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Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP 2016-2019 Snowboard Review

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Riding Style All Mountain Freestyle
Riding Level Advanced - Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 8-10, 10-12
Manufactured in USA by Mervin
Shape True Twin
Camber Profile Hybrid Rocker
Stance Centered
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Split No
Powder Average
Base Glide Good
Carving Good
Speed Great
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Great
Jumps Great
Jibbing Good
Pipe Great
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns






Edge Hold

Icy Snow

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Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP 2019 - 2016 Review by The Good Ride

The Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP is a pretty aggressive mountain freestyle ride for the hybrid rocker camber profile it has.  It’s mostly for mid/wide riders that want a twin that likes to go straight more than turn and grip well in hard snow.  This board didn’t suit our riding style but that’s not to say it couldn’t work for you. For 2019 on we are going to let the other Travis Rice Pro reviews drift into the archives and just keep adding to this one.  This is an older review but the board hasn’t changed so the old review still stands.  I just updated the review to reflect how we see it these days.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

Size: 155
Days: 1
Conditions: Hard CO snow with some medium areas.
Riders: James (Size 9, 5’10” 185-195lbs), Jimbo (Size 11, 5’11” 160lbs), Peter (Size 8, 5’11” 185lbs)
Boots: Burton SLX, Burton AMB,
Insoles:  Footprint Insole Technology Gameghangers Low Profile
Bindings: Burton Genesis
Set Up
: 23” Centered 15 front -15 back

Approximate Weight: Feels like it’s on the lighter side of normal.

Flex/Buttering: It takes a little work for a hybrid rocker board but it can butter well enough.

Sizing: For Peter and I we felt the 155 was too much board for our size 8.5 to 9 boots and the only board we felt good with is the 153 we tried in the non-HP model.  It just got worse for us every size we went up from there and the turning just got slower and slower edge to edge.  Even though it wasn’t really Jimbo’s type of ride it worked a bit better at 155 for his size 11’s.  The 157 would be better.

On Snow Feel: It’s pretty aggressive for hybrid rocker even though it has that loose auto spin feel underfoot when one footing or flat basing.  It’s slow edge to edge and seems to be one of the more difficult hybrid rocker boards to skid turns with.  So it’s not catchy because the tip/tail are lifted off the snow a bit but it’s just not easy to throw around in the size we tried.  I (James Biesty) have tried the 153, 155, 157.5, 161.5 and 164.5 in HP or the non-HP models over the years and all have a personality that gets more and more aggressive as they get bigger.  They prefer a responsive binding to make it work and the more responsive the better.

Edge Hold: Really strong grip in hard snow. The Travis Rice Pro Hp can grab in softer snow which can bother some but others can get used to it.

Turn Initiation: Pretty much every size is a slow edge to edge and even our riders with 10.5 to 11 boots felt it was slow even for them in comparison with other boards the same width.  It’s a board that seems to prefer a straight line more than a turn. That’s not ideal for our style of riding and all of us love to turn but if you aren’t like us you might like it.

Turning Experience: The board has snap and spring out of the turns but it is not a super fun board to turn.  It likes going straight and then long drawn out S-Turns that are almost like a straight line.  Anything more than that the board doesn’t seem to like.

Carving: You really have to commit your weight into the edge to make it carve and it holds really well for a hybrid rocker ride.  Some can get a bit washy but this doesn’t.  It just carves more across the groomers and it’s not ideal for tighter carves.  The smaller the size the better it was for us to turn/carve but the bigger it was the less it wanted to turn.

Speed: The Travis Rice Pro HP likes to pick up some speed and although it does have some chatter in the tip/tail it’s one of the damper Mervin hybrid rocker boards we tried.  Especially for a 155.

Uneven Terrain: This is not fun trying to weave in and out of a bumpy run but it can power over uneven snow pretty well. If you turn through bumps look for something else.  If you hammer over bumps then yeah it could work.

Powder: It’s a twin with a centered stance so it’s not ideal, even with the pointy sizes, if you want good directional float.  If you want to ride switch as much as you do regular in powder then these boards are the call and the bigger in size you get the better the float.  The pointy’s float a little better but still aren’t powder twins or anything like that.  However, if you want to set it back then consider the Gold Member, Climax or Orca for a powder day ride if this kind of board appeals to you.

Switch:  Yeah it’s great either way.

Jumps: Lot’s of pop and it approaches a kicker really well.

Jibbing: I think as the board softens up it’s more doable in the smaller sizes but it’s more at home in the pipe and kickers.

Pipe: For me, I didn’t like the Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP in the pipe because it was too slow of a ride edge to edge for me.  It’s got the grip though but I would much rather be on the TRS instead.

