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OZ ATS Snowboard Review

OZ ATS 2017 - 2016 Review by The Good Ride

The OZ ATS is new for 2016-2017 and works well for a flat to rocker all mountain freestyle board. We’d like to see camber in it somewhere to make turning more fun ubt the rest of the board does pretty well all over the mountain.

Size: 157
Days:  3
Conditions:   Spring conditions that varied from hard to slushy and everythign in between.
Riders: James, Jimbo, Matt
Boots: Burton SLX, Burton AMBBurton Rover,
Bindings: Burton Genesis, Union Force
Set Up: Centered 15 front -15 back approx 23″ wide

Approximate Weight: Felt normal.  Nothing too light or heavy.  Just well made.

On Snow Feel: Really stable but catch free.  We like that feel of flat to rocker boards like that compared to continuous rocker.  The ATV doesn’t want to auto spin on you but if you want to spin it will accommodate you no problem.  Very easy to one foot and flat base.  Asymmetrical Twins means that you should keep it centered and perfectly duck so only get this board if you plan to do that.

Edge Hold: Oz always does well with edge hold no matter what the camber profile or flex is.  This gripped well.

Flex: Great medium/soft flex that has enough feel underfoot to butter all day but still enough going on to keep it from being a chattery mess on the mountain.

Turn Initiation: There is quick turn initiation but it’s lacking that spring in and out of the turn that makes turning so much fun. Coming from the Oz Woody to the ATS you could really feel how it’s not very dynamic making short to wide radius turns.

Skidded Turns: Super easy to skid out your turns.

Carving: Booring to carve and we’d love to see some improvement here.  It would be fine if this was just a park only ride but it’s name (All Terrain Snowboard), sizing, flex and dampness suggests it should get you off on the mountain as well as the park.

Powder: No powder to speak of but this flat to rocker ride and all mountain twin sizing seems like it would be pretty good as a twin.  Because it’s an Asymmetrical Twin it’s not a good idea to set it back because then you won’t be utilizing the side cut correctly.

Speed: One of the things we love about Oz is they make a medium/soft flex like the ATS ride damper than you would think so this has good mountain speed.

Uneven Terrain: Very good in uneven terrain and its the kind of board you can ride all day.  It’s makes end of the day messy snow better than it is.

Switch: Perfect switch either way and a strong point with this board.

Jibbing: Pretty good jibber and it can slide pretty well.

Pipe: There is enough edge hold to make pipe riding doable but like with carving it doesn’t have that wall to wall drive that a board with some camber in it would.

Jumps: There is decent pop off the tip/tail but it’s missing that really lively spring that we found with the woody.

So all in all this is a good board but all of us would love to see some camber in there.   As it stands its an average board on the mountain when it comes to turning and a good board in the park.  If this had the Woody’s hybrid camber profile or even a hybrid camber profile it might complete this board when it comes to mountain riding.

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