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So the Drift Ghost-S is the evolution of the Drift HD Ghost. They look exactly the same but perform differently. The only way you can tell the difference is the lens looks flatter and there is an “S” on the camera. Drift has taken a different approach to competing with Go-Pro than other companies.  It really is a different design and all around feel to the Go-Pro that has a nice appeal to snowboarders. The 2 most important upgrades to us are the improved the video quality and upping the frame rate from 1080/30p to 1080/60p.

The Drift Ghost-S has a few distinctions over most of the popular cameras out there and they really appeal to us for these reasons. 

1. Waterproof up to 9ft without a plastic shell so it’s powder to even rainy day friendly as is on the mountain.  You have access to every control and function even in the rain.

2. It’s got really good battery life.

3. It mounts easily with a low profile on the side of your head, on your goggle strap, on the top of your head (if you want) and on a monopod with little to no fuss.

4. You can mic up if you want.

5. If the lens breaks you can replace it.

6. It comes with a lot of mounting options as well as has some really good accessories like the Drift Monopod and Drift Case.

7. It has a remote you can put on your wrist to start and stop video.

There are a few drawbacks. 

1. If you dive or surf then you have to buy the Drift waterproof case for $49 extra so you can up the waterproofing from 9ft/3m to 180ft/60m. Not a huge drawback but most cameras come with one. For snowboarding it isn’t a drawback because you don’t need a case.

2. It feels a little heavy but so do most cameras in this category.  It’s actually lighter than the now out of business Contour cameras and I’m fine with the xtra weight because the battery life is exceptionally long.

3. 1080/60p is fine enough for most but it’s quality still isn’t up to par with the Sony cams as well as the GoPro cam’s out there.

Here are some clips from Jimbo and I riding around one day.  This was filmed in Normal Mode,1920x1080p, and 60fps but I think Vimeo will strip it down to 1080p/30fps.


Drift Ghost-S Past Reviews

Here is a comparison between the different modes that the Drift Ghost-S has. I personally liked low light mode the best but to each his own.  I would of liked to do this comparison in the snow but summer came up on us fast where I live.

Low Light Mode


Normal Mode


Vivid Mode

Drift Ghost-S Images

We try to get as many images of the Drift Ghost-S, but forgive us if they're not all there.


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