So as you can tell from the vid and write up this board wasn’t for us and every time I’ve tried it over the years it never was.  It’s for Travis and it takes a Travis like rider with 10-12 boots to really make this work for them.  If you are an average rider, like we are, who loves to turn and have an easy ride underfoot when going with a hybrid rocker shape then this won’t be for you.

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP Past Reviews

The Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP Blunt is pretty much the Travis Rice Pro Blunt but a little lighter and a little more snappy. Both ride about the same but this just has a slightly different feel for the better that could make it worth it for some to go with this. The 2013-2015 models aren’t that different from one another. The ride is pretty much the same.

Size: 157
Days:  5+
Conditions: Hard pack with a little new snow on top.
Riders: James and Lee
Boots: Burton IonBurton Ruler
Bindings: Flux DM
Set Up: Centered 23″ Wide 15 front -15 back

Before we get started I just want to say that this is mainly for a Mid/Wide rider that has 10.5-12 US size feet but if you can ride the 153 or 155 if you have smaller than 10.5 feet. These boards are made to ride much bigger than their size and they only like to go straight.  They get cranky if you try to turn them.  I keep getting stuck riding the 157 but I would of been much happier on a 153. Normally I’m most comfortable on a 157 but with the Travis Rice Pro Horsepower Blunt and the standard model I’d be much happier with the 153 for my size 9 boots. So if you are like me and you must have a Travis rice size it down a bit and you will be much happier.

On Snow Feel: The Travis Rice Pro Horsepower Blunt has the same great stable feel for a hybrid rocker board except it just feels a little lighter and snappier.  It’s got a strong rider feel that likes to go fast in and out of the park.  It’s a very aggressive freestyle ride that lives for the pipe, big jumps and taking on the mountain regular or switch at higher speeds. It’s sizing runs a little smaller but don’t let that fool you. If this was a C3 BTX profile (Might be for 2015) this board would be very unforgiving but thanks to the hybrid rocker profile it makes the ride doable for even a strong intermediate rider. It also allows an aggressive rider have a more forgiving ride. 

Powder:  The powder feel isn’t great for a hybrid rocker board but if you are a camber rider who is trying something new you will find this an easy float.  If you compare it to other Lib Tech boards with Rocker or Hybrid Rocker that come in longer sizing then you will find this not that great. I didn’t have powder with this but based on the Travis Rice Pro Blunt’s performance it will be almost exactly the same since there is only a little difference in weight.  It planes well and wants to stay up but it’s just not an easy float. The freestye rider who knows how to keep speed and plane will be ok with this board. If you like directional set back riding you will find the float inadequate.

Turn Initiation and Carving: Lee, an 11 US boot which is perfect for this board, found the edge to edge transitioning a bit more work to get it edge to edge quickly.  We had on some pretty responsive bindings on too.   I feel this too but I’m a size 9 riding a 25.9cm waist so that is expected.  So even if you are a bigger size foot like Lee the shallow side cut makes it less easy to turn than you would think for a hybrid rocker shape.  When laying into a carve it had a fun feel but the carve was wider than the average board for the effort/lean put into it. It’s still very rewarding for a hybrid rocker board.  The Horsepower had a slightly more lively feel that made the ride a little more fun. Both Blunts like to go straight more than they like to turn.  This might be in my head or it could be true but I enjoyed turning this board just a little more than the regular model.  Both have the same ratings for turning and carving but the T.Rice felt a little more lively.  I guess that’s the best way to describe it.

Speed: Both Blunt models have good speed and are just a bit shy from being excellent.  They both keep their speed well in the flats and both feel pretty stable for a hybrid rocker twin. You can bomb on this board and it’s got Mountain speed as well as park speed.

Uneven Terrain: Both models feel the same when you come into tracked up bumpy snow in a congested spot on the mountain. It’s not bad for it’s medium/stiff flex but you can feel some slow speed chatter in bumpy snow.

Edge Hold: Excellent gripping skills and it’s a great board for those that have to ride in harder to icy conditions. Like all the Travis Rice boards it can be a little grippy in softer snow so it’s not ideal if you ride in softer conditions.

Flex: The Medium/Stiff Flex isn’t very playful. It likes to go straight and isn’t about slowing down to butter unless you are pretty strong.  I know some people who ride this board that can bend it past it’s hybrid camber profile but most might be happier on something a lot more playful if you want to butter and such.

Switch: Very easy each direction.

Jibbing: I have some friends that own this board and can jib with it very well but for the average rider this is pretty stiff and bucky. Even with it’s smaller sizing I wouldn’t be to comfortable taking on a more technical jib.

