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Bataleon Goliath Review And Buying Advice

Bataleon Goliath 2013 - 2011 Review by The Good Ride

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The Bataleon Goliath is a good do anything all mountain freestyle to freestyle kind of snowboard.   Triple base tech is interesting and as of late you see other companies using similar tech on some of their freestyle boards. So if you are up for the spring that camber offers but still want a catch free ride when hitting the park the Bataleon Goliath will do a good job for you. 

Size: 158
Days: 1
Conditions: Good conditions with some occasional hard spots.
Riders: James
Boots: Burton Imperial
Bindings: Union SL’s
Set Up- Centered around 23″ wide 15 Front and -12 Back

The Bataleon Goliath has a good semi-aggressive approach to all mountain freestyle riding that gives you the feeling of camber but the catch free feel of rocker.  The Bataleon Goliath went from a more all mountain freestyle board to more of a freestyle board for 2013.  It dropped the -10 setback and became much more of a centered freestyle to all mountain freestyle ride.

On Snow Feel: This has the feel and ride of a catchy board without the catch.  It’s super stable and feels like you could catch an edge but you dont.  It flat bases really well, super easy to one foot and all around a fast stable ride.  It can take on the mountain in a more edge to edge all mountain kind of way or in a spinny freestyle kind of way

Powder: Not a great powder board.  It’s better than your average camber board because the sides are turned up a little bit. It kind of cancels out the downward bend and isn’t bad for an accomplished rider. It feels kind of neutral in the snow which reminds me of a flat or mostly flat board. It has a very skate like feel and doesn’t surf powder.  The sub 2013 models are better in powder due to the set back stance. The 2013 has an extra inch in the nose which helps for directional powder riding but it’s still not going to really fix the

Turn Initiation and Carving: Pretty easy edge to edge. The board’s edge meets the snow in the middle but the tip and tail is turned up and it can be a little weird.  What I mean by weird is not loose but sometimes a little more difficult getting to your edge on shorter radius turns in harder snow.  Laying into a harder carve isn’t terrible but it’s not great either. There is a little spring out of the turn and it’s a pretty fun all around ride if you get use to the tripple base tech in all conditions.

Speed: Not bad for a board of this design and it’s pretty stable at moderate speeds.

Uneven Terrain: Not bad when conditions get rough or semi-bumpy at the end of a crowded Saturday.

Approximate Weight- Pretty light.  Nothing exceptional but probably on the lighter side of medium.

Edge Hold: We’d like to see a little more going on with the side cut to grip a little more.  It’s on the average side of good.

Flex: Pretty middle ground.

Switch: Perfect switch because it’s now a twin. The older models were almost perfect.

Rails/Jibs– Not bad but also not a jib specialist.

Pipe: Camber is fun in the pipe but we’d like the edge hold to be a little better.  It’s good but something felt off compared to the average pipe board that we prefer.

Jumps: Pretty fun to jump in or out of the park. It’s got decent spring and it’s not bad at all to ollie.  Some don’t like the triple base camber when approaching the jumps. If you like to spin off jumps it’s really fun but if you like to be slightly on edge it can feel uncomfortable at first. Some get use to it and some don’t.  Still this is a great jump board.

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Bataleon Goliath Review And Buying Advice SKU UPC Model

Bataleon Goliath

Jun 17, 2013 by Tommy
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: Freestyle • 
Days You Ride A Year: 120 

I rode this board all season.

My thoughts are with the good ride team however i would disagree on the flex of this board. I find it pretty stiff and I am unable to butter on it. I ride a 156 and it is a bit of a beast.

4.0 4.0 1 1 I rode this board all season.My thoughts are with the good ride team however i would disagree on the flex of this board. I find it pretty stiff and I am unable to butter on it. Bataleon Goliath Review And Buying Advice

Riding Style

All Mountain Freestyle

Riding Level

Intermediate - Expert

Available Widths

Regular, Mid/Wide, Wide

Manufactured in


True Twin

Camber Profile

Hybrid Camber



Approx. Weight

Feels Normal

On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation




Edge Hold

Medium Snow







Uneven Terrain