YES Basic 2014 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

The YES Basic is one of the better low cost all mountain freestyle boards and it fit’s a wide variety of riders. This is a very fun board for an advanced to expert rider on a budget or a beginner to intermediate rider who wants to progress.

2014 Yes Basic Review

The 2014 Yes Basic changed up the camber profile.  Last year Yes moved their flagship boards over to GST and they came back with a little more camber going on and better construction. For 2014 all Yes boards are coming out of the GST factory and that means that the Basic is now made there too. This has more camber going on and it totally changed up the ride for the better. You can tell immediately how the quality of construction changed up the ride.

Size: 157
Days:  2
Conditions: Hard Rockies snow and some practically perfect soft sierra snow as well.
Riders: James and Peter
Boots: Burton ImperialNike Kaiju
Bindings: Burton Cartel, Burton Cartel Limited
Set Up:23″ wide 15 front -15 back centered.

On Snow Feel:  So the old YES Basic felt like a rocker board with a little bit of camber between the feet but now the 2014 Yes basic is a camber board with a little bit of rocker between the feet. It’s still catch free but you get a lot more of a camber feel and spring. This is the kind of board that’s fun just about anywhere and it’s a solid all mountain freestyle board for the price.

Powder:  The older Basic had easier float in powder because there was extra rocker but the extra camber Basic still floats well and wants to stay up in powder. Based on my experience with the YES Asym and the Jackpot the Basic will float similar to that. One of the problems with all mountain freestyle boards like this is they are true twins with a centered stance. This limits and can often eliminate your ability to set the board back for directional float. Most people will be able to set the stance back a little bit but those with narrow or wider stances probably wont be able to get much out of it. Let’s just say that if you prefer directional powder riding a board with a set back stance will do a far better job than the Basic with it’s centered stance.  We do like the extra nose going on. What they did is make the nose on the board rise up a little more than the tail so there is more directional float. I’d love to see them add a -20mm set back so this would have more of an all mountain ride that has better directional float in powder for those who want to surf the white stuff but this is right there with most hybrid shape twins out there when it comes to float.

Turn Initiation and Carving: Before the Yes Basic could turn very easy and quick but with the extra camber it’s still somewhat easy but it’s more snappy and poppy edge to edge.  It makes the ride a lot more fun to turn even though it’s a little bit more challenging edge to edge. Carving really improved. You can lay into a hard carve and get a nice spring out of it. This is great for a directional twin.

Speed: Stable but not a bomber board.  You can get your mountain speed up pretty well and it can straight line but it’s not like the PYL when it comes to speed. The base is extruded but it does keep it’s speed rather well and it’s pretty maintenance free. The extra camber in the profile gives a little more stability and makes it a better ride.

Uneven Terrain:  The narrow waist, forgiving flex make this board easy to deal with emerging moguls on a crowded groomer day and it has good shock absorption. Pair this up with a good shock absorbent binding and it’s going to handle most shitty slow speed conditions fine.

Edge Hold:  Same great grip as before and maybe a touch better.  It’s not an ice specialist but it’s also not grippy in soft snow so it makes for a good all conditions ride.

Flex: There is a little more mustard in the flex this year and it has more snap/pop/spring or what every you want to call it. It’s still on the medium side of soft but it’s just got more return when flexed on the snow.  It’s not as easy to butter but the older basic’s camber profile made it almost too easy.  Not it takes a little more effort but it’s totally doable. It’s a very playful hybrid camber ride.

Switch:  Almost perfect either way as it’s a directional twin with a centered stance. Some might find a difference in the flex if they butter switch but otherwise it’s the same.

Jibbing:  It’s very doable but on the average side of good.  You sacrafice your edge hold but the flex and longer camber profile aren’t bad for hitting average rails and bonks.

Pipe:  What a fun pipe board. It’s got great drive wall to wall and holds an edge well enough to be a dedicated pipe board and it’s still pretty forgiving.

Jumps:   Big improvement here in the jump world.  It pops well and it’s a lot more fun to ollie.  This is equally fun jumping off natural features on the mountain or off kickers of all sizes in the park.

The new camber improvement as well as the boost in quality in the design is the major theme even though there were other minor improvements. The Basic will make a lot of riders happy and it’s a great all mountain freestyle ride.


2013 and Below Yes Basic Review

Size: 157 and 159
Days: 10+
Conditions: Everything from 2′ of thick sierra powder to hard pack with some icy spots.
Riders: James, Peter, Jimbo, Kyle and a few others
Boots:Burton Imperial, Nike Kaiju, Burton SLX, Rome Libertine Pure Flex
Bindings: Union Contact, Burton Co2, Burton Cartel Re:Flex, Flux TT30, Union Contact Pro.
Set Up- Centered, 22.5 and 23″ wide, 15 front -15 back

The YES Basic is a top choice to learn on or satisfy a rider on a lower budget. It’s an all mountain freestyle ride but it’s even good for an aspiring all mountain rider as well. If they made this set back 15 mm it could be a perfect all mountain to all mountain freestyle ride.

For 2013 It seems like it’s only camrock.  What is also cool about the 2012 and 2013 Basic is YES has a size for everyone this year from women to Wide. The 2012 YES Basic comes in two shapes. They offer camber like they did in 2011 and their hybrid camber shape that they call camrock for 2012. We found the 2012 Basic to have a faster base than the 2011 but the 2013 went to extruded. It’s not going to be slightly slower but more durable and require less wax. For an entry level board like this that isn’t a terrible thing but advanced to expert riders will probably prefer the 2012 sintered 6000 base if they like to wax a lot and keep it as fast as possible.  Still the ride is pretty much the same as last year in terms of flex and all around performance. It’s still a favorite.