Pipe: Excellent Pipe board. I didn’t have the joy that most did on the 157 but I bet I’d love it if I was on a 153 as much as my 11-12 boot friends who own this do on the 157.

Jumps: Both boards feel pretty much the same except the Horsepower feels a little more snappy.  Same great stable approach for kickers of all size.  This is best in big man made park jumps but its also pretty springy when it comes to an ollie off a natural feature in the park. Pretty easy to spin because of the smaller size.

All in all this is a good board that could make many riders happy and really happy if you have a dedicated powder board to go with this. I don’t know what it is but if it was up to me I’d buy the Horsepower for no logical reason other than the board looks better than the Pro. It also has a lighter snappier feel that doesn’t really translate to the rating system. It’s just a little fun to have under your feet than the regular model. On paper though it’s hard to justify the $140 more for this board because they are pretty close but the irrational side says go with this one.

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP Specs

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP Images

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Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP User Reviews

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP 2016-2019 Snowboard Review SKU UPC Model

Very good and versatile

Mar 21, 2021 by Szatki
Ability Level: Intermediate to advanced • 
Riding Style: All mountain • 
Days You Ride A Year: 12 

I must disagree with the review. This is not a fun board - it's full performance and this performance gives fun after all ;) On snow feel is terrible with one foot strapped, but when you ride with full speed on icy snow you have the grip and confidence. It works really well in powder I must say - it has huge rocker and it's wide, so it floats better than my old rocker snb. You can do 18's in powder without hesitance thanks to twin shape. It's heavy so I don't recommend it as a park board (there are better and funnier boards to learn in park) but still you can do some rails or kickers with spins and it's shape helps sending it. My main activities are riding piste with occasional freeride and freestyle and I can't think of a better board :)

T Rice Pro hp - Pointy 2020

Mar 24, 2020 by Shaun
Ability Level: Expert, I guess • 
Riding Style: Fast, carving • 
Days You Ride A Year: 40+ • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 6', 215 

I was torn how to rank this board. It's actually a great board, but not what I expected, and not what I was looking for. It is a twin, which I knew, and I expected the C2 would give good float, but feel a little loose underfoot like many other rocker hybrids. After riding it, I found the opposite - it doesn't float that well, even set back and with the pointy nose, but it carves much better than I expected. It doesn't feel that rockered at all when riding it. It is super fast and stable in a straight line and carving, and forgiving for stomping landings - encouraged my 40+ ragged body to huck off stuff I shouldn't have considered a decade ago, much less now. The Wide feels especially wide - definitely doesn't feel nimble. All in all a good multi-purpose board, but just ok in powder. Would probably make a great daily driver for someone who really rides a variety of terrain - it's pretty good everywhere.

Works very well for my application

Feb 10, 2020 by RICK cortenbach
Ability Level: Advanced/expert • 
Riding Style: Surf the sno groomers and banks • 
Days You Ride A Year: 75/100 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 5'11" petite 190lbs size 11 161.5w & 164.5w, burton driver x, SP mountain adventure bindings 

After riding for 20 plus yrs, and have gone thru many boards (Burton, Nidecker,Sims,Arbor, and 7 or 8 Libs) the Trice is my favorite (i have 4 Trice's , 2 of them are 4 to 5 yrs old and just this season got 2 of the 19/20 models) shred expression vehicles! Most of the skiers , boarders & instructors do comment to me about my style and edge control, ( i'm 64 , i live across the st from a so cal resort ,surfed & skated most of my life didn't start boarding till i was 40) anyway just like what TGR sez it wasn't a good board for there needs but could work for others (like me) , its funny ive been cutting the tail on my boards for 20 yrs (and now almost all mfgs have 1 or more models with some kind of fish/swallow or bat tail in there line up), i feel that it loosens up the rear end to give it a more surfy ride . i can do tight turns or drawn out ones with my Trice's. Whats great bout boarding is all the different avenues and expressions you can go down and all the equipment there is out there. I don't jump, jib ,box rail . i just try to surf da snow.( cant afford to get injured, then i cant ride and im getting a lil old for down time from injuries) oh the grip from Magnatraction compared to say grip tech ( i have this years Arbor Annex) or any of the other companys fails in comparison. i can rail turns with such confidence its great! i think Mervin should change there saying to "magnatraction turns ice into more tolerable encounters " instead of turns it into powder. the only thing that grips on ice is ice skates!

4.2 5.0 9 9 I must disagree with the review. This is not a fun board - it's full performance and this performance gives fun after all ;) On snow feel is terrible with one foot strapped, but wh Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro HP 2016-2019 Snowboard Review

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