Burton Ion 2014 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton Ion is an expensive and very well known boot that has a few upgrades in 2014.  You should expect a boot of this price to do more for you and Burton delivered here. This has a unique look and one feature almost unique to the industry. The boot has a design that they call and “auto cant”.  It feels like a normal boot except that it rolls easy on the inside and to many it alleviates pressure on the joints in your body

Regarding the Burton Ion Auto Cant: Burton has a unique thing going on with a few of their boots and this is one of them. The Burton Ion has a sole that rolls easy inward to line your ankles, knees and hips up better with your stance width.  It’s easier on the body and has less fatigue. It’s also doable with Burton’s Auto Cant bindings as well as Canted bindings from other companines.

Regarding Reduced Footprint: Burton’s foot print is almost a full size smaller on the outside but the same size on the inside. So a size 10 boot is still a size 10 on the inside but more like a size 9 on the outside.  This really reduces toe drag and Burton is the best in the industry when it comes to this. The warmth and feel of the ride is unaffected and all you have is a boot less likely to catch the snow on a hard turn or in steep terrain.  This is great for those that have big feet, ride narrow waist boards or are in between board and binding sizing.

The Burton Ion 2014 Review

Days: 3 on the 2014 and hundreads on the previous years models.

Riders: James, Peter, Eli and a few others
Bindings: Burton CartelBurton Cartel LimitedBurton DiodeUnion ForceFlux DMCCFlux SF45,Burton GenesisUnion SLUnion Contact ProBurton Cartel ESTBurton Malavita EST Burton Diode EST and many more
Boards: Jones Mountain TwinGnu Impossible SeriesYes GreatsRossignol One MagtekLib Tech Burtner Box ScratcherNever Summer ProtoNever Summer CobraLib Tech TRSLib Tech Lando PhoenixLib Tech Hot KnifeArbor CodaBurton BarracudaBurton Nug Flying VGnu Space CaseGnu Riders ChoiceSlash ATV,Yes Jackpot and many more.

Flex:  The 2014 Burton Ion has stiffened up it’s flex and the overall feel of the Ion is a little more on the stiffer supportive side than previous years models.  The Ion Leather is even stiffer and closer to the Burton Driver X.

Comfort:  All years we have come across are very comfortable and the 2012 plus models offer up almost day one comfort.  They break in incredibly easy without breaking you in the process. You would expect this at the high price point but not all high end boots deliver like the Ion. The Ion Leather was not as comfortable as the regular Ion but it’s still pretty comfortable and just needs more time to break in.

Heel Hold: The heel hold is good enough for most and none of us here at The Good Ride have had any issues with our heels lifting. It holds without feeling tight and constrictive which is a great thing. If you have problems with a smaller ankle or a heel that often lifts up the Burton Ion should work but the boot doesn’t have the grip of higher end BOA competitors. You can put in J-Bars around the ankles though to secure the boots even more. Sometimes Burton provides them but if not you can buy J-Bars from other providers

Adjustability:  What we love about Burton Speed Lace is it allows you to to have complete separation between your upper and lower lacing. This gives Burton the Advantage over BOA here because even most Double BOA boots don’t have complete separation. They usually share the ankle where Burton doesn’t. So BOA win’s on heel hold but Burton is the hands down winner for adjustability. Also Speed lace is easy and almost as easy as BOA.

Flex Retention:  The 2013 and Below Burton Ion’s did very well but the 2014 Burton Ion has a few upgrades that make it the better choice. There is a new liner that has a different material that is made to last a lot longer and retain it’s original flex longer. Before the Flex retention was good but now the Ion can last a lot longer than before without going completely noodle on you. It’s still not like the SLX but it’s a lot better than the previous years models. Also the reinforcement around the toe has been beefed up so it will not break down as easy after many days on the hill.

Response:  The Ion is smooth but very responsive and fine for even challenging boards.  It doesn’t have the sharp response of the Driver X but it’s got a more well rounded response that is fine with a park board or a challenging to turn Freeride board. It’s hard to describe but it just does an amazing job with just about any board you want to ride. The Ion is best more in the middle but it’s still great with Very challenging and Easy Turning boards. The Ion Leather is a little more responsive and closer to the Driver X but still has more of a smooth ride like an Ion.

Traction:  Excellent in just about any condiiton.