On Snow Feel: Its very forgiving and catch free but at the same time stable when it comes to one footing off the chair or flat basing through long almost flat slopes. Its got a do everything well confidence inspiring kind of feel for riders of all levels.

Powder: The YES Basic is a really fun board for a twin with a centered stance. We had a day with some powder and another day with some left over powder that was a little over a foot. The basic floated well and if riding switch in powder is your thing this will be a great board.  If you like to set it back and get the most effortless float in powder we feel the Taipan has the advantage here.

Turn Initiation- The Basic can turn very very easy and would be good for just about any level rider.  It’s pretty loose between the feet for a hybrid camber snowboard and almost feels as catch free as a hybrid rocker board without the squirrely feel you get flat basing on hard pack or one footing.  If you make short or wide turns the Basic will be predictable and easy.

Carving- We were able to make a pretty serious carve without washing out and love hybrid camber for this.  It does really well for a board of this flex.

Speed: The Basic is a soft board so this isn’t going to light the world on fire when it comes to fighting chatter at speed.  Still this does a very good job for it’s flex.  It can handle moderate speeds and is good for a board that can jib like this.  It’s a very balanced ride.

Uneven Terrain: Very easy to go over or around bumpy end of the day snow.

Weight-This is right in the middle.

Edge Hold: We liked how this held in just about any condition you want to ride.  It held well in the pipe, on hard pack and did well with just about everything but pure east coast ice.  It’s not going to bite like many magnetraction boards but it does a good job.

Flex: This is a pretty soft board it was smooth when it comes to buttering around the mountain or hitting the jib park.  It’s not a noodle but it’s pretty soft in the tip and tail. The reverse camber starting at the bindings makes for a very easy board to butter and press. If you come from a hybrid rocker board with camber at the tip/tail and try to butter this board you might slide right out on your ass at first because it’s so easy. Once you get use to it it’s really fun because it’s so much more effortless to butter than other boards.

Switch: Its a true twin so it’s perfect switch.

Jibbing- The camber between the feet on this board is not very high and ends at the bindings.  It’s almost like it’s flat so combine that with the soft flex you have a really good rail and jib board.  It almost feels like a flat/rocker board when sliding across a rail or box.  We had a lot of fun in the park with this.

Pipe: Usually a pipe board and a jib park board don’t do well together but the basic was pretty fun in the pipe.  The edges weren’t tainted from too much jib park play so it still held an edge well in the pipe.

Jumps: We had a lot of fun in the roller coaster line.  It was also pretty springy when it came to generating your own air.  In the park or out of the park you will have a good time on the Basic.

All in all we were really impressed with the Basics performance in and out of the park. It rides better than many $500 board we tried.  Well done YES.

Jimbo taking the Basic Camrock throught the park

A quick look at the 2012 YES Basic

The YES Basic 2011 “How it Rides”

How It Rides (2011 camber)
Groomers Good Speed Good Flex Soft Rails/
Powder Average Weight Medium Carving
Good Pipe Good
Turn Initiation Good Edge Hold Good Switch Excellent Jumps Excellent


The Good Ride Take On YES Snowboards
Yes has been around now for a few years and has established itself as one of the better hybrid camber snowboards in the US.  We are big fans of hybrid camber because it’s stable between the feet, has good edge hold and is very floaty in powder.    The guys who designed these boards are from Burton and they had Nidecker make the boards.  Nidecker has been around since 1984 and has an amazing reputation in Europe.  They just haven’t found a way to correctly market themselves in the US which is a shame because they make great boards.  YES did have some cosmetic issues with their boards but most of that is behind them now. Our biggest complaint is that we’d like to see Women’s boards and Wide boards from YES as well.   Almost every board from YES is well thought out and usually won’t disappoint.

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Price US $399

YES Basic Review And Buying Advice

Approx. Weight

Feels Normal

Riding Style

All Mountain Freestyle

Riding Level

Beginner - Expert

Available Widths

Women's, Regular, Mid/Wide, Wide

Manufactured in



True Twin

Camber Profile

Hybrid Camber



On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation




Edge Hold

Hard Snow







Uneven Terrain










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YES Basic Review And Buying Advice SKU UPC Model

Yes Basic model 2012 - in begginer lvl

Apr 24, 2014 by Radek K?rka
Ability Level: Begginer • 
Riding Style: Goofy • 
Days You Ride A Year: 20-30 • 
Strengths: Stability on uneven • 
Weaknesses: Landing after jump • 
(for Boards, Boots & Bindings) Height, Weight And Boot Size: Yes Basic (2012) 162cm / Burton Cartel 2013 / Burton Ruler 2013 (8,5 US) 

The Yes basic is really good board, I have learned with really old and unfit bord of my gf, so I have felt real difference. I ride a maintained hills with some icy areas. Board stand it easy, also good for jumps really easy to go to the air... (I need more skill for landing, board can help you get skills, never gives it to you xD). Very easy turns even switch. I am happy i have bought that one ! Recommand it !

5.0 5.0 1 1 The Yes basic is really good board, I have learned with really old and unfit bord of my gf, so I have felt real difference. I ride a maintained hills with some icy areas. Board sta YES Basic Review And Buying Advice

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