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The Everyday Filter from Epic Water Filters is great for the around town adventures, or for when you have a tap water source available. It is made to use with the filtration bottles from Epic Water Filters. And is easy to switch out with the Outdoor Adventure Filter when you go backpacking or hiking.

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Testers: Steph

Functionality: The  is really simple to install and change out. You just attach it to the straw and screw the lid onto the bottle.

The Everyday Filter removes up to 99.9999% of waterborne pathogens like Giardia and Cryptosporidium. While also removing chlorine, VOCs, heavy metals, industrial pollutants, agricultural runoff and trace pharmaceuticals in addition to 68% of fluoride.

It doesn’t remove biological pathogens like bacteria and viruses. The Outdoor Adventure Filter does that.

You are able to use this filter with any available tap water source you have. It is not rated for rivers, lakes or streams.

If fits in any of their filter bottles and can filter up to 75 gallons of water.

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Epic Water Filters Everyday Filter 2020 Review
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