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The Snowboard Addiction Snowboard Training Board is unique to the industry and it’s a great thing to play around with in the summer.  There are 2 models.  The original one and the new one.  The new one is much better for these reasons.

  1. It has a stiffer flex so it’s more like a real snowboard while still not being challenging to try anything.
  2. It also has a normal snowboard base, without catchy edges, so again it’s more like a real snowboard.  It’s highly recommendable over the older model.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  No one is perfect and we do make money from the “Where To Buy” links below, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

All in all it’s a better improvement over the older model and it’s highly recommendable.

Snowboard Addiction Snowboard Training Board Past Reviews

Burton Mission Smalls– I could get the toe straps on pretty tight with normal skate shoes. The Ankle strap barely fits my size 9’s so this will just barely work. I’m lucky because the Grom bindings aren’t as good.

Burton Grom Binding XS– The single strap fits well over my shoe’d foot but it’s a little to short length wise for my foot.

Burton Grom Binding YTH– These fit my feet better but didn’t quite feel as good as the Burton Mission Smalls.

So there isn’t a perfect fit for my feet but the Burton Mission Smalls will work well enough with a thicker high top shoe.  What is good news is Snowboard Addiction will have a binding made for this board out soon that will fix the sizing issues above that I talked about.  Until then I’m going to stick with my Grom Bindings size YTH and just wear thick high top skate shoes or basketball shoes.  If I try more bindings I’ll post em up.

Flex- It’s really soft. It’s even softer than the softest board I tried the Rome Bonless. It flexes super easy and I like the way it does.  Often times I feel a little stress on my hips, ankles and knees when I geek out and put boards, boots and bindings in the house.  I wouldn’t of guessed that this board would be so soft but after trying it I like the flex. I wouldn’t mind it to be a little stiffer but I’d rather have it feel softer than too stiff.

Camber Profile–  If you are only making one type of camber profile continuous rocker is for sure the best call. Flat to rocker wouldn’t of been bad too.  If this idea takes off, which I hope it does I’d like to see them release different flexes and camber profiles.

Size– Just a little bigger than a skate board.  It seems like it’s about 6″-8″ or so longer than a normal skate board.  It feels like an Indoor Burton Nug which is super easy to throw around.

Base– The base is a EVA foam kind of thing that is very sticky when it comes to playing with the balance bar.  It’s a good confidence booster and will help you get the idea down of how to approach a jib. Also it provides a little more shock absorption for playing around in doors.

Feel- It’s got a very easy feel to it that’s almost too easy but I like this for their first model.  Confidence is the theme with this board. It makes you a lot better than you would be on a board.  I think my only complaint is it would be nice to have a way to step up the level after you gain a little more confidence. It might be nice to put a slick cover over the EVA foam bottom to make it more challenging.

All in all I’m very impressed with this little summer training tool and I’m really glad they thought of it. I think any bored summer rider that wants to learn new moves, keep up their muscle memory or hit the trampoline will really like this little indoor training board. It’s not as fun as the Vew Do board but it’s much much better for working on actual snowboard tricks. The combo of the 2 would make for a summer that will keep your muscle memory in check so the start of the winter won’t be as awkward. Hell you might even start out where you left off the first day.

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