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Smokin Buck Ferton 2013-2017 Snowboard Review

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Riding Style Freestyle
Riding Level Beginner - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 8-10
Manufactured in Lake Tahoe USA
Shape True Twin
Camber Profile Hybrid Rocker
Stance Centered
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Split No
Powder Average
Base Glide
Carving Good
Speed Good
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Great
Jumps Great
Jibbing Great
Pipe Great
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns




Edge Hold

Hard Snow

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Smokin Buck Ferton 2017 - 2013 Review by The Good Ride

Smokin Buck Ferton is a board that really warmed up on us for 2017 and we feel it’s a great park board. We aren’t for embracing hate but its undeniable that this ride tickled our taints.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

Size: 151
Days:  1
Conditions:  Really fun
Riders: James, Peter, Jimbo, Kyle
Boots: Burton SLXBurton AMB, forgot what Peter was wearing.
Bindings: Union Contact
Set Up:    Centered 15 front -15 back

Approximate Weight: Felt normal

Flex: So the board we had was really unique with the flex.  It was soft in the middle but medium/soft in the tip/tail so it really has a middle bending point.

On Snow Feel:  The Smokin Buck Ferton had a mellow rocker and mellow camber so it’s a little more stable between the feet than other hybrid rocker boards we tried.

Edge Hold: This mellow magnetraction is very similar to Mervin’s .5 MTX that’s their mid-range grip that doesn’t grab too much in soft snow and handles harder snow that most would want to ride in.

Turn Initiation: The 151 is a pretty small board but it felt like it rode and turned bigger than it’s size.  We were all surprised that the 151 acted the way it did underfoot.

Skidded Turns: Very easy to skid turns and it’s a forgiving ride for riders of all ability levels.

Carving: For a hybrid rocker twin of this size it carves well enough but we could get more of a carve-out of boards like the Jackpot or Funslinger. It’s not what really shines on this board but

Speed: It’s no bomber and it prefers the park but it’s ok to ride the mountain if you are going to turn it into the park

Uneven Terrain: It just bends and flexes over or around uneven messy resort snow.

Powder: It’s a twin that runs on the smaller size.  Even the 151 worked well for us and it’s a size we would be comfortable owning so not going to be a champ in the deep stuff.

Switch: Almost as good as the Awesemmetrical and it’s a true twin so it will be the same either way.

Jibbing: Such an easy flex for jibbing and it made me, who is old broken and not a strong jibber, want to jib.

Pipe: I had fun in the pipe and liked it there. It’s pretty fun for being such a good jibber and it’s something you can take anywhere in the park.

Jumps: Very poppy and we are wondering where they hid the pop in this ride.  It was super easy to ollie with and very easy to hit small to medium kickers with.  We didn’t go any bigger but it didn’t seem like

So yeah the name harbors a lot of industry insider resentment that we have heard a lot about but can’t really comment on because we weren’t even inside the industry to witness first hand.   We can only comment on what we know for certain and that’s how good this board rides.


Smokin Buck Ferton Past Reviews

Smokin Buck Ferton is a playful park board that felt a little different than the Super Park.  It felt more solid and thick.  More like a heavy indestructible park board made to last 100+ day. Smokin and Mervin both have heavier well built boards. This is a pretty snappy playful park board.

Size 155


Conditions: Mostly hard snow with some softer spots

Riders: James, Peter and Kyle

Boots: Burton Ion (Ironic eh?), Nike Kaiju, DC Judge

Bindings: Union SL

Set Up- Centered 23″ wide 15 front -15 back

On Snow Feel: The Buck Ferton is pretty stable between the feet for a hybrid rocker shape and it has a thick swarthy feel to it. One footing and flat basing is pretty good and stable in most conditions.  It can be loose and playful for park riding but also is not bad at all playing around the mountain.

Powder: No powder here but like many hybrid rocker twins it should be more than fine here for keeping afloat in either direction for an all mountain freestyle approach to the mountain.

Turn Initiation– It’s easy but it doesn’t feel that quick to me.  Kyle felt it was pretty quick but we all felt that it’s easy to get from edge to edge and the feeling felt pretty good. Small to medium radius turns perform well that do a decent job.  The edge hold is really good and the tip/tail isn’t very washy for being higher off the ground than the center when it comes to a carve. It’s nothing exceptional but it’s enough to be able to do it so that’s pretty good for this camber profile.

Speed: The base seemed fine and the flex seemed to hold well. The board we tried is new so the flex will get softer and a little more chatter. It rode better than we thought and feels pretty middle ground here.

Uneven Terrain: Not bad here either and better when it breaks in.

Edge Hold: Great board for those that ride in icy conditions because it has a good grip on the snow we rode.  You can tell though that if you rode in soft perfect snow or thicker wet snow it would be grippy like all aggressive Magnetraction boards are.

Flex: Its medium flex allows you to butter/press but it’s not super easy and it felt like a balanced board for slow speed play that can also do alright if you pick up a little speed.

Switch: It’s a true twin so it’s the same either way.

Jibbing– As the Buck breaks in and gets softer it should get better but out of the rapper it’s pretty middle ground.

Pipe: Pretty good in the pipe.  It’s a great board for someone who wants to progress in the pipe.  It’s got excellent edge hold to give you confidence and a much less catchy tip/tail.  If you are an accomplished pipe rider you will like this but other boards with more camber drive wall to wall might call out to you more.

Jumps: Pretty poppy and easy to snap an Ollie out of this. It also did not feel sketchy approaching moderate size kickers.

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