well as tweak-ability with the “window” in the middle of the strap to allow for more flex. There’s also ample cush in the footbed and under the heel of the boot. The footbed is also canted so your foot sits in a more natural position in the binding.

Boot Support

I found the Ivy bindings to give more of a freestyle type support to your boot. They aren’t very stiff if you like the aggressive binding feel, they are a little more on the playful side but give a medium amount of support.

Turn Initiation

Turning was comfortable and fun, again I found the Ivy bindings to have more of a medium response and feel, so more freestyle and a little all mountain.


Easy and comfortable to tweak and butter around in these bindings. The medium stiff highback offers room for side to side movement, and the flexible ankle strap lets you tweak whichever direction you want.

Ratchet System

The ratchet worked smooth and easy. They didn’t get catchy when trying to take them off quickly and were comfortable against the boot.

Shock Absorption

I found all the Nitro bindings I tried to have great shock absorption. The footbed is very damp and you also have Nitro’s “air dampening” in the heel for hard landings to help prevent heel bruise.


I found the Ivy bindings to be a great all mountain freestyle ride. They are flexible enough to play around but still give you a little support for the more dynamic turning if you want. They are really comfortable and damp and offer that medium support for the freestyle riders who like to take top to bottom laps as well. If you are looking for a more aggressive binding from Nitro I’d go for their Poison bindings.

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