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Palmer Honeycomb Review And Buying Advice

Palmer Honeycomb 2012 - 2011 Review by The Good Ride

The Palmer Honeycomb is a mid/wide aggressive all mountain board made for those that like speed and carving. The Palmer Honeycomb is verry light and very fast. 100% the oposite of the boat like caddies Palmer drives.

The Palmer Honeycomb has a hybrid camber that’s a mostly camber hybrid camber. As you weight down on the board the tip/tail rocker up but when unweighted it looks like a camber board.  It’s very similar to the Rome Anthem SS in terms of of the hybrid camber profile but it’s got a bit more of a wider ride.

Size: 160
Days:  1
Conditions: Good Sierra Groomers
Riders: James
Boots: Burton SLX,
Bindings: Burton Co2
Set Up: Close to centered, 23″ wide 15 front -6 back

Approximate Weight:  Feels really light.

On Snow Feel:

Powder: No powder to speak of but based on this type of hybrid camber tech that I’ve ridden before with other boards makes me think it will be better in powder than camber but behind most other hybrid shapes.

Turn Initiation and Carving:  Pretty slow edge to edge for my feet. It doesn’t snap for my smaller feet but it was fun to make wider carvy turns. I wouldn’t trust this in tight spots to turn quick like the Rome Anthem would.  This isn’t because the board is slow but more because my size 9 boots aren’t really made to turn a mid/wide board that quickly.

Speed:   It’s fast and not that bad for an ultra light board. When waxed the base is really fast.

Uneven Terrain: I didn’t really see any uneven terrain so it wasn’t really something I can comment on.

Edge Hold: The snow was really good but based on other Palmer boards I’ve ridden in harder snow the edge hold is pretty good.  It’s not like MTX but it’s got some decent grip in hard but not icy snow unless you get a crazy racing tune.

Flex:  Not as stiff as some Palmer boards I rode but more stiff than most out there. It took some work to butter this.

Switch:  Felt good switch and very doable but nothing like a twin.

Jibbing: Didn’t even try.

Pipe: Not my kind of pipe board because this is a mid/wide but if someone who had bigger feet like size 10-11’s might like this a lot better.

Jumps: The Honeycomb also lost a little of it’s pop due to the little bit of rocker when flexed but it can still pop pretty well.

This is a very functional all conditions hybrid shape that allows for speed, stability and better float in powder.

Palmer used to be in many shops throughout the US but every year they are harder to find. Despite this fact the Honeycomb has been and still is a solid aggressive bomber snowboard.

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