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Rome Crail Review And Buying Advice

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Riding Style All Mountain
Riding Level Beginner - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 8-10
Manufactured in
Shape Directional
Camber Profile Hybrid Camber
Stance Setback -20mm
Approx. Weight Feels Light
Powder Average
Turning Experience Great
Carving Great
Speed Great
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Average
Jumps Good
Jibbing Average
Pipe Great
On Snow Feel

Semi-Locked In

Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns






Edge Hold

Medium Snow

Rome Crail 2012 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

2010 & 2011- Camber Directional Shape  2012- Hybrid Camber Directional Shape The Crail is a mellow version of the Rome Headline.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

For 2012 the Crail added the hybrid camber tech that is in the Rome Headline which improves performance in powder a bit.  It’s still not like a board with a lot of rocker in the nose but it’s better than the old camber model.

They also added the “Quickrip” Side Cut which makes for an excellent edge hold and carving.  It really improves the ride over the 2010 and 2011 models.

The Rome Crail is perfect for anyone who wants to get their edge to edge transitioning down and begin the road to understanding an aggressive approach to every aspect of all mountain riding.

It’s also a great entry level freeride board that will help you learn how to correctly carve out a good turn.

Even though the Crail has a shape of the Anthem and Headline it has a softer flex so it makes for a more versatile directional board.  It’s not going to have the speed or stiffer dynamic feel of the Headline but it will be easier to turn and more forgiving.

All in all it’s a good ride favorite for those who want to get into the mostly mountain riding game at a low price.

The 2010/2011 Rome Crail is a solid camber board that can be used just about anywhere.  This is one of our favorite directional all mountain camber boards in this price range.

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Rome Crail Review And Buying Advice SKU UPC Model

Great board!

Feb 08, 2018 by Don
Ability Level: Intermediate • 
Riding Style: Carve, surf • 
Days You Ride A Year: 15 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 6", 84kg, 9,5 US 

This board helped me go from a very confident beginner/intermediate rider to an intermediate/advanced rider over a relatively short time (3 x 15 day trips in Europe). Maybe my competitive surfing background also helped, but nonetheless, I find the Crail to be very forgiving, goes well in all conditions and has allowed me to improve my carving abilities with confidence. Used a ski app on our last trip and my speed is usually between 55-65kmh (highest recorded 75), which might seem slow to many, but my focus is all mountain "surfing", no parks, hardly any switch, etc. even though I feel it's time to upgrade, I'd highly recommend this board to anyone on a tight budget or a beginner/intermediate who wants to progress.

5.0 5.0 1 1 This board helped me go from a very confident beginner/intermediate rider to an intermediate/advanced rider over a relatively short time (3 x 15 day trips in Europe). Maybe my comp Rome Crail Review And Buying Advice

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