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Ride Crook Review And Buying Advice

Ride Crook 2015 - 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Ride Crook is a really fun well balanced freestyle board that is very snappy poppy and playful but still offers stability between the feet.  It didn’t have that Ride Ultra damp feeling and all of us really liked this as a park specialist that can offer a little bit more.

Not much changed for 2015 since it’s debut in 2014. It’s still a very fun entry level freestyle board.

Size: 155
Days: 2
Conditions:  Soft Snow one day and primarily hard snow with some softer snow the next.
Riders: James and Peter,
Boots: Burton IonNike Kaiju,
Bindings: Ride Rodeo
Set Up:  Centered Stance, 15 front -15 back 23″ wide

On Snow Feel: Very stable between the feet because of the flat to rocker profile between the feet.  It makes it very easy for beginner freestyle to all mountain freestyle riders to get off the chair or deal with long flat runs that can be awkward when you have rocker between the feet. It’s got a stable but very catch free confidence inspiring ride for riders of almost any level.  It works for an expert park rider on a budget and a beginner rider that wants to progress without having to buy a new board. It’s got a light snappier feel to it.

Powder:  We did not get any powder but we have ridden other ride twins with flat to rocker and this should be pretty good for taking a freestyle approach to the fluffy stuff. It should be really fun if the powder is light and fluffy but will be a little more work if you encounter thick deep powder like you find near the West Coast.

Turn Initiation and Carving: Pretty easy edge to edge for a rider that skids their turns and not bad for a rider that actually likes to rail a turn as well.  It’s quick without being twitchy for short radius turns and pretty good for a soft flat-rocker twin when making wide radius turns and doesn’t feel completely lifeless.  Its not great on a carve but it doesn’t wash out unless there is a lot of pressure.

SpeedThis doesn’t have the ultra damp Ride feel and you can feel the board chatter under foot when you pick up speed.  It’s fine for most places in the park but on the mountain you can begin to see it’s weaknesses.

Uneven TerrainYou can handle a crowded Saturday all day because of it’s soft flex but there is some pass through when it comes to hitting smaller bumps or riding a hard bumpy groomer.

Edge HoldPretty good here.  We had some hard (not icy) snow and the edge held well.  Right out of the wrapper this felt pretty good and almost great but over time it’s not going to hold like other boards with a little extra mustard in the side cut.

FlexIt felt pretty soft but some how lively and kind of snappy. Usually a Ride board can handle just about any weight rider but

SwitchLike all true twins it’s really easy.

JibbingVery easy to hit just about any feature in the jib park and it’s a confidence inspiring ride here.

PipeIt wasn’t bad in the pipe for such a soft jib specific board but after a few weeks in the jib park the edge hold will be gone and this won’t feel as good as it did for us.

Jumps: It’s not the poppiest thing that we have encountered but there is something about it that makes it really fun to ollie.  It’s got an easy snap to it that makes it fun for riders of all levels to generate their own air on.  It also has a stable confidence inspiring approach to kickers.

This is a mostly freeestyle/park board that many will enjoy

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