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Mono pods, in my opinion, are the best way to film yourself and others.  Don’t mount a camera on your helmet for all shots.  It’s just booooring and doesn’t show you riding.  Carry a mono pod.  It’s not very hard to use and you get use to it really quick. It’s the best way to film yourself and your friends.

The X-Shot Pro is a huge improvement from the original X-Shot Mono-pod extender. It held up to a lot more abuse than the older models.  I use to constantly break the older models a lot and the X-Shot Pro held up to a season of riding.  I tested the X-Shot Pro with the Drift HD Ghost and Drift Ghost-S which are some of my favorite cameras for snowboarding.

Negatives: There are 2 issues with this mono-pod here.  If they fixed them it would be hard to recommend another mono-pod unless it was free.

1. The extender tube pieces or what ever you call em have a little too much flex and don’t lock into place like many of their competitors.. Although they are thicker they aren’t super tight so it flexes a little too much for my taste.  It doesn’t seem to cause too many issues when filming but it would be nice to see each section lock into place with a twist like some other mono pod competitors do or use some other tech to help it lock into place.

2. The neck piece has a little horizontal wobble that makes it a little more chattery when riding.

Neither of these are deal breakers but I found that other mono


1. The best thing about the X-Shot Pro is the size when it’s compact at 7.5″ which is great for fitting in most jacket pockets.  Almost every other mono-pod that I used doesn’t fit in my jacket or pant pockets without it sticking out.

2. Also it extends to about 31″ which is great for the size. It extends past other mono pods that have a longer shaft and with most cameras you get most of you in the shot.  Also it’s good for getting a closer shot of your friend. So despite the kind of loose extension pieces the X-Shot Pro is a huge improvement over the older model and will work well for those that like to film themselves and others on the mountain.

3.  Also that rubber grip works really well with just about any glove and there is a long easy to get over the glove leash in case you stack trying to go big on film.

4. The mounting system was greatly improved (despite the flaws mentioned above) and now it’s much more sturdy.  Before it was plastic and fell apart mid season but now it’s metal.  It’s much better for taking off and on cameras all season

Video review coming soon…..

So all in all it’s not perfect and I was hoping to have a more stable filming platform.  However nothing fits better in your pocket or extends as far for the size as the X-Shot Pro.  So it’s a tough call as to weather it will work for you or not.  If they can fix the 2 issues I mentioned I don’t think any other mono-pod could compete.

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