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Snowboard Addiction Balance Bar 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Snowboard Addiction Balance Bar is basically an accessory to the Snowboard Training Board but it’s a great accessory.  The whole idea of the indoor training board and an indoor training jib is a great idea.

Let’s face it.  We all have thought about new things we want to do on the hill.  For some you need a trampoline but for most of us out there it can be practiced on a floor. Jibbing can be intimidating and this training board/balance bar combo can really help you understand in a forgiving way how to hit more narrow jibs. The biggest thing that surprises me is I’ve never seen this before.

What I like the most about the Balance Bar is they created a leggo like attachment to upgrade the bar.  You can add a little attachment to simulate more of a narrow rail like approach. Also it seems like there is a possibility of adding different higher attachments to help you work on bigger jibs. All in all the price is fair and it’s a good summer tool.  It’s a lot better than building your own out of wood.

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