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Capita Paradise Falls Snowboard Review

Capita Paradise Falls 2017 Review by The Good Ride

The Capita Paradise Falls is the female equivalent of the Men’s Outerspace Living but the camber profile in the demo model we received didn’t have the same look. The rocker wasn’t as pronounced and neither was the camber.  It looked more like a flat to rocker board or a board with a micro camber and rocker.  My guess is the production model’s camber profile will look more like the Outerspace Living. Regardless of the camber profile Steph really liked this board.

Size: 145
Days:  1
Conditions:  Mostly hard crappy snow with some patches.
Riders: Steph
Boots: Salomon Kiana
Bindings:  Union Trilogy
Set Up: Centered 12 front -12 back 21″ wide

Approximate Weight: Felt medium to medium light.

On Snow Feel: Nice stable board that’s easy to flat base and one foot.  What we like about hybrid camber boards like this is that they have a nice forgiving catch free stability that flat to rocker boards have but with more spring like a camber board.

Edge Hold: Steph felt that it was good enough in the harder snow we had and she could get it to hold its edge but she didn’t really want to commit to a harder turn

Flex: Good flex that feels a touch softer/easy to butter on snow in the tip/tail but medium between the feet for stability at speed.

Turn Initiation:  Steph liked the turn initiation and felt it had good spring edge to edge riding regular or switch.

Skidded Turns: Really easy to skid your turns and it’s an easy fit for an intermediate rider who skids their turns but is working to transition to someone who makes proper turns.  Nice pop edge to edge and it can turn quickly in tight spots.

Carving:  Steph didn’t’ really get to test this the way she wanted to on a carve because of the harder snow.  Even the softer areas weren’t big enough to lay it out so it she’s a little inconclusive on this.  All we can say is it’s not the kind of board you want to take out in harder conditions and carve.  Since this is supposed to be the female equivalent to the Outerspace living then it should be fun in soft snow because the guys had a lot of fun in better conditions carving that.

Powder:  Hopefully the production model will have more rocker in the tip/tail and this should be a fun ride for a twin.  However if you like to set it back and ride one direction in powder this isn’t your best option. It’s best for those like Steph that ride switch a lot in powder so they like to be centered in all conditions.

Speed: Good speed and it’s got a flex similar to directional all mountain boards.

Uneven Terrain:  It was to hard to really test there.

Switch: It’s a true twin so very good.  The only thing better would be an asymmetrical twin.

Jibbing: We didn’t’ jib that day because the snow was too hard in the park.

Pipe: No pipe available at the time to test with but it seems like a pretty good pipe board.

Jumps: Very good pop and like most Capita boards it has a nice lively feel underfoot. It’s not quite the pop star that the BOA is but it’s close.  Still I think all the women at The Good Ride would prefer this over the BOA when it comes to an all around ride because it’s better in powder and more forgiving.

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