OCLU Snow Bundle 2020 Review by The Good Ride

The Snow Bundle from OCLU comes with everything you need to help you get all the shots out on the hill. It comes with a chest mount, a folding grip, and three adhesive mounts.

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How This Review Happened: We were sent this bundle for an extended demo.

Testers: Steph

What’s In The Bundle?


This is OCLU‘s version of the selfie stick. It is a three part telescoping and folding grip mount that allows you to capture yourself doing rad stuff, or your friends too. The OcView is very compact, but the structure is very stable. When it is all compressed down, the OcView measures around 8″ long. Small enough to fit in my jacket pocket!

The OcView is very stable once you tighten all the joints. It did not budge from the position I tightened it to. This is super helpful when you are charging down a run on a snowboard.

It also comes with a wrist strap that you can tighten down so you don’t lose the pole if you take a slam.

The only downside to the OcView for me was that the pole sometimes covered up the snowboard in the video, and also that sometimes I wished it was just a little bit longer. I wasn’t always confident that I was entirely in the shot when shooting myself. I was able to get all of myself in the frame pretty easily using Superview with the OCLU Action Camera, but when shooting without Superview I was always cutting off my head or my feet.


This is the chest mount from OCLU. It comes with 4 adjustable straps that have a silicone backing to help keep them from slipping out of place. The back part of the harness is a flexible rubbery feeling material that moves with you and stays comfortable.

Putting on the OcYou is very simple. Once you get it adjusted to the correct fit, you just slip the two front pieces together, and the tension from the rest of the harness keeps it in place. Removing it is quick and easy as well.

The screen of the OCLU Action Camera is facing up towards you when using the OcYou. So it is easy to see what you are capturing as you are on the move. Overall the chest mount is functional and comfortable. Would be good for skiing, mountain biking, fishing etc.


The last part of the Snow Bundle is the package of OcBonds. These are semi-flexible adhesive mounts that you can stick anywhere you want to mount the Action Camera. I like that the base of the mounts are able to slightly bend into place. So if you are sticking it to a curved surface they will bond better than a mount that is made out of hard plastic. The adhesive seems very durable and pretty thick. The possibilities are endless with where you can attach these mounts. The Snow Bundle comes with three OcBonds.

Overall: If you are looking to kit out your action cam for the slopes, the Snow Bundle has all the things you might need to get started. There’s even a chest mount for your skier friends too! Enough adhesive mounts for your park, free-ride and powder board quiver, and an extendable grip mount for all the selfies and friend shots you need. I felt the quality of the products was high, and they were all very sturdy for filming.

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OCLU Snow Bundle 2020 Review
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