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Burton Blunt Review And Buying Advice

Burton Blunt 2015 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton Blunt went from Camber to what Burton Calls V-Rocker and they have added a new Flat to Rocker design to now.  The Burton blunt is incredibly forgiving/catch free and is a cheap entry level park board.  The ride is fun and very playful but it’s missing the edge hold for an all conditions ride that many hybrid to rocker boards have these days.

The 2015 Burton Blunt has the same shape but a few upgrades that make the ride a little better.
1. A lighter snappier core that will give the ride a little more pop and be a little easier on your foot when riding the chair.

2. A better base that isn’t extruded. It’s sintered.  it doesn’t mean it blows doors on the old extruded base because it’s not a top notch sintered base but it is an improvement.  It just means that with a good wax job it will glide a little longer in the flats and pick up speed a little easier.

Size: 157
Days:  1
Conditions: Hard Sierra snow with only a few patches of good snow here and there.
Riders: James
Boots: Burton Imperial
Bindings:  Burton Cartel Limited,
Set Up: Centered 23″ wide 15 front -15 back

On Snow Feel: It is a little more stable at moderate speeds due to the less aggressive rocker curve they call Flat Top.  In a lot of ways you could call this flat to rocker but it still has a lot of continuous rocker characteristics that make the board a little less stable than you would think. However in the park you will find this to be a friendly board for what most want to do there.  Just don’t get this thinking you want to tackle the whole mountain, learn to carve or really get a big ollie going.  It’s a forgiving catch free ride.

Powder: No powder to speak of but I’m sure it will float like all flat to rocker bordering on continuous rocker twins do.  Very good compared to boards that are mostly camber and camber.  Very good for learning to ride in powder for a centered stance.

Turn Initiation and Carving:  Its easy edge to edge and pretty forgiving for making small to medium turns.  Worthless on a carve and very washy. You have to check your self on wider radius turns as well.

Speed:  The base is extruded which means it’s sturdy and easy to maintain but doesn’t ride as fast as sintered bases.  This is more stable than Burtons V-Rocker and arguably their Flying V-Rocker as well but it’s still not a bomber board by any means.  It keeps its speed ok but it’s not the best for getting through a long flat cat track. The 2015’s sintered base is going to keep it’s speed a little better in a flat cat track and pick up speed a little quicker on your way to a kicker if it’s waxed well.  If it isn’t waxed well you probably won’t know the difference.

Uneven Terrain:  Burton’s boards know how to flex and keep their flex. One quality about Burton is their incredibly forgiving boards for dealing with bumpy snow.  Pair this up with Burton EST or RE:Flex bindings and you have a very shock absorbent set up.

Edge Hold: Most boards with rocker in the profile need extra edge hold so they have what was called pressure edge distribution or now it’s called “Frostbite Edes”.   It’s very mellow and they push out less than a millimeter at each foot to give you a little more grip.  We found this to be better than a regular side cut but we’d like to see a wider or longer extension of what they call frostbite edges.  If this had a bit more edge hold this could be a much better all condition ride.  Instead its better to take this out when the conditions are good.

Flex:  Very mellow flex that is very easy to butter.  I was on Re:Flex bindings but with EST it would be even easier.

Switch:  Same way either direction.

Jibbing:  For riding rails and hitting jibs the extruded base is easier on the average rider. I’m not a good jibber but I felt more at home here than I did everywhere else.

Pipe:  I wasn’t confident enough with the edge hold to take it in the pipe.

Jumps:  Not bad for an ollie but it doesn’t have the spring that V-Rocker and Flying V-Rocker Burton boards do. It’s got an easy approach to a kicker and it feels pretty stable here.

This is not ideal if you are a heavier rider so you want to follow the weight recommendations rather closely.    So if you are looking for a low budget rocker park board to ride in good conditions this might work for you.

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