Shock Absorption:  The last few years The Burton Ion has reduced it’s cushioning by a lot and not it’s pretty thin.  It still has good shock absorption but they are going more for feel than shock absorption these days. The older models use to have a pillow under your foot that was un-matched. I’d personally like to see something in the middle closer to the Imperial and SLX .

Regardless of wether you buy the 2014 or 2013 Ion they are all great. The 2014 offers up a little more support, a stronger flex and a longer lasting flex than the older Ion so it seems like there is some improvement going on here.


Burton Ion 2013-2010 Review

It’s very similar to the 2012 except it’s lighter and the flex seems a little softer.  Both the 2012 and 2013 Boots are a good call.

Flex:What some might like or dislike about the Ion is the flex feels softer on the shelf but when you get it on it’s very supportive. The boot is definitely better for stiff to medium boards but we have had no problems riding this boot with softer boards. It seems to adapt well to the board under foot.

Comfort: The Burton Ion is sooooooo light and sooo comfortable. Each year it keeps getting easier on the feet and staying ahead of the competition in terms of comfort.  In 2012 they tweaked the fit a little more to give the Ion Even though the boots have softened up the last few years their aren’t additional pressure points. It’s a boot you can go out at night with too if you want.

Heel Hold: If you are the average rider the heel will be locked in as soon as it’s tightened up correctly.  Burton’s boots seem to accomodate the widest variety of users with their boots.

Upper and Lower Adjustability: The dual zone lacing system keeps adjust-ability at its finest.  In our opinion Speed Zone Lacing is allot better than BOA if you crank your boots up really tight. It’s very hard to create a pressure point no matter how tight you make them.  Its not lightning quick but much easier than lacing. You have four things to adjust and fasten before getting it right. 2 inner and 2 outer.  For 2011 and 2012 The Ion has improved the longevity of the Speed Laces. Before the laces would start coming apart at the end of a 100 day season which was frustrating.  Now they make it through the whole season without even a sign of wear.

Response:  To us response and comfort are the two most important things in a boot. So you know this is comfortable but how is the  The Burton Ions are a light mid to almost soft flexing boot that some how creates the response of a super stiff boot.  This is hard to describe but the boots seem to help you get ready for the next turn. This is something that we haven’t experienced in any other boot and it’s very unique. We can’t put a finger on what tech makes this boot so adaptive to any condition. It’s probably a combo of forward lean reflex tech and other tech beyond our comprehension.   We’ll just give up and say this boot is an industry leader when it comes to response. It’s a great freeride boot but it’s also tweakable for park riding (even jibbing) which again is rather unique.

Traction: The traction is great on just about anything you walk on. The rubber works very well on ice or deep snow.

Sole Cushioning: The sole cushioning is great in the heel with the air cushioning. Its not marketed very much but there is some sort of air spacing between the white part of the inner sole and what ever is inside. What ever it is the result is an incredibly smooth ride. Heel hold is stepping up but it would be great to have perfect fit without having to fu^& around with the J-Bar inserts. When they are in its hard to take out the liners to dry without ruining the J-Bars and your perfect heel hold. That is why its an 8. This boot makes board and bindings feel like they are all one. Especially if you have a burton binding. Burton has allot of competitors now and its hard to stay at the top so give them big ups for this boot. Also bitch at them for making them soo expensive!!!!! For 2012 the large deep padding system has been removed to make the boot lower profile. This is to work better with the est binding system.  It’s still good with shock absorption but we liked the older versions better.

All in all the Burton Ion is one of the more diverse all around boots you can buy.  We’d like to see this add some better ankle articulation but this boot still blows doors and will integrate well with just about any type of set up you can find.

2012 Burton Ion- For 2012 the stiffness is about the same but the comfort is a little better than the 2011′s. They also added a cant in the sole of the boot.  to allow your hips to align better with the board/bindings.  It’s not really a cant like you see in many bindings these days.  Instead the boot just seems to roll easier to the inside than a regular boot. It doesn’t walk funny or anything.  The new low profile set up also removed a majority of the super thick/cush padding most people expect with the older Ion’s.  The “auto cant” tech was a nice leap in tech so even though it’s not as shock absorbent in the past it’s still hands down the choice over the past models.

2011 Burton Ion- Burton stiffened things up a bit and but not as much as before 2010.  Their boots also have a more solid feel that offers the support we expect from Burotn.

2010 Burton Ion- In 2010 the Ion like all Burton boots was made really soft compared to the 2008 and 2009 models. The Ion wasn’t stiff to begin with so some weren’t happy.

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Price US $429

Board Type

Challenging - Easy Turning

Riding Level

Intermediate - Expert

Lacing Type

Speed Lace

Manufactured in




Turn Initiation




Heel Hold




Reduced Footprint


Flex Retention


Shock Absorption




On & Off Ease


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Burton Ion Review And Buying Advice SKU UPC Model

burton ion 2014

Apr 24, 2014 by f c wiss
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: Freeride • 
Days You Ride A Year: 15-20 • 
Strengths: Carving,pow • 
Weaknesses: Park • 
(for Boards, Boots & Bindings) Height, Weight And Boot Size: 6'2",210,10 

bought these after reading the good ride reviews, and trying on a bunch of different boots.really happy with these boots. they're very stiff, supportive, and responsive.hold is great, feet and ankles feel very secure in these. the lacing system is awesome-super easy and fast to get exactly the right tightness and stays tight all day. no foot pain at all, from day one onward. my feet did get cold on a day with wind chills -20-30; but that's probably true of most boots(?). riding with burton diodes and 163 rossi krypto. they are more expensive than most boots, but to have happy feet and a secure ride for the next few years, it's worth it.

Burton Ion boots

Apr 24, 2014 by Craig
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: All mountain • 
Days You Ride A Year: 20 • 
Strengths: Pow • 
Weaknesses: Park • 
(for Boards, Boots & Bindings) Height, Weight And Boot Size: 6'1" 200 Mens 10.5 

Burton Ion Boot
Bought the boots for 20% off, not sure they are worth full retail at over $400. Pretty happy so far they are a good medium stiff boot, pretty comfortable. I'm riding these with Ride Capo bindings and a 167cm Ride Berzerker board. I fit size 10.5 in these the last two pairs of boots i had were K2 T1's both were size 10. When I put these next to my size 10 K2's they are pretty much the same length, so Im not convinced of the reduced foot print claim. Also the auto canting, I not really feeling that. Otherwise Im really happy with the boots. I agree with the review The Good Ride has for the most part. Medium/stiff, great heel hold for me and used with the Ride Capos I get great response from my 167cm Berzerker. I like the speed lace better than the BOA system you can fine tune how tight you run the upper and lower zones. Overall I would give the boots 5/5 for performance 3.5 out 5 for value. If you can find these on sale you will get a great boot.

Ion Leather 2014

Mar 25, 2014 by Christophe
Ability Level: Quite Good • 
Riding Style: Agressive • 
Days You Ride A Year: +/- 50 • 
Strengths: My boards • 
Weaknesses: Me...Lol • 
(for Boards, Boots & Bindings) Height, Weight And Boot Size: 1m78, 80kg, 43 (sorry i'm French...) 

Flex / Response: 4,5/5

After changing old boots for brand new ones with a huge flex it\'s always disrupting.

Disrupting but FUC...G effective!!!! WOOW!

Despite the sensation to don\'t have ankles during the first time....every thing i tried passed with a disconcerting ease.

Everything looks easier and powerfull...Switch, rotations, carving...

After 1 days and the \"strange\" (new) sensation passed...it\'s pure pleasure!

Comfort: 2/5

To me, the only \"not so good\" point.

I know i have an agressive ride, but i had pain during the first days.

It seems to be better after some days...

Heel Hold: 5/5

Totally all right with your analyse: The heel hold is good, It holds without feeling tight and constrictive which is a great thing.

Adjustability: 5/5

The tuff_cuff (internal clamping) is very effective. And the upper and lower zone system ever been such a good thing to adjust the boots easily and quickly.

Traction: 5/5

All good.

Shock Absorption: 3/5

Totally all right with your analyse: It still has good shock absorption but they are going more for feel than shock absorption. Very good in the park when the landing is sloping, but when the landing is flat it hits a bit hard.


I\'m very happy with my new \"toys\", i just want to be on next saturday to be sure the comfort problem is just a question of break-in...

4.7 5.0 3 3 bought these after reading the good ride reviews, and trying on a bunch of different boots.really happy with these boots. they're very stiff, supportive, and responsive.hold is gre Burton Ion Review And Buying Advice